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Monday, August 25, 2014

Through The Looking Glass Part One: Hell on Wheels

 “America is not a young land: it is old and dirty and evil. Before the settlers, before the Indians... the evil was there... waiting.” 

---William S. Burroughs. American Author.

As much as I would like to avoid such subjects, the history of our country is one that cannot be avoided, speculated upon, and basically torn to shreds in so many ways. I am more than willing to admit that I am neither a Christian, 1% er, a Tea Party Member, or cardholder of any of the prescribed groups you might run across on the internet these days crying for the LOST days of a better America. I am a believer that it was a lie, and has been since day one. This IS NOT to say that I do not hold to the same principles or beliefs chartered in our original Constitution or that I somehow HATE this country, quite the contrary. 

Sir Francis Bacon's New Atlantis written in 1627 may be claimed to have been written about establishing the New World we now call home, and the even newer world elites may have their eye on the prize of a New World Order but the Land of the Free remains that way despite all efforts. Bringing ISIS to our shores in the form of the Statue of Liberty as a symbol of inclusion is part of that freedom, as are those individuals who followed her torch of light to share in it's basking glow. Perhaps the lie began there...So many people, and generations now, seem to have forgotten that promise, and that land.

Writing on the "fringe", somewhere between Heaven and Hell is perhaps the hardest place to exist in this modern media/social and commercial driven society...however, given that I do not consider myself a "Christian" gives me a special perspective as neither concept plays into my world view. I am nostalgic by nature. For: Baseball, The Revolutionary War, and The War of 1812 specifically, Historical Secrets and Punk Rock. The later being the most open, raw and unapologetic movement in history. Fuck the Hippies.

I have been focusing on last nights Video Music Awards as they relate to this year's TRIDENT/Year of the HORSE/NEPTUNE & POSEIDON events...upon reflecting into the MIRROR/Looking Glass, I missed perhaps the most glaring and significant moment of last evenings ceremony...Hip-Hop Artist turned actor, Common's tribute to the recent events in FERGUSON, MISSourI.

This choice was especially monumental as Common plays Elam FERGUSON on AMC's 4th year series Hell on Wheels of which, I am a huge fan (and his performance on the show is exceptional IMHO). Common's character of Elam FERGUSON on the show is a "colored"  freeman, slave educated, turned railroad worker helping to better himself on a manifest destiny dream across the post Civil War frontier.

 The building of the transcontinental railroad (Steel HORSE) across the fledgling United States serves as the dynamic backdrop to this story of Rebels building ORDER OUT OF CHAOS. The fictional Mr. FERGUSON is a TRIDENT resonator, and could even be described as a "DARK HORSE" by certain researchers with an underlying agenda. His relations with a white woman, Eva, a former Indian slave turned prostitute; and tattooed with a facial TRIDENT identifies them both to the ruling White Brotherhood as "outsiders".

The character of Eva from TV's Hell on Wheels, most likely based on the real life Olive Oatman.

As I will show in my next installment, the 2014 TRIDENT event in FERGUSON, Missouri MIRRORS events that were happening back in 1989. NEPTUNE/TRIDENT center Virgina Beach, VA comes into play.

History is written and supports those in power, this is an indisputable fact. The overthrown, the disenfranchised and begotten be damned. Even the children of the Star Wars generation must see the gross implications thrust upon the once ruling class of Jedi Knights, viewed as Rebels, symbolic at the hands of The Empire. But, I digress...

Hell on Wheels , for those unfamiliar with the show, is the story of the New America, made up almost entirely of Rebels seeking something they can claim or work for as their own (Freedom). Recently freed Slaves, Indians, Evangelists, defeated Gray Coats, Immigrants, Rogue Homesteaders & Mormons, Prostitutes, Women of the Plains, railroad industrialists (Hell bent on expansion) and even hard drinking presidential candidate U.S. Grant; offset the nearly unseen "Powers That Be". The looming Blue Coats of the U.S. Army act as ghosts and savage protectors of the establishment, as they patrol the untamed wilderness amongst the "Rebels" establishing a new Nation under one Flag.

The Spirit of these States, United and bloody as they may be were built on the backs of Rebels...We should not fear these traits. Race, Color or Creed but embrace our Rebel heritage, and oppose Oppression and Confinement of the Human Spirit at every available turn like our deist forefathers. Not look to claim that which is not ours again, like the Empire Seekers of old. We are where we are because of these practices, there is NO WHERE ELSE TO GO.


synchrobrarian said...

I was very pleasantly surprised how much I thoroughly enjoy Hell on Wheels, need to get watching the current season, I'm always behind

Todd Campbell said...

Hey RAY...if you happen to read this.

That statue holds NO power over you unless you allow it to. Be a rebel, that was the ENTIRE point of my article. Which you obviously missed.

I am just going to assume that you have issue with hard-working people, and immigrants too? Or is just women?

Hard to say since you didn't state your own position about anything, other than cast me about.