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Thursday, September 20, 2007

An Interlude

Things have been running fast and furious for weeks's time for one of my "stop, and take a breath" moments...Perhaps they are more for me, who knows.

In light of the release of her first solo CD "Mantaray" (Maritime/Neptune anybody?) and her opening concert next Friday Sept. 28th at the Eiffel Tower, my favorite artist of ALL-time Siouxsie Sioux.

"Into a Swan"

While Madonna runs around playing Jewish Mystic, Siouxsie will always be Queen!

And for my pal across the pond Ben Fairhall...

Siouxsie & Morrissey's "Interlude" set to "Dance with a Stranger"


David said...

SS ... one of the undisputed unoficial Queens of England since 1976.

Vapo said...

Thank you for making the post..for some reason something in it clicked and completed a piece of a puzzle on something I have been working on for 2 opened up the gate and put together alot of what I have.

Now for some wandering thoughts..and this in no way reflects ones preference as to a favorite artist:

If Sioux means Snake, would Siouxsie Sioux mean Snakesie Snake?

Manta Ray = Devil Fish

I found the cover of the CD interesting:


As I always I truly enjoy your insight,thoughts and efforts.


FilmNoir23 said...

Siouxsie has always dwelled in the esoteric world. I have no doubt that as a teenager that is one of the many reasons I was drawn in by her, and the Banshees.

I have no doubt that she is "in tune" and passes info out to us via the airwaves, and through her use of symbolism.

would certainly be interested in hearing about what clicked with you.

aferrismoon said...

Man Ray comes to mind , his photos visually similar to some of Siouxsie's imagery.

aferrismoon said...

Also Sept 28th = Svaty Vaclav's Day [ Saint Wenceslas] .He who christianised Bohemia, or Czech lands or whatever this part of the world happened to be called then. Its my Dad's 71st too. Plus someone I teach English went to Peru last week for 3 weeks holiday..
Considering Shanksville and anomalous holes in the ground.... and Bobby Peru from Wild at Heart, Willem Dafoe [ Da enemy]
Considering your bar-only-wifi-connexion status a wild Oconee of hard-core info from Peering Through which reminds me , I guess Alice peered through or into the rabbithole. Lewis Carroll in some kind of literary battle of the DJs with HPL
Alice and Cthulthu, a marriage of neoconvenience

Vapo said...

What clicked for me was two things/words .. Eiffel and Ray (Manta Ray).

Since the beginning of the 20th century, the tower has been used for radio transmission

The prefix radio- in the sense of wireless transmission was first recorded in the word
radioconductor, coined by the French physicist Edouard Branly in 1897 and based on the verb to radiate (in Latin "radius" means "spoke of a wheel, beam of light, ray

Father Theodor Wulf in 1910 took observations of radiant energy radiating at the top and bottom of the tower, discovering at the top more than was expected, and thereby detecting what are today known as cosmic rays

It was really the combination of Ray and Eiffel together that I think sparked the sync..and then shortly after I found a article on Bens blog:

The marketing managers of Zermatt talk of it as an Apline 'Eiffel Tower', a key part of the rebranding of the increasingly snowless Alps.

It was/is one of those great moments when everything just seems to really come together.. I think you know what I mean.

But if you had not made that post I would in all likely hood still be searching.. it was starting to kinda bother me like a 50,000 piece puzzle

Sometimes it's the simplest of things that creates the catalyst to move forward. Thank you again for the post!


FilmNoir23 said...

Hmmm, the Bobby Peru find is good. Might have to look into that looking glass a little more...

what was your Oconee reference? sorry, I'm a little slow on the draw sometimes...that one REALLY catches me eye.

FilmNoir23 said...


Now that is ALL quite interesting. Glad I could help find a piece of a nasty puzzle for you...

The movie "The Crazy Ray" which I referenced in one of the posts earlier in the week (which "Dark City" was loosely based) takes place ON the Eiffel Tower of all places...Cosmic Ray REALLY comes into play NOW.

Also, I wasn't aware that the Eiffel Tower was a common place for concerts to be held (I certainly could be wrong) but I was amazed when I heard Siouxsie was doing a show from there.

Vapo said...

In addition to your comment about about Eiffel Tower/Concerts I thought would add some info/thoughts/trivia which you may already know:

The 007 Movie - A View to a Kill was filmed there:

Sir Roger Moore as James Bond chases May Day played by actress Grace Jones at the Eiffel Tower and she parachuted from the tower

Through Tibbett, Bond meets a French private detective named Aubergine to discuss how the horse won. However, during their dinner at the Eiffel Tower, Aubergine is killed by May Day.

And while I am here.. another 007 movie.. Casino Royale. One of the main characters was Le Chiffre .. In French, le chiffre means both "the cipher" and "the figure" (i.e. "the number"). Ian Fleming created Le Chiffre based on British occultist Aleister Crowley.

As a global landmark, the Eiffel Tower is featured in media including movies and video games.

1987: In The Real Ghostbusters episode "The Ghostbusters in Paris", it is revealed that the Eiffel Tower was a massive Containment Unit to store ghosts, long before the Ghostbusters developed present day ghostbusting equipment.

Check this out:

I know it seems like trivia drivel, but when you mentioned Concerts my Esoteric propeller started spinning.


Michael said...

Great shot of the dirigible crossing the Eiffel Tower! :-)

aferrismoon said...

The Oconee is a Lake in Georgia. and I think u live in Georgia. U probably don't , doubtless some ill-shit mix of muddle-headed rays, cosmic jamming.
The word is used in the first page of Finnegans Wake. Great work with Vapo, how little butterfly links urge Tidal Wave thesi [ or thesises].

FilmNoir23 said...

ALL great stuff VAPO! I can't always say that it will end up in an article but the more points of reference I become aware of the better in my book. No research is wasted...the Eiffel Tower stuff is REALLY tickling my brain right now.

AFERRISMOON: The Oconee river runs right through Athens. It was just about the most obscure reference coming from someone in Prague. I thought I was having some crazy mind-meld experience or something. Well played.