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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

World TRIDENT Center Revisited

The new logo for the World Trade Center site was unveiled last Wednesday (August 13th, 2014). The logo has been through several incarnations, and the final product was created by the Landor Associates, the people that brought us the very cleaver FedEX arrow design.

The logo has 5 Points of design that pay TRIbute to 9/11 and the destroyed site. 

1) The logo DOUBLES as a TRIDENT to represent the steel columns at the base of the original building.

Please see my post here dated Monday, December 15th 2008 entitled "WTC: World TRIDENT Center" for more on this.

Rescued WTC DOUBLE TRIDENTS now reside inside the 9/11 Memorial. "33" A nod to our Masonic heritage?

2) The logo also DOUBLES as a "W" which is said to stand for World Trade Center as well as Westfield World Trade shopping center, set to open in 2015. (I would also suggest that the letter "W" itself can be seen as a TRIDENT...and a likely TRIbute to then President George W Bush, who I feel was complicit in the acts of 9/11/2001)

3) The two negative parallel spaces on top are supposed to evoke the "TRIbute in Light"

4) The bottom two columns are supposed to evoke the 9/11 Memorial's reflecting pools (As Above, So Below...MIRRORS & DOUBLES)

5) And finally the top three bars of the TRIDENT are sloped at a very specific 17.76 degrees. This is intended to MIRROR the approx. height of the original TWIN Towers. And perhaps more appropriately the year 1776.

Or ends...

W=23, T=20, C=3...2323


aferrismoon said...

I have wondered if the WTC Trident cladding wasn't symbolic of the 3 roads that join at the Triple Underpass in Dallas, and which run above the Trinity river.

Nera the end of this post is a pic of both together.

1776 is approx. 541 metres.

541 is the enumeration of IShRAL / Israel

1776/2 = 888. Further division reveals 444, 222 and 111, the last being 3x37


Todd Campbell said...

Without question aferrismoon.

And I firmly believe that James Shelby Downard would agree also. I am pretty sure I wrote about that very thing at one point but I can't find the post now. I will keep looking.