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Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Sun King

Jake Kotze's Thoth resonating gorilla is the mascot of the Phoenix Suns. He even travels through Stargates from the look of things.

Phoenix is really turning up the heat right now...Just when you thought things couldn't get more obvious, they have. And just when you'd hoped that I'd be done finding sports related syncs, I haven't.

In a week that saw a Super Bowl Miracle in the Valley of the Sun, a Holmes alignment as golfer JB Holmes won a "sudden-death" victory in the desert, and the resurrection of Arizona Senator John McCain's Presidential aspirations, now the NBA's Phoenix Suns have made a trade for one of the sports most legendary giants; in the form of Superman himself, Shaquille O'Neal. The aging [Shaq, born in 1972 THE YEAR OF THE RAT which is marked today the Lunar New Year 2008] 4 time champion was dealt to Phoenix from the Miami Heat on Wednesday for Shawn Marion (known as Matrix), and bench warmer Marcus Banks.

Shaq starred in the 1997 flop "Steel" a spin off from the D.C. Comic of the same name, which was part of the Superman Universe.

O'Neal will be leaving behind teammate Dwayne Wade (aka "Flash"/ another Thoth resonator) with whom he won a championship in 2006. The trade also sees Shaq moving from a last place team to a first place one, placing both he and the Suns in direct line for a POSSIBLE showdown with a resurgent Boston Celtic franchise in the NBA Finals. The significance of this match-up is that Boston could be seeing each of it's professional teams in the three major sports playing for a championship during the 2007-2008 season.

The Sun King has arrived in Phoenix to bring a championship to a franchise about to enter it's 40th season without one...Rise Phoenix, Rise's everywhere.

The prized green variety of Garnet is the Demantoid

The question is...would the 7ft. 1in, 325 lbs Man of Steel be able to hold up against the Green Kryptonite resonating glow of those Celtic uniforms?

***As a side note: Today is the scheduled launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis STS-122 (122=5), Shaq's number 32 (5), KG's number 5 which brings us back to Feb. 5th or Super fat Tuesday...or a 5th NBA Championship for O'Neal?...just something for the numbers guys to ponder for me.


Vapo said...

Hi Todd ~ Still digesting but when you mentioned Man of Steel it has me thinking about the upcoming movie " Iron Man " and Giants.. the entree has been served and look forward to when we get to put a fork in it..should be good :)

BEE WELL and have a great day!


Bluekush623 said...

great post and mascot find.

Vapo said...

Hello Todd ~ After my studying the pic with Shaq/Ring O Fire/Phoenix further it reZOnates well with a comments I left on Moons post:

"G'DY OZ sed PAN"

Maybe it's a reach or the bowl of CheeriO'z I ate.. by the way Excellent post!

BEE WELL and have a great day!


Tony D said...

Don't forget about former Governor Fife Symington appearing on Larry King to talk about UFO's!

And the fact that I'm from Phoenix, and those suckers are all over the place...

Synkronos on Fife Symington and whatnot.

Vapo said...

Shaq's new SUN number is 32..or turned around 23..

Have a great day!