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Monday, August 18, 2014


On again, off again vocalist for Dead Can Dance,  Lisa Gerrard released her newest solo effort on August 11th, 2014 entitled TWILIGHT Kingdom. The collection of new songs has an undeniable "watery" theme...if you are unfamiliar with Mrs. Gerrard, her voice and physical presence is more angelic and unworldly, which is why I refer to her as a "vocalist" rather than a "singer". Lyrically she speaks in tongues, and I have always seen her music as a requiem for the particular time in which we live.

Obviously, I was struck by her use of TWILIGHT Kingdom as the title, as it so closely MIRRORS James Shelby Downard and Loren Coleman's use of TWILIGHT Language in the research of all things synchronistic. Imagine my total lack of of surprise when track listings like NEPTUNE and The Seven Seas appear on the newly released "album.


The full "album" can be listened to above with tracks like Adrift, NEPTUNE, and The Seven Seas.

Meager beginnings from the Goth-ish early works of Dead Can Dance, to the bands later ultra complex spiritual works, Lisa's own recordings and collaborations have served as theme songs to major motion pictures, and included on soundtracks of some very interesting titles: "Black Hawk Down", "The Gladiator", "Whalerider", "King Arthur", The Priest", and "Man of Steel" to name just a few.

Least we forget, it was Mr. Downard's "King-Kill/33" that contains much of the TRIDENT symbolism we seem to have already taken for granted today.We are most certainly living in a TWILIGHT Kingdom Mrs. Gerrard...

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