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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tooth is stranger than Fiction

Much has been made of Candy, K2, and Teeth in synchromystic circles the past few weeks, and until now I haven't had much to say on the topic. I have spent much more time of late looking at TIGERS, that was until the Sabretooth tiger was introduced by Jake Kotze at his ever-oozing The Blob site.

Joseph Losey's 1966 camp-fest of Modesty Blaise. This poster hangs framed in my living room!

My connection to this current 9/11 Mega Ritual MEME comes in the form of comic-strip crossover DIVA Modesty Blaise. Ms. Blaise has been a favorite of mine since the early 1990's in her comic, novels, and motion picture incarnations. The second of the Modesty Blaise novels, written in 1966 by creator Peter O'Donnell is entitled "Sabre-Tooth" but it is the content of the novel which provides us with some HIGHLY suspect "sync winks" as Jake would likely say.

from wikipedia:

Karz is a military leader (a Modern Genghis Khan) who has never known defeat. The huge Mongol is now assembling and training a large and well-equipped army of mercenaries in a hidden valley in the Hindu Kush Mountains bordering on Afghanistan (K2 Country anyone?). His objective: The invasion and occupation of oil-rich Kuwait! (And Peter O'Donnell wrote this book long before Saddam Hussein got the same idea.)

Karz does have one problem though; he lacks a couple of top lieutenants to command two sections of his growing army. His choice falls on Modesty Blaise and Willie Garvin, even though he knows they are not for hire.

Meanwhile, Sir Gerald Tarrant, who runs a secret service organization under the British government, has noticed that many mercenaries are being recruited by some unknown employer and disappearing. This worries Sir Gerald, and he asks Modesty and Willie to investigate. So while Modesty and Willie are looking for Karz (without knowing who they're looking for), Karz has Lucille (a child dear to Modesty and Willie) kidnapped, and commands Modesty and Willie to report for duty.

There is no possible way that Modesty and Willie can both save Lucille and sabotage the invasion of Kuwait. Modesty plays a long shot and is forced to fight the fearsome Twins, two men joined at the shoulders, a four-legged four-armed fighting animal impossible to defeat
(Twins, as in TWIN TOWERS, are YOU kidding me?). And even if she survives that fight, how will Modesty escape from the isolated valley so far from civilization?

As if the plot wasn't loaded enough...the Date for the planned attack of Kuwait in the novel? If you hadn't already had that feeling, it's September 11th.

Modesty Blaise trivia: The novel read in the bathroom by Vince Vega (V2) aka Scientologist John Travolta right before he is killed? Modesty Blaise...


aferrismoon said...

Strewth mate. Haven't even read it properly yet. Now I'm kinda thinking the V is the front tooth of a some childish Sabre-Tooth. I'm sure some cartoon beasty had a triangular front tooth fang thing.
This may tie in a bit with the whole spoof spy thing that tumbled out with Casino Royale.
Our Man Flint was another of these globe-trotting arch-villainy live action cartoon strip films

kean said...

holy crap thats a good find

Atlantean Times said...

It has it's own beauty doesnt it...

very very nice connections

Jake Kotze said...


Michael said...

I love it when we just look around with new eyes and everything old is new again. Great story!

Jake Kotze said...

Tried to find that book today, shops, library.. So far no luck, will keep at it, thanks again for this amzing sync!

James Ratte said...

the movie Dune and the tooth weapon

Aeon Flux cartoon, there's a secret msessage contained in a tooth, Aeon retrieved it with a French kiss as speeding trains converged

Vapo said...

Excellent post Todd!

As to James-Ratte..Dune indeed.. the Tooth scene was one of the bigger moments in that movie

Lastly.. also the Hounds Tooth in Star was Orange by the way's_Tooth

BEE WELL and have a great day!


Just Me said...

See this article:

It says the original Joker, in the third episode, escapes from jail by using explosives hidden inside two false teeth.

William Thuther said...

The K-33 was a Soviet nuclear powered Project 658 class submarine (NATO reporting name: "Hotel II"). She belonged to the Soviet Northern Fleet and carried the identification number 921.

k-33 = 9 and two ones = 9-11.