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Thursday, September 6, 2007

"Shiva" me Timbers or Aquarius Rising

The trifecta/Trident Events of hurricane, earthquake and mining incidents have continued for weeks now leading up to the sacred 9/11 ritual day of remembrance.

The Sacred Hindu Trident

see: Surfing The Tao and A Kean Eye
also Hurricane Felix created some interest at
It's certainly not the first time Felix has crossed paths with a trident.

Wednesday, Sept. 5th as Hurricane Henriette approached, Mexico was squeezed, and a 5.0 earthquake registered off the Yucatan Peninsula. **For any of you earthquake watchers reading it is interesting to note that when the depth of a seismic event cannot be determined 33km is used as the default.

Mexico trembles from Storms and quakes

I will be keeping a hurricane's EYE on Goro Adachi's work even closer now as he seems to be extremely clued into the workings of this bizarre relationship. Steve Willner's newest video also considers the amount of synchronos bridge collapses this year. At times there almost seems to have been a mirror between the U.S. & China in the disaster department...odd indeed.

Going back to July 2007, I would like to redirect your attention to an article entitled "Floods are judgments on society, says bishops." by Ben Fairhall at Battling the Behemoth. It was a VERY interesting yarn in the Rael-Gone-Kid's MARITIME cycle that is reverbing again with me now in a big nautical way. At the time Albion was floating away quicker that Winnie & Piglet through the 100 Acre Wood, and a song by the Goddess-resonating Rihanna (Rhea) entitled "Umbrella" closed out the would seem that our Rhea (mother to Poseidon) resonator has a closer association to our signs and signals than even previously thought.

Pop sin-sation Rihanna was born in the Parish of St. Michael, "Bridgetown" Barbados. And although Rihanna has received much criticism from her more conservative countrymen, the trident continues to find it's way into her music videos.

"Pon de Replay" from the 2005 album "Music of the Sun". Keep your eye on the prize towards the end.

"If It's Loving You want" also from "Music from the Sun". Tridents surrounded by a magic circle?

As the waters rise, just keep in mind that it is nothing more than Aquarius (the Water Bearer) Rising. Truths will be revealed...


Joshua said...

Great post! I've been thinking about the water bearer and the waters rising, storms etc.
Yes, I concur they are all connected and more shall be revealed at a quickening like speed.
Peace, Joshua

aferrismoon said...

This article feels like you've just added some essential herbs and spices to a soup , stirred it and allowed the smells to waft noseward. Some cooking to be done but dinner might well be tasty.
Shiver me Timberlake
Aqua-Rheus and Aqua-Rhea
Aqui-Fer and Lucy.
All's Fer in Love and War

FilmNoir23 said...

Thanks Joshua...I'm starting to see that this is how the new age will would make sense with the symbology.

Glad you liked my soup aferrismoon...I was hoping you'd see the spices. LOVE the Aqua-Rheus!

aferrismoon said...

A Water-bearer could be a Grail. In this computer age the current carried by Internet inspires an electronic Aquarian and of course us watery cthulhumans

Steven said...

Solomon Island Earthquake - Sept 2nd
The Brothers Solomon film released on September 7, 2007. Building 7 referred to as the Solomon Brothers' Building. 777. Fun Stuff.

hoi polloi said...

I noticed that Rihanna's performance on the VMA's had her dancing in a black and white checkerboard tunnel! (Yes, I watched the VMA's for the first time in years, don't kill me)

Anonymous said...

hmmm..I'm kind of loss. What does this all mean? Some have purposed the idea that Rihanna is a mixture of the Rhea Goddess and Isis. Does this mean that she is the spirit of both of them and she was reincarnated? i am confused...and I knew about the symbolicsm in the videos...but...

FilmNoir23 said...

Personally, someone like Rihanna is more symbolic than any literal reborn Goddess...after all these Gods & Goddesses never really existed. Religious systems are merely control mechanisms.

Rihanna instills a sense of the Goddess or a "return" of the Goddess for the masses.