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Monday, January 7, 2008

The EYES of Horus

The Eye of Horus continues to predominate current sports culture

Jan. 5th, 2008: The National Football League's Seattle Seahawks (Horus) defeat The Washington Redskins to advance to the next round of the NFL playoffs.

Eye of the Tiger...or Buckeye? Either way, the EYES have it!

Jan. 7th, 2008: NCAA Championship Game between the Louisiana State University Tigers and The Ohio State University Buckeyes.

After the San Francisco Zoo Attack, the Tiger is now associated with "Killer"...the symbolism of the Buckeye is quite a bit more dense, and yet yields a VERY interesting result.

The Ohio buckeye is the state tree of Ohio and an original term of endearment for the pioneers on the Ohio frontier, with specific association with William Henry Harrison. Subsequently, the word was used as the nickname of the Ohio State University sports teams and came to be applied to any graduate of the university.

The buckeye confection, made to resemble the tree's nut, is made by dipping a dollop of peanut butter fudge in milk chocolate, leaving a circle of the peanut butter exposed. These are a popular treat in Ohio, especially during the Christmas and NCAA college football seasons.

The buckeye got its name when Native Americans noticed the nuts' resemblance to a buck's eye.

Consider the connection to William Henry Harrison, 9th President of the United States. It was Harrison that brought about the Native American Curse Of Tecumseh [Chief Tecumseh is Officially accepted as having been a Freemason ] upon the White House.

What if Bush succumbs to the Curse of Tecumseh?

According to a legend, Tecumseh had placed a curse on Harrison, claiming that every President to be elected in a year ending with the number zero (which happens every 20 years) would die in office. This Curse of Tecumseh is sometimes called the "zero-year curse". Remarkably, though there is no documantary evidence to prove the curse was made, it in fact "came true" for Harrison as well as for the next 6 eligible Presidents - Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, Harding, Roosevelt and Kennedy. Ronald Reagan's survival of an assassination attempt seems to have "broken the curse", and, so far, George W Bush has evaded it.

Jan. 8th, 2008: New Hampshire Primary/ U.S. Presidential Election
The traveling circus of U.S. Politics continues but what would happen if the current President were to die in Office? A national emergency ensued, and the November 2008 election was suspended leaving Dick Cheney (VP) in charge? Consider the ominous subtext of recent events at an Omaha, Nebraska shopping mall...

A Faked Assassination? or a Curse fulfilled?

Jan. 8th - 16th, 2008: President G. W. Bush begins tour of Middle East. The President will be visiting the following countries: Israel, the West Bank, Kuwait, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. Hostile territories indeed...

This would have also been the date for general elections in Pakistan, however, after the assassination of front-running candidate Benazir Bhutto on Dec. 27th sent the country into chaos. Elections there have been suspended indefinitely.

Feb. 22, 2008: The release date of the film "Vantage Point" which tells the story of two secret service agents (played by Dennis Quaid & Matthew Fox, both names which have cropped up in synchromystic circles) who are assigned to protect the President at a global summit on the war on terror. But when the president is shot moments after his arrival in Spain, chaos ensues and an American tourist and television news producer also bear witness to the events unfolding before them. As each person's perspective on the 15 minutes before and after the shooting are presented, only then is the truth behind the assassination attempt ultimately revealed.

This post is dedicated to JB at The Meta'-Logic-Cafe'


iAdmin said...

Interesting, vantage point indeed. Also the terminator series is being "resurrected" for TV on Jan-13-14th.

JB said...

Wow, dedicated to little ol' ME? Thanks. :D

You should check out my newest post, where I also mention the teddy bear-presidential assassination synch, as well as a man-made epidemic about to wipe out potentialy millions of people in the UK, and a few (possible) assassinations which occured last week surrounding the Bush administration, which might indicate that the Illuminati no longer need those fools, or rather need them to be DEAD.

Atlantean Times said...

Cheers mon ami...

I havent been here for a while but intend to spend the next couple of hours catching up..

Interesting stuff with King Quaid there is something about fox that i found before i will try to find it.


Atlantean Times said...

Hi again..great read cheers..

heres a thought which has nagged me for a time time and half a time..

we seem to be undergoing some form of mass indoctrination in to the occult.

If this is the case i occured to me that crowleys last words may be very significant.

maybe the heads of the global occult orders are just as stumped by whats going on as the rest of us.

maybe this sharing of information is the last throw of the dice. The hope being that with many minds working out each a small bit of the puzzel the mysteries of the universe can be solved.


FilmNoir23 said...

Personally, I think they know exactly what's what...any insights we stumble across are part of OUR waking up to what has been happening around us for centuries.

My work is based wholly on reading between the lines to show the blood and guts of the illusion we live in.

Gav: I look forward to any fox material you might have. I assume you have read my previous work on the topic.

Great to have you all reading and commenting. We have much work to do...getting the word out.

Michael said...

I LOVE your ability to see the syncs between sporting events and current political events. The tiger keeps popping up, I noticed it too. Seahawk = Horus. Of corus!

Bluekush623 said...
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Sun said...

about a week ago i'd noticed the eye of the seahawks logo and even went as far as doing a lil photoshop with the horus overlay at that time. it wasn't until reading your post tho that i decided i'd upload the image to my photobucket folder with the intention of sharing in your comments section:

turns out that after the file uploaded and i went back to my folder there was an ad for a jessica alba movie waiting there for me:

the eyes have it!

Sun said...

also...the buck-eye (eye on the buck?) resonates with the bush family.

Atlantean Times said...

Hi agin.

I found it but it's no was simply that in lost a show replete with symbolism the main character is again a Jack or John SHEPARD.

This shepard reference everytime you see it refering to the hyksos

John shepard of course being the name of the lead character in STARGATE ATLANTIS.

so just standard mind bending using archytypal characters and recreating the bible stories in a mordern context...MY opinion..
you are probably right about "them" knowing but i still have a nagging doubt.5% chance type of thing..

FilmNoir23 said...

Thanks many interesting developments in our cultures ceremonies. The time of parades, sporting events, gatherings.

I welcome any input or links that might shed more light on what these things might mean symbolically or as a beacon to future events.

I appreciate you all checking in!!!

FilmNoir23 said...

Sun: Great find on Buckeye Steel via Samuel Bush! Also, he was born in ORANGE New Jersey of all places, go figure!