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Friday, January 11, 2008

Well, I'll be a horses ass!

It turns out the ORIGINAL symbol of the Democratic Party in the United States was the TIGER

Take a historic slideshow tour of this VERY interesting story courtesy of the Arizona "Blue Tiger" Democrats website...

Also, according to the history lesson, the TIGER is also the symbol of N.Y.F.D. Engine #6 located in lower Manhattan in the shadow of the Twin Towers. They were the 1st responders to the 911 Mega-Ritual.


Vapo said...

Great find Todd! Becomes even more fascinating if you dig a little deeper. Thanks for posting it.

Have a great day and BEE well!


aferrismoon said...

There is also The Tiger Blue butterfly, which seems to rez with the Monarch butterfly. great info on those Injun-lovin' democrats
Perhaps the Democrats kiss that Donkeys Ass , a Templar parry to the Republican Skull and Bones.

JB said...

I would interpret this as possibly meaning that the next President will be a Democrat, but then again, I SERIOUSLY doubt that elections will take place this year, either because of a "state of national emergency", or because the USA will go bye-bye due to the economic collapse and become a part of the NAU.