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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Hellbound Heart

Should it really have come as any surprise that plans are in the works for a retooled version of the original Hellraiser movie franchise? Thats right, the 1987 film based on the Clive Barker novella The Hellbound Heart is getting a face lift, and it was announced this weekend that the writers of Saw IV & V (Marcus Dunston and Patrick Melton) will be providing the script.

It is important to remember that as we entered the new year, scientists in the United States were re-animating the hearts of dead rats (as we passed into the lunar Year of the Rat on Feb. 7th) which led to the creation of entirely new rat hearts. Anyone familiar with the Hellraiser mythos can see the similarities here...for those not quite sure, I'd suggest watching.


I mention this in the wake of nearly a months worth of Heartbreakers...the death of Heath Ledger, the double whammy which was the Super Bowl (the Patriots loss and Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers halftime reunion), and now the horror of the new Valentine's Day Massacre at Northern Illinois University. Researcher Goro Adachi continues to unlock these connections on an almost daily basis, as we will continue this Heart-breaking with the possible Wednesday [Feb. 20th] shooting down of the crippled U.S. spy satellite...

A lunar eclipse will also take place later this which is said to mirror the one that saved Christopher Columbus and his crew in 1504. Odd that this would coincide with the end of the current shuttle mission involving Atlantis and the Columbus Space Lab.

Friday, February 15th 2008 ABC television's "20/20" investigative news show featured a creepy expose' on the hugely popular "Bodies" exhibits that have been circulating the globe via two separate production companies. According to "20/20" the Hellraiser-ish art/educational sideshow has been receiving it's cadavers from less than reputable sources from China, and there is credible enough evidence to suggest that some of the bodies could have been those of unidentified political prisoners whom had been executed.

Death as Art?

As more information begins to surface about Steven Kazmierczak, the NIU shooter, a few details are of note here at The Looking Glass:

1) He briefly served in the U.S. Army and was discharged for undisclosed reasons (he claimed to his godfather recently that it had been for psychiatric reasons. 2) In his not so distant past he had flirted with Satanism and White Supremists Groups . 3) He had received three tattoos in the past six months, a pentagram, a skull with a sword through it, and the Jigsaw character from the "Saw" films riding a tricycle with bloody suicide scars in the background.

Kazmierczak's fresh "mark"

Back on November 7th, 2007 the shooter (Pekka-Eric Auvinen) in the Jokela High School massacre in Finland had cited the "Saw" films as essential viewing [see his Manifesto here]. Anyone willing to take the time to read this will most likely relate to much of what he is saying, and yet he takes his entire belief system to such an extreme as to see himself as GOD, and therefore rightly able to serve as both judge and executioner. A twisted combination of truth and naive understanding of the New World Order? Misplaced aggression, frustration with the human condition...we have not seen the end.

Writer and researcher Loren Coleman has done some really excellent work in regards to all of the cases related. THE COPYCAT EFFECT


Christopher Loring Knowles said...

Grim. Not happy about seeing Hellraiser injected back into the collective conscious. If there's some thing redeeming in those stories, it's escaped me.

soundlessdawn said...

Re-Making Hellraiser = Blasphemy.
Very strange timing with this Satellite Destroying/Lunar Eclipse phenomenon: It's also the last total lunar eclipse until Dec. 20, 2010 - Quite an interesting date. ;D - Checking it out right now actually - Don't have a telescope though.

Michael said...

And a beautiful view of the red moon was had here in Seattle. I just walked in from the backyard. The sky - cloudy for months - finally cleared a few days ago for the show. It's interesting that the moon had to be dimmed for Saturn to make his appearance.

Vapo said...

Another great post Todd! Whoa..just as I am writing this I think we just had a earthquake or thats weird..computor monitor started swaying and blinds moving(man that is so weird(its been years since we have had one)..anyway I feel like there is a ominous dark cloud floating around since the Chinese New has started..not sure why. Hellraiser is at the top of my list as to the one of the darkest movies ever..and it's interesting you bring it up.. the reason I say that is the very recent info as to Princess Diana's inquisition and her secret box(Pandoras box of truth?)..well again excellent post.. the year of the RAT is living up to its name.

BEE WELL and have a great day!


Vapo said...

Just wanted to say there was a earthquake when I wrote the's been so long I thought maybe it was me..


FilmNoir23 said...

The quake was just now posted on CNN. Where are you located again VAPO? Wells, NV. is the closest town to the epicenter but it was apparently felt through several states.

Vapo said...

Hello Todd ~ I am 241.31 miles from the epicenter.. the floor was shaking and then everything started jumping around.. I was wondering why my dog started barking so early..not like him to do that. Glad it was somewhat mild.. just such a strange feeling.. like I mentioned it has been years since anything like this has happened. Maybe it was my posts ;)


Ben Fairhall said...

Very interesting... I noticed the tattoos over at Loren Coleman's site was found them pretty abhorrent.

The Satanism/white supremacism nexus is an interesting well too.

I tend to agree with Chris re: Hellraiser; but let's not forget the amount of synching that meme received about six months ago. Have we created our own nightmares? ;)

Cheers mate,

P.S I've transcribed the Hoffman info at the end of your St Louis post.

aferrismoon said...

We has the BODIES in Prague last year, merely a vehicle for posters with the names of advertisers on it.
There does seem to be a quite long-term fashion for DISMISSIVE DEATH, u know walking up to someone, blowing them away, but in a COOL way.
The Coen Bros. new one has a guy who kills with a pressurised animal slaughterer, the brothers must have agonised over what type of instrument to use - creativity, it ain't easy.
Also the Bruckheimer-Scott serials, about heinous crimes, or the most heinous , which tend to artistic serial-killing and righteously vengeful cops. They both seem to go hand-in-hand.
I often feel its not the vilence they're advertising, the idea seems to be to sicken some people so much that they go out and take revenge on the
The Jesus Torture is repeatedly seen as an excuse for any and anyone to suffer at the hands of some nihilistic serial-killer - see I'm gettin' vengeful, gotta get me some re-Venge.
Vengeful Vendetta masks at the Scientology demos.
Revenge and Mindless murder seems to have started with A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS, great films but one-tracked.
Eastern Promise, Sweeney Todd and the Al-Qaeda videos. Not only that the 'deaths' are super-screen size and loud and hopeless and traumatic and tempting and wretched and effective, most of all deeply effective.
While all maybe 1 etc etc taking someones body away from them against their will for one's own pleasure seems to imply severe spiritual boredom.

Anonymous said...

Hellraiser depicts the darker side of the same processes and physics of how a stargate works.

Very similar stuff to HP Lovecraft, and the real interdimensional 'spaces inbetween' such tales are based upon.

These are areas of the soul, and the human condition is a trapped one often (taken overall, that is very much the case) because it has forgotten, or similar, how to easily move between what death is, and what it is to inhabit a body of more physical density.

I see parallels between the Christian idea of why anyone would wilfully endure a crucifixion (although the whole idea does also sound like trying to excuse a sacrifice made - 'uh yeah honest, he died for us'), rituals such as the Sundance, and the Hellraiser themes.

It's certainly a film (and comic) series with more interesting ideas than most horrors; there's also the trap theme running through the Saw movies, and the Cube films should get a mention too in that regard. They're all a kind of Da'ath area of the merkabah cube (the star tetrahedron outlines a cube).

Curiously - both the tefillin and the Ka'ba are black cubes.
Which was also in Transformers wasn't it - so back to folding interconnected geometries again.

It is said that the Els (Elohim) are metallic - there's certainly plenty of information on how a merkabah field and a UFO are the same thing.