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Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Divine Comedy?

8/21/2014 **UPDATE**
The owner's of the Neptune statue have increased their original reward of $1,000 from several weeks ago to $3,000 for return of the stolen TRIDENT. Police also announced that a note was left at the scene described as "taunting" and signed by Zeus.

It seems our watery TRIDENT is not only destructive but appears to have a sense of humor possibly? As the three-pronged symbol of Neptune/Poseidon is playing a bit of hide-and-seek around the globe. Loren Coleman was quick to hunt down news of the discovery of an ancient TRIDENT long hidden in India. And then, just as quickly, one goes missing in Florida (for the THIRD time, mind you). The TRIDENT was stolen from the home known as "Paradiso"(The THIRD, and final part of Dante's Divine Comedy)

As we know, Earthquakes are associated with Neptune/Poseidon and the quake in China over the weekend serves as a horrible reminder.

The "missing" TRIDENT in Florida is being chalked up to a college prank...with this official statement released by police, "Many college fraternities utilize the trident to symbolize their connection and visual association with Greek mythology."

Ah yes, PSI...the 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet

Back in late April of this year, SynchroMiss noticed this deep connection and posted an article entitled "NEIGHbors Movie Decoded" (check it out by clicking the link).

A "Sai", a weapon often related to Malaysia


aferrismoon said...

You mention Divine Comedy and in previous post Venice - 2 elements in the book INFERNO by Dan Brown. One of the other elements in the book is depopulation.


FilmNoir23 said...

I never read INFERNO. Depopulation/culling is certainly something that the world elites would welcome. It certainly is taking it's toll on the planet, and all the creatures that inhabit it.

aferrismoon said...

I wouldn't read it Todd, I was bought it. It's a twisty-turny meme-bearer.

A scientist makes a 'virus' that randomly makes humans sterile, but not everybody. All the protagonists seem to feel that it was the best thing to do, after spending 500+ pages chasing his hidden plague bomb.

Robert Langton loses his Mickey Mouse watch but it is returned to him at the end - lovely.

Takes in Florence, Venice and Istanbul, so should be good tourism marketing for those cities when the film plops out.