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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Water, Water Every Where...

..."Nor Any Drop to Drink"

from Samuel Taylor Coleridge's classic lyrical poem, The Rime of the Ancient MARINER.

 Statue of The Ancient MARINER at Watchet Harbour, Somerset.

The towns of New London and WATERford, Connecticut are in danger of losing their WATER from anywhere between several days to up to a week it was announced earlier today.

According to reports, "New London Mayor Daryl Justin Finizio declared a state of emergency this morning because of the water problems and the public utilities director issued a mandatory water restriction for New London and Waterford, which applies to all nonessential water use."

the official statement goes on to state that, "When the leak was detected, the city was losing water at a rate of 10 million gallons per day, or 8,000 gallons a minute.To put it in perspective, Finizio said the supply to the city of New London is 7 million gallons of water a day, and he said people needed to be prepared for the worst-case scenario of a widespread and long-lasting disruption to the water supply."

The New London and WATERford crisis is in no way connected to the recent water outages in Detroit, which stem from financially strapped residents being unable to keep up with or flat out pay their water bills in some cases.

 However, it is becoming increasing alarming to me how unstable this most precious of human commodities has become. In an article dated July 27th, 2014, the former CEO of Nestle states that "In his view, citizens don’t have an automatic right to more than the water they require for mere “survival”, unless they can afford to pay for it. For context, the World Health Organization sets such “survival” consumption levels at a minimum of 20 liters a day for basic hygiene and food hygiene – higher, if you add laundry and bathing. If you’re reading this in the United States, the odds are that flushing your toilet consumes 50 liters of water a day."

...the metaphorical Albatross around the proverbial neck. (see Robin Williams).

Prince Namor (Roman) The Sub-MARINER creator Bill Everett was inspired to name his superhero after Coleridge's character.

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Dennis said...

Dune-water scarce . WTF. Water and air are basic rights for human beings. Do not tread on basic human values. 87