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Sunday, August 24, 2014

They Are Coming

"They have taken the bridge and the second hall. We have barred the gates but cannot hold them for long. The ground shakes, drums... drums in the deep. We cannot get out. A shadow lurks in the dark. We can not get out... they are coming."
The Super Bowl XLVIII halftime ceremony/ritual warned us to PREPARE, now the VMA ceremony/ritual is telling us "They Are Coming"...the hype and fear programming is relentless during these TRIDENT Times. Earlier in the week, TRIDENT resonator Ferguson, Missouri showed us a sign as well..."ISIS HERE" or "IS (Islamic State) IS HERE". Painted in green spray paint, echoing the green font choice of the 2014 Video Music Awards show being held this evening in Southern California...while Northern California reels from the EARTHQUAKE it experienced in the wee hours this morning. Green is the color of Islam and the color of magic. 

 The "Golden Apple" of Discord destroyed. The start of the new Trojan War? See the entire body of work of researcher Goro Adachi for more. 

The use of Led Zeppelin in the VMA commercial escapes me personally, their music has so little to do with the performers of today? The exploding apple? NYC? The Big Apple?


ray said...

Today's quake is an extension of the spiritual warfare evident at the Loma Prieta shake that broke bridges (!!) and halted the baseball game at Candlestick Park -- contested by two 'twin' bay area teams, Oakland and SF. A war of same-locale opposites.

I was working then for the CA supreme court in SF, had just boarded the city bus after 5 p.m., the bus started rocking violently, I looked left and all the international flagpoles at civic center plaza were swaying back and forth like drunks, halfway to the ground.

My childhood home was Vallejo, Mary-time shipyard town, killing field of Zodiac, and host to Marine World USA. I think the epicenter was about halfway between Vallejo and Napa. I spent much of my young adulthood in Napa where childhood friends lived. Napa is both the 'Valley of the Moon' and the 'Valley of the Kings' -- kings plural, as in pharonic Egypt. And that's what this is about, the modern version of the Exodus, not tribal this time but global -- those who want to remove their spirits from Babylon/Egypt, and those who want their continued captivity. This current 'Israel' is not limited to any racial, ethnic, or political entity.

I'm connected to Candlestick Park in various ways, including biblically and profanely, as after its opening my dad and brother and I occasionally attended games, Mays and Marichal and McCovey. Later the 49ers rose. Glory days.

Candlestick, affected by prior quake, was just officially retired (biblical replacement/removal of candlestick) with a McCartney concert -- representing the spirit over those years, broadly from 1950 to 1970, apex of US/British culture. Difficult as it is to believe now, there WAS a real spirit-of-love amongst some of the youth then, naïve and stoopid tho we were. Soon these things were corrupted, and by the mid-seventies the spirit of Isis/Babylon/Shinar instead was embraced (chosen) by the nation. Despite great wealth, the cultural corruption and disintegration that followed is evident. America transformed from a masculine and Christian nation to a pagan, feminist nation, under their new chosen spirit. Nothing is done 'to' nations; they choose for themselves, free will. God is not a dictator.

Spot on re 'ISIS'. This is the Egyptian version of the goddess, going by various names in various cultures. Also resonates in 'heaven' i.e., International Space Station of New Amerika.

Napa Valley is America's Wine Country, I think you'll find this post, and comments, from 2009 relevant.

'We cannot get out. They are coming.' Yep. This is about the desire AND ability of certain persons and 'tribes' to escape from modern Egypt, from the Moria/Masonic Undergrounds. Most ancient Israelites remained voluntarily in bondage b/c their lives had become relatively easy in Khem, especially in (fortean) Goshen. Tramping thru the desert towards 'New Jerusalem' is not fun. It required and requires humility and obedience before God, exactly the qualities absent in self-absorbed, arrogant, lying, and utterly rebellious America. The guiding tune of the U.S. is 'I Did It My Way'. Nobody's gonna tell ME what to do! Yet increasingly we are slaves here, despite great material wealth and supposed 'liberty'. NOBODY will escape what is coming without having 'circumcised their hearts' and having freely chosen the Light.

Apologies for the epic but these are complex issues. I tried to be brief and failed. Again. :O)


ray said...

ps, some years ago AF covered the trident motif as occulted into the Twin Towers arch-i-tecture, which was a type of shrine to ISIS (twinned lettering to match). Ben Fairhall also did a good job covering the trident symbolism at the heart of the 'Mumbai Massacre'. Mumbai (once Bombay) specifically was re-named to honor and invoke the goddess. Both these events were representative of modern spiritual warfare.


Todd Campbell said...

I also covered the Twin Towers trident architecture and the Mumbai Massacre trident symbolism.

My trident work goes back to 2007.

There is most certainly a lot going on, a lot to process and cipher through.

ray said...

Of course. I'd forgotten who all did what all back in the day. Back then we were all borrowing from each other. I just remember that I DIDN'T come up with it lol.

Credit where due. Cheers.