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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Under the Double Eagle

Wednesday (Feb. 20th) afternoon two F-15C EAGLES collided mid-air over the Gulf of Mexico during a "training" exercise some 77 miles from their departure point at Eglin Air Force Base (note: the pilots affiliated with this squadron are referred to as "The Gorillas"). The F-15 has had numerous malfunctions and accidents over the past year, and were grounded by the Air Force for a period of time late last year.

Another interesting sync with events from later the same evening...The F-15A EAGLE was once used to shoot down a satellite :

Double F-15C Eagles

From January 1984 to September 1986, an F-15A was used as a launch platform for five ASM-135 anti-satellite (ASAT) missiles. The F-15A went into a Mach 1.22, 3.8 g climb of 65° and released the ASAT missile at an altitude of 38,100 feet (11.6 km). The F-15A computer was updated to control the zoom-climb and missile release. The third test flight involved a retired communications satellite in a 345 statute mile (555 km) orbit, which was successfully destroyed by sheer kinetic energy. The pilot, USAF Major Wilbert D. "Doug" Pearson, became the only pilot to destroy a satellite.

The ASAT missile was designed to be a standoff anti-satellite weapon, with the F-15A acting as a first stage. The Soviet Union could interpret a U.S. rocket launch with a spy satellite loss, but an F-15 carrying an ASAT would blend in among hundreds of F-15 flights.

Some 26 minutes after the Moon, Lord of the Rings (Saturn), HEART of Leo (Regulus) alignment was taking place at approx. 10:00 pm EST (which, if you were lucky enough to see; was truly breathtaking), the U.S. Navy fired at and successfully fragmented the bus sized spy satellite, which was inoperable and carrying a payload of "toxic" fuel. At a total speculated cost of $30 million, one wonders about the "official" explanation regarding the U.S.'s concern for human life given the HIGHLY magickal atmosphere at the time of the operation. One which seems to have been awaiting the arrival of US Defense Secretary Robert Gates in order to officially give the command to "fire".

U.S. embassy on Fire in Belgrade

Less than 24 hours and chaos in Kosovo, as Serbian protesters (approx. 150,000 strong) rioted, setting fire to the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade (also attacked were the Croatian, British, Turkish, and Bosnian). Images of the Albanian flag have captured headlines from Kosovo since this past Sunday, when Pro-Independence supporters took up the DOUBLE EAGLE as their banner.

More than happy to live under the shadow of the Double Eagle?

We see the heartbreaker/piercing/Deep Impact effect in full force recently. Two sided opposition...division, two sides of the same bloody coin.

The 1933 Double Eagle Gold Coin


Joshua said...

Yeah wave 'your' flag, fucking idiot fools!
(sorry for cursing, I'm in a foul mood as of late)

aferrismoon said...

The Habsburg double- eagle - which was the one flying over most of Europe until someone shot Ferdinand in Sarajevo.
Apparently Kosova has been happy to do biz with the Crlyle Group and the Bushes in the past - heroin trafficking.
Quite a few years ago the Japs offered to 'rent' Serbia's farmland [ the best in europe] and develop the whole process with a view to giving it back after 10 years.
Ever since then its not been a good idea to be Serb.
These guys can't even cross European countries on a train without having to get a visa.
Russia will use the opportunity, expect to see them wandering around the Aleuts and going over that contract for Alaska.
Its funny , a few years to get independence from people who have lived on that land for centuries[ remember the Ottomans invaded!! the Balkans]
Palestine can be invaded by a bunch of rednecks and if u suggest independence you'll be locked up as a terrorist.

wise woman said...

That, which causes division, requires constant action to maintain the illusion of it.

Knowing a little about marketing myself, I can say that these are clever strategies - but at the bottom that is all they are.

Because we're flying blind, we don't have the ability to see the effect on the whole, of a group of global truthseekers who create merry havoc on a daily basis by seeing through the scam.
It is great work.

Vapo said...

Excellent post Todd as always! Another RED/WHITE/BLACK picture to add to my never ending R/W/B project..looks as though the O-range gate is very close to becoming wide open..the Rats are at play..

Have a great day!


aferrismoon said...

The Serbian flag has a double-headed eagle though white.Some kinda checkerboarding?

Christopher Loring Knowles said...

Man, that double eagle coin is unreal, isn't it? When the mask comes off, it really comes off. These midair collisions are always vey interesting as well. Look also for Janus/Gemini symbolism in these cases.

FilmNoir23 said...

Thanks all. Nice of you to drop off your comments.

Christopher: There was a Gemini event linked. On Feb. 22nd J-Lo & Marc Anthony became the parents of "Twins". J-Lo's statement was that she was "Over the Moon" of all things?