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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"It really happened, we promise"

In a week that saw sweetheart Sally Field (The Flying Nun) censored by the Fox, and an outspoken free-thinker tasered in a room full of people for asking John Kerry about his Skull and Bones might think we were already living in the very police state we all fear so much.

The world right now reminds me so much of Alex Proyas' masterpiece "Dark City" (based on Rene' Clair's "The Crazy Ray"). While we sleep, truth and belief is being altered against our will to keep us in a perpetual state of ignorance about reality. Reality is whatever the elite choose for it to be each and ever day...the one slip in the plan comes when somebody wakes up, the cycle is broken and truth begins to rear it's ugly head.

Catching up on the new O.J. circus last night, cut away to commercial...opening Friday in theaters everywhere "In the Shadow of the Moon". This is a critically kiss-assed documentary of the Apollo Missions to the Moon as told by the men who were there. A popular saying is "location, location, location"'s more like "timing, timing, timing". The Hollywood propaganda machine steps in to remind everybody that WE REALLY DID GO TO THE MOON.

The gears, the smoke, the mirrors...The Great and Powerful Oz behind the curtain or The Strangers changing memories and the landscape while the planet sleeps, it doesn't matter which story you're into. The older generations, the power elite seem obsessed with The Oz story...Born in '69, I feel I have lived in both worlds...The world of "Dark City" seems to be more my in it, wide awake like Murdoch.

"Wicked Witch of the West: Ahhahahaha...Well! Ring around the rosy a pocket full of -- spears. Thought you'd be pretty foxy, didn't ya? Well, the last to go will see the first three go before her. Hahaha. And her mangy little dog, too."

The thing to remember about both tales is that in the end WATER is the one element that can't be controlled (is feared by the controllers), and destroys the oppressor. Aquarius the water-bearer is rising from the oceans of this planet to wash away the sins of our fathers, and our father's uncover the centuries of filth that covers all the lands of the earth so that we may see clearly. Their time, like the Wicked Witch of the West, and The Strangers is drawing to a close. It is time for them to escape or drown.

Alex Proyas born Sept. 23rd in Egypt, moved to OZ (Australia) at the age of 3. His body of work is quite interesting, and he is currently in negotiations to direct "The Silver Surfer".


David said...

The Dream Empire... the Black Iron Prison ... the illusion so strong that you are scared shitless when it flickers and fails because the false has been so strong and so solid throughout your whole life. However, nothing can be controlled totally. Cracks happen. Walls come tumbling down. Cry Jericho and navigate towards the TAZ. Every time you get someone to refuse to believe it, to dismiss the idea of totality, the resistance grows. Fuck the Black Iron Prison. Fuck the concentration camp planet. The Black Knight satellite is beaming the signal of disruption across hypertime. They never killed the last freedom fighter. Fuck The Con.

Joshua said...

Yah, Hell Yah, what David just said.
Fuck The Con!

FilmNoir23 said...

David, this could be the quote to end all quotes...

FilmNoir23 said...


I am curious by the "Cry Jericho and navigate towards the TAZ" line...could you give me what TAZ is?

David said...

According the Wiki Hive Mind:

The Temporary Autonomous Zone (TAZ) describes the socio-political tactic of creating temporary spaces that elude formal structures of control. The essay uses various historical and philosophical examples, all of which attempt to lead the reader to the conclusion that the best way to create a non-hierarchical system of social relationships is to concentrate on the present and on releasing one's own mind from the controlling mechanisms that have been imposed on it.

In the formation of a TAZ, Bey argues that information becomes a key tool that sneaks into the cracks of formal procedures. A new territory of the moment is created that is on the boundary line of established regions. Any attempt at permanence that goes beyond the moment deteriorates to a structured system that inevitably stifles individual creativity. It is this chance at creativity that is real empowerment.

Beyond all the poncey art wank speak, the TAZ exists. When one dies another forms. Cracks happen. Navigate towards the TAZ and again FUCK THE CON.

FilmNoir23 said...


Thanks for the clarification. That helps a ton as usual from you.

That being said...tear the fuckers down.

I am often asked however, what do we do, given what we know. I know that people like Alan Watt seem to tire of this question but it seems valid. Any thoughts?

hoi polloi said...

I think Dark City is more literal than people realize

David said...

Aside from taking the advice of Mark Thomas and humming the Imperial theme from Star Wars whenever they come on screen or into view?

