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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Magical Mystery Turin

In a story straight out of the fictional town of Sunnydale, a prayer book and vial of Holy Water were stolen from the Chiesa della Gran Madre di Dio (or Church of The Great Mother of God) in Turin, Italy. Investigators seemed pretty convinced that the items were stolen for the purpose of "black magic", not the kind of conclusions that your typical police detective might come to in an ordinary city...but then Turn is apparently not an "ordinary" place. Perhaps best known for it's sleek Italian automobiles, and the Church of Saint John The Baptist, which houses the "Shroud of Turin"; Turin appears to be a HOT SPOT in an age old battle of "Good" vs. "Evil".

Grail Statue outside Chiesa della Gran Madre di Dio

Turin is said to serve as a point in two separate magick triangles, one "white" which also includes Lyon and Prague, the other evil; connecting Turin with London, and San Francisco.

Piazza Statuto thought to cover the gateway to Hell

Turin is also among cities thought to be the hiding place of the "Holy Grail" of legend.
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Atlantean Times said...

Heath Ledger is John the Baptist and he has just been beheaded....

Played alonside both my christ resonators Quaid and Darko as a gay Cowboy....

Played thomas in the last sin eater a film littered with symbolism and devil worship....Faming sword scene was deleted which equates him to Uriel which sits beautifully with JTB

It's a sham..pills found strewn around my arse....

Thanks for this it's important....

BTB said...

I agree... very important.

Any more information about the black magickal triangle connecting Turin, London and San Francisco would be very welcome.

Lovely photographs, too.