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Friday, February 8, 2008

Rats in an Orange Cage

"Bullet with Butterfly Wings" Smashing Pumpkins [ORANGE] one of many songs banned from Clear Channel Radio stations after 9/11

Things are truly turning ugly out there...and while the political elite parade back and forth across the country attempting to scam us all into believing in their used car brand of the American Dream, the amount of people taking the law into their own hands or merely settling grievances with guns seems to be on a dramatic it any wonder? Even an animal with it's back against a wall will fight to it's own death. If you don't think that an increase in violent outbursts won't bring about a police state, you've got another thing coming...

Man plans mass shooting at Super Bowl in Phoenix

"No one destroys my dream" stated Kurt William Havelock, the man who had planned on shooting masses of innocent people during the Super Bowl but later turned himself in after he could not go through with his plan. Mr. Havelock had been having trouble with local officials while attempting to obtain the "proper" licenses for his Halloween themed bar.

Man kills six during St. Louis city council meeting

St. Louis suburb in a number of high profile cases over the past several years

St. Louis , Missouri named for King Louis IX of France , known as the "Gateway to the West" or the more aptly named "Mound City" as it was constructed mainly on the the burial grounds of Native American Indians which were extremely common to the area.

Then there was this breaking story...a woman in Baton Rogue (Red Stick), Louisiana shots two women and then herself inside a classroom at Louisiana Technical College. No other details available yet, although the LOUIS connection is likely important, and not too far off from Louis XIV, the Sun King.

Corrosion of Conformity "Vote with a Bullet" My old pals/roommates Reid Mullins & Phil Swisher, Woody Weathermen, and Pepper from Raleigh, North Carolina xNxCxHxC


rochester92 said...

Todd - You have excellent taste in music, IMO and this is a thought-provoking post you've put together. In considering St. Louis, you might also recall his "crusading" end. Also, you're being old pals w/ C.o.C. blows my mind.

aferrismoon said...

Great stuff on HL , Tamazepan has often been used other ways , esp. when people into taking downers can't get anything better. I've never taken them but while they may be common thats doesn't mean they're safe.
I think the coment about Smile-X helps [ PharmaCOm makes the same drug for all [ one size fux all] and i feel sure that different people are all different at different times thus the drugs , if generally 'harmless enough', may take on other properties with psychic effects.
Cheeers for the Ethan comment at Blob

Aton said...

spot on- we are definitely on the edge of something, my friend. the telescopic nature of time has now accelerated so that we are witnessing so much over relatively short clicks of time - months, weeks - no longer decades or millenia as our ancestors had. so what exactly is about to happen? i think we all know that between the imminent collapse of the U.S. (read: global) economy, the decades-long march towards a police state to mirror the one already established in the NWO of superChina, and the revelations/'lifting of the veil' predicted in ancient texts for the last 4000 years, humanity is about to leave its childhood behind. this is the most wonderful time to be alive.

Anonymous said...

Hey, aren't Phoenix and St. Louis tied together via the Cardinals football team.

Ben said...

This is very interesting indeed. Connects with some information from Michael Hoffman and 'King Kill 33' which I will dig out and append to this comment shortly.

Are you back in BTB yet? I'll be up and running again within a few days tops.

All the best for now,


Ben Fairhall said...

From Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, by Michael Hoffman III:

'The gateway to the American West is demarcated as St Louis, Missouri, site of a gigantic, symbolic archway. No doubt it is just a coincidence that the exact spot where the Western arch was sited also happens to be the place where, according to William Grimstad, someone once built "...conical, ridgetop and platform mounds... precisely where the Gateway Arch now stands."

The pre-Columbian mounds upon which the ceeremonial Arch to the American West rests, are an extension of the east St Louis Cahokia mounds, which, at fourteen acres, are the largest earthworks in America. Grimstad:

"Cahokia... was supposed to have had standing in front of it a red-striped pole of the kind known to have been used by certain Southern tribes to display the heads or severed limbs of their battle captives. That there might indeed have been some such thing here, Indians or no, may be inferred from the other inscribed stone plaque found at Cahokia. It shows two human heads hanging from a striped pole."

Such information could almost make one wary about the source of one's meat, when biting into a hamburger consumed under the same sign resting atop ancient mounds in St Louis, the "Golden Arches" of McDonald's, the nation's premiere junk-food venue, founded in the American West.

The reader will grasp that the special sitings of America mystica resemble a kind of ritual game; specifically a ball game. All that is missing is the ball.'