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Monday, February 4, 2008

BIG Balls

Holmes continues to shine, this time brightly in Phoenix; in the shadow of the most watched Super Bowl ever.

While millions of people worldwide were consuming gaucamole and beer in the traditional pregame rituals of The Super Bowl. Another sporting event was taking place on the other side of Phoenix...The FBR Open (formerly The Phoenix Open) Golf Tournament. The four day event ended in a one hole playoff between the favored Phil Mickleson and tour nobody J.B. Holmes
(born Campbellsville, KY)...with HOLMES taking home the victory for only his second professional win; his first coming just two years ago in the VERY same event. Anyone following my blog on a regular basis will no doubt quiver at the mention of a HOLMES/Phoenix alignment. Or see: COMET 17P HOLMES or the outstanding work of Goro Adachi

There is an interesting new post on PHOENIX at the Stygian Port, as it is VERY relevant to these ongoing observations.

Tiger captures a Djinn

TIGER (orange resonator) Woods was not in the hunt for this particular title as he favored the much larger paycheck for just showing up (and eventually winning) at the Dubai Desert Classic. Of interest is the fact that TIGER actually has a gated residential golf community named for him in Dubai. I'm not all means visit the website, you won't believe this one.

On Wednesday of last week, I speculated that The Patriots might have a hard time overcoming the Giants to complete their unprecedented "dream" season...and it seems that young Eli fulfilled his synchromystic destiny. Researcher Christopher Knowles noticed some interesting 17's surrounding the game...Comet 17P anyone?


Vapo said...

Wow Todd! Excellent post!!..but then as always you catch what we miss.. we should call you the SychroSportsman :) This is happening too much to be a let me leave you something else.. Britney is on hold for another 14 that puts it almost right at the 17..again thanks for the great catch!



FilmNoir23 said...

Thanks Vapo...that is a pretty amusing moniker. I certainly don't wish to get overly bogged down in something as vapid as sports BUT they do reach (and influence) such a HUGE portion of the population that it requires investigating. That and, they just keep providing syncs left and right.

Lightboy3 said...

Hi SynchroSportsman

Did you also see the cobra/serpent symbolism over Holmes' frontal lobe (on his cap), Egyptian-style?

Matthew Delooze has some interesting things to say about The Cobra and Sylvester Stallone, in his magnificent book "Is It Me For A Moment", which I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to wake up.

Speaking of Stallone, I finally got to see Demolition Man - great glimpse of the future - thanks for the recommendation Vapo!

All the Best


FilmNoir23 said...

Hey thanks for the comment lightboy3.

Yes, of course I noticed the symbolic Cobra. Some things speak for themselves and don't always require pointing out.

I appreciate the reference to Delooze! I'm sure my readers will too! Stop by again sometime

Vapo said...

Hello Lightboy ~ Glad you enjoyed Demolition of the most symbolic movies there is(my opinion).. the all telling (Big Brother) Black Cuboid (Hilton Tower, 2001 Space Odyssey)Arnold President Library, Stallone eating RAT..sea shells..on and on..

As to the Cobra..sometime watch Formula 51(Red/White-Black) are some stills and they make sure you see the golf Cobra(Sssnake):

This is a VERY Red/White/Black themed movie(alot of them are)..and remember the brand name incoporates the Yellow/Black Bee colors(Hillary by the way was dressed in full Bee colors on Super Tuesday..another Queen Bee?)

Come back again.. Todd writes some really great stuff..which by the way I liked the Tiger R/W/B pic..

BEE WELL and have a great day!


Lightboy3 said...

Thanks Todd

I guess it was a rhetorical question. I really enjoyed your article and your articles on Heath Ledger are brilliant.

Incidently, I believe the Scientologists have managed to stop the sale of the Andrew Morton biography of Tom Cruise, in Australia.

Many thanks for the link, Vapo.

All the Best


FilmNoir23 said...

Oh NO problem lightboy3!

And, thank you for the kind words.

My understanding with the book is that there are several countries, Australia being one, that have VERY touchy liable laws, and so the publisher did not even bother to release the book there, knowing full well that COS would sue.