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Monday, August 25, 2014

Whole Lotta "Shakin'" Going On.

"Shake for me girl, I wanna be your backdoor man..."
---Robert Plant "Whole Lotta Love"

The California earthquake in the early hours of the morning on Sunday, August 24th spawned two more quakes straight down the Western side of the Americas, bringing the total to THREE TRIDENT events.

M6.4 - 18km WNW of Hacienda La Calera, Chile  

M6.0 - 6km NW of American Canyon, California 

M6.9 - 43km ENE of Tambo, Peru


Just south of Napa Valley in Southern California, what's left of the music industry was preparing for the VMA's, which I guess one day was known as The MTV Music Video Awards. In all honesty, I am a old enough to remember the beginnings, rise and fall of MTV, and I have never once tuned into watch this event. After my post from late yesterday entitled "They Are Coming", a few cocktails and some youthful coaxing from my wife, I settled in to feel every bit my 45 years of age. 

I had been entirely perplexed by the use of Led Zeppelin's seminal first release "Whole Lotta Love" in the commercials promoting this "awards" show (although, I think they gave out 6 over the course of the evening, and all the recipients seemed to make up the entire celebrity audience...?). The lines to start this article, tell the "tail"...the entire evening spent in worship of the female posterior. Now it all makes sense...

Ah..."but", least we forget the EARTH-SHAKING (Poseidon/Neptune) taking place all around us! Country to pop crossover artist Taylor Swift was there to remind us, performing her new song "SHAKE it Off"...two-thirds of the way through her Art-Deco, Golden Age inspired bubblegum hit a large 1989 was revealed on stage?, wife...blank looks back and forth...? Clueless...

Well, it turns out the title of Ms. Swift's new effort is "1989", which just so happens to be the year of her birth. Now it all makes sense...since it also happens to be the year of last big EARTHQUAKE in the San Francisco area, as well as 25 years to the day that Voyager 2 flew past NEPTUNE and it's moon TRITON; sending back the first pictures of the magnificently blue planet.

In stark contrast to Katy Perry's Dark HORSE performance (which has created about as much buzz in synchro-circles and beyond, as I have seen in years) at the 2014 Grammy Awards back in January; Taylor Swift came across as much good witch to her bad witch. Both women arrived sporting NEPTUNE blue outfits for the affair, and Dark HORSE did win for best female video.

Taylor, it is interesting to note, was raised in WyomISSIng (ISIS MIRRORING), Pennsylvania. Taking a look back Through The Looking Glass at the year 1989, we will see some other interesting tidbits that MIRROR 2014. Stay tuned!


ray said...

Taylor Swift came across my radar yesterday or today for her public 'embrace of feminism' with odious Beyoncé.

I've heard almost nothing of interest in music the past couple decades, just an endless artificed sludge of mediocrity, (c)rap, and empowered divas, all of which I'm supposed to love on identity/political grounds.

Like MTV, paying attention to Taylor Swift is mainlining kultural programming. Death-culture from a willingly embraced death-spirit.

Nice celestial tie-in w/neptune and ISIS (space station/goddess). Napa is both The Valley of the Moon, and The King's Valley (west).

Aint lost your chops.


its Me said...

Perry Appearing next to a (Orange) Lamborghini with (Suicide doors).

its Me said...

Perry appearing next to (Orange) Lamborghini with (Suicide Doors)