What do we do… I don’t think there is enough space for me to even begin to answer that question here, but one thing we should do is take it seriously. We are the resistance. We cannot afford to wallow in trivia and academic point scoring, trying to prove one theory is better than all the rest. Truth matters, but truth is always a matter of multiple perspectives. How many times in the field do we see someone trying to coerce others into one belief in their theory in a way reminiscent of how The Con tries to manufacture belief in their official truths? How many times have you seen someone use their obsessive detailing of the imagined hand of one Masonic branch or the other in the same way others use a diet of television – to keep them from thinking enough about the implications, to keep them from acting in a way that really matters and benefits us all?

We are in thrall – even if you just wish to see it in terms of intellectual thrall to a series of dominant idea systems that fail to deliver. We are on a prison planet. There are countless ways of defeating this. At one level it can be ignored to death, at another we can begin to defeat the Empire of Symbols by acts of symbolic sabotage. Empires always fall. Cracks happen. The Black Iron Prison cannot be maintained forever. However, we are the resistance only is we actually resist it.

aferrismoon said...

What do we do - I guess we DO, and like Hydrogen or Tazmanian Devils when we DO we DO well.
I feel as Humans we worry whether Universe can handle our unplanned DOINGS - the classic 'If none of us worked etc etc'
Futurama dealt with the 'what if' question well enough. Its a semantic structure and if one gives it enough focus then it'll turn into something and start 'what iffing' the fuck out of everybody, and then some lawyers will deal with that, as well as the PTA, wierdly churchy-social cake-making organisations, governments and businesses, who attempt to organize the future to such a fine degree they,ve gotta iraq the hell out of anybody they forgot to include in their what if calculations.
Insurance companies, Jeeez Valise, I mean they've got some thinking"
What if your house burns down , buddy
Sheesh I'll lose it all
Wanna buy some premiums
You mean make a monthly bet that my house WILL burn down?
yeah, and if u lose you're house u'll win enough to burn, I mean, buy another one
And you?
We bet that you're house WON'T burn down.
So why are you getting me to buy your insurance if , in your professional opinion. u think it won't?
Well, if u don't buy it what if it does burn down.
I buy insurance from u , u bet against me, I don't...
We burn your fucking house down. Sir
We bet we will die with Life Insurance, yeah, like what the anti-life is that. I bet I will get ill . By the time you,ve spent XXXthousand on health insurance, sweet lamb of god, wouldn't u like a return on that. Heart attack, that's cool , Aspartame poisoning, psychiatric illness- all the rage and essentially long-term.
Now they're starting to rid the voluntary aspect of most types of insurance, the no-hope totally predictable, marketed before your very eyes, history of yourself before you even got borne, and certainly no self-awareness noodle-nonsense.
Dear Sir
You have apparently outlived your Insurance premiums.
Please hand in your present identity and deliver yourself to Furnace 3
'why' will be the only question allowed to be asked - by them
To avoid this lifestyle I invoke Scream-Yelling [ into a pillow if living in a hive block, that is with Listeners.]
Exceptional politeness
Asking structurally unignorable questions
Lots of eye contact - people who work in offices always help more if one keeps a sort of politely mad eye-contact.
Of course many live in an entirely different dimension, many live in different eras. See the hunter-gatherers, ancient farming communities. They live and breath and even talk to us , but they live 'other'.
Do the Wild animals not roar and rage in their cages, so do the ancient living ones, the neanderthals and Crow-Magnon men. Their cages are myriad and often, quite rudely in fact, block our way.
Want insurance , grunt, grunt must be seen in the same context as U want eat, here eat raw pig.
Ahh Thank u sir but....
Eat Eat, it gift, it good
Just a nibble then
Aaaaah u like, now you buy carcass on Hire-purchase
So watch out for religiously backward and other such primeval cults
Acc. to RB-Fuller there are 12 degrees of Freedom not just the either/or twoness fake

FilmNoir23 said...

There we go! Good old anger rising! I like it...

Now we're getting some where.

Michael said...

Todd - I've always wondered about the water vs. the Wicked Witch of the West (www?) It seemed like such a bizarre "weakness". The bucket wasn't even full - barely a cup - it's not like Hollywood to play down the potential drama in such a pivotal scene. Why not really dowse her? Interesting.

This quote from Manley P. Hall seems germane:

"Those who follow the path of faith use water and are known as the Sons of Seth, while those who follow the path of the mind and action are the Sons of Cain, who was the son of SAMAEL, the Spirit of Fire. Today, we find the latter among the alchemists, the Hermetic philosophers, the Rosicrucians and the Freemasons."

Regards, Michael

FilmNoir23 said...

Something else just struck me Michael...Richard Branson & Steven Colbert just had a "water" fight on Colbert's show which made quite a stir in the entertainment world...too bad neither of them melted.