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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Galactic Alignment, Floyd, and the Hyperdimensional Bees

Psychonaut Steve Willner asked me last week to help him out with his newest video. I was thrilled to be asked, and am more than happy with the end result. I hope you all enjoy it! Steve is a real trooper, and even was able to lend his voice to this experiment despite his current medical situation.

This video is dedicated to the late Syd Barrett and the 40th anniversary of one of the greatest albums of all time, "Piper at the Gates of Dawn"

A lot of you have probably been hearing the 'buzz' about the disappearing bees. Almost every news story prints a quote attributed to Albert Einstein. The quote goes: "If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would only have four years of life left."

Animals sense danger and natural disasters, but even if it was human contaminates that were killing them off, it still would bee an atrocity to mother nature.

So why the hexagon.. Why do bees have the ability to sense hyper dimensional etheric energy.. Why have they been disappearing lately.. There have been articles printed that a virus is killing them off.. but in my opinion they are simply hypersensitive to earth vibration.. and as we approach the galactic center.. energies of the earth grid will become five to ten times more photogenically and geometrically advanced. Perhaps the bees sense this.. perhaps they are warning us of great change with their absence. Perhaps we should listen.


brent said...

a fitting paean to the mapcap laughing.
here's what spiritual action and democracy really look like:

These monks know their recent past. There's a high likelihood they will all be mercilessly beaten, tortured, and murdered for this.

Newspaceman said...

Todd, there are maybe two separate issues here which are becoming merged and complicating matters somewhat.

If you pour boiling water on a mass of dried peas, including all spaces between, once they expand they will each form a hexagon and collective honeycomb pattern. Each pea will tend to occupy the utmost possible space within a given space. The same applies to crystals and soap bubbles.

So one could perhaps move from that and theorise that the same laws applied when the universe was formed and, as such, a grid type system is there, but not in a form we can tangibly see.

This same theory was offered as to why the bee hive was a honeycomb, the rational being offered was that as all the bees are digging into the wax comb at the same time, then it was "nature" or natural laws that produced the effect ie a chance

However, I have an old book on the bee, written by Maurice Maeterlinck, which discounts the bee theory based on experiment and proves an intelligence of some description is applied in construction and includes evidence etc.

There are many other animals with what seem, to us, incredible powers. For example, if a whale is beached on a Scottish Isle, somehow many ravens will appear, some having travelled miles and miles, for a feast. How do they know ?

If you have any specific questions about the natural life of the bee, or the geometry of the hive,let me know, I shall try my best.

take care, great video. never watched one before.


A.V. Michaels said...

Great work. I hadn't heard that about the astronauts hallucinating symbols. Certainly the whole topic of 2012/galactic alignment is incredibly intriguing; as we get closer, I notice more and more discussion, whether it's a result of repeated suggestion or whether we truly are in the midst of transformation. It does all seem to be spiraling together faster, as more pieces to the puzzle are discovered, thanks to the work such as you all have done here.

Newspaceman said...

Todd, sorry, found the book online.

it is hard going, written in 1901.


Jake Kotze said...

Great work guys.
Bee well

aferrismoon said...

Maybe they're not 'disappearing' but going. Haven't checked the vid yet or
its new voiceover
I bought some honey [ locust-tree] from a man in Prague, 25 hives in his back garden, a retiree. I,ve asked around here but there seems to be no panic or worry of impending beelessness. Lets hope its media madness.
Nice info on the hexagrams

Vapo said...

A tip of the hat to you both..Excellent and a very nice collaboration of effort! May the force BEE with you!


FilmNoir23 said...

Thanks everybody! It was an interesting experiment, and much tougher than I would have thought.

I can certainly see the issues you raise. All I can really speak to is that the science/concept belongs to Steve. Honestly, I try to avoid the science behind a lot of these theories because, well...I'm just not knowledgeable enough to work in that realm. Hopefully Steve will check in and comment to this.

I do feel that there might BE something to all this however.

Michael said...

Todd, really great to see the collaboration. Fascinating comments about hexagons - Michael

soundlessdawn said...

I have read material on both the 'peas' or atoms taking up as much space as they can and thus forming the Hexagon. Water molecules exhibit this in a compressed environment.. I have also read things that indicate the contrary.. stating the bee's have a certain intelligence while alien to us.. that allows them to communicate or corroborate on the building of their hives, the "waggle" dance, etc. I'm sure there is proof in the pudding for both arenas of thought, even in fact they may be marginal. There are just simply too many
unexplainable phenomenon in regards to animal behavior, like whale and dolphin psionics to unexplainable bird migratory behaviors to even attempt to grasp it on a cosmic scale.

Hyperdimensional physics focuses on the unseen etheric energies that guide and govern the cogs of the universe. The type of energy Tesla was trying to bring to the world.. and the type of energy you
experience directly on entheogens like DMT. It comes down to a matter of the belief in 'intelligent' design. If you are in fact a believer, then this principle applies to the bees as much as every other molecule in existence. If you believe everything is random or happen stance then perhaps this all appears to be hopeful fluff. It's a personal stance. The psychedelic nature ingrained in human consciousness and our own DNA may ultimately hold the key to understanding.

Joshua said...

Lots of great comments here, I just wanted to say:
This video hit so many thoughts I've had of late, hexagons, bees, The Dark Crystal and Galactic Center.WOW
Great Work here! I hope to see and hear more collaboration on future projects.
Peace, Joshua

FilmNoir23 said...

Great response from Steve on his personal vision with this video. I think it opens many doors of thought that might have remained closed were it not for the BEE connection. One which is an ongoing topic. There are a number of motion pictures about to BEE released which should create more discussion on this issue. I am behind Steve 100% on his line of thought. Any insights or beliefs are welcomed.

Newspaceman said...

Soundlessdawn,sorry, I am not stating that the bees hexagonals are created by chance, in fact the very opposite.

The link I provided to the bees book, shows proven experiments which would indicate the bees in fact possess, or have access to, the intelligence you write of. The section called the foundation of the city should clarify matters.

What I was suggesting was that the entire universe was in fact hexagramically ? constructed, due to initial pressure (of whatever form), and that the "lines" which contain the shape of the building blocks are not visible to ourselves as humans.

I am sorry I did not clarify matters better in my original posting but would recommend you check out the link, it is most enlightening.


FilmNoir23 said...

Ah, that does clarify much better thanks for reposting!

That is VERY interesting.

Zippy said...

No problem here

The usual story.

Why don't people check the facts?

FilmNoir23 said...


I don' think this was a case of not checking facts...the story that you provided is a LOCAL story (which is GREAT), and it is encouraging that organic beekeepers don't seem to be experiencing CCD...however, this is a global issue.

I myself was/am well aware that not ALL colonies have been affected but for the purpose of this video and to demonstrate a theory I don't think any lies were perpetuated. It is certainly the responsibility of each reader/person to do their own research.

I have NEVER stated anything I write or post to my site as being fact, I have NO proof nor do I claim to. All I can do is open new lines of thought and challenge people to question what they are being told.

Thank you for your comments!

David said...

Great gear, Makes me wonder if I should not be trying to do this rather than fucking around with books.