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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Brotherhood of Neptune?

Cartoon Network's former Sealab 2021 takes a stab at our side of the street. Funny stuff!

But the last two weeks we've seen Jellyfish blooms creating havoc around the globe for several days, oceanic earthquakes, more flooding, this time in Korea.

The very same week German scientists unleash a genetically altered Hydra (12 headed jellyfish) to the media...and National Geographic Channel airs a special on "The Jellyfish Invasion", Wed. Aug. 8th

This year's Cannes Film Festival saw an Israeli/French production called Les M├ęduses ("Jellyfish").

At her wedding reception, Keren breaks a leg, unwillingly forcing her to cancel her honeymoon in the Caribbean. A strange little girl comes out of the sea and follows Batya like a shadow; the woman's life is transformed when she takes the little girl under her wing. Joy is a maid from the Philippines working for a tough old woman; unwittingly, she helps the woman reconcile with her estranged daughter A composite film made from scraps of humanity, like so many messages in a bottle verging on the absurd. A portrait of a messy world in which everyone scrapes by as best they can, looking for love and something to remember or to forget. Such is life in Tel Aviv...

A "strange" little girl comes out of the sea?


hoi polloi said...

LOL I love Sealab! I used to watch that all the time. Why did the Natl. Geo. special say Jellyfish are "infesting the waters"? They are living and thriving just like us, right? So are humans "infesting" the earth? What hypocrisy!

FilmNoir23 said...

To inspire fear as far as I can tell...does seem rather silly. I mean jellyfish have just as much, if not more right to be in the ocean than we do.

Joshua said...

Thats some funny shit there. The one dude reminds me of Darth Sidious, guess I'll have to view some episodes, never seen Sealab before. There have been quite a few anti-jellyfish docs, one that I recall was about a tiny little jelly as small as a pin head, that caused severe pain for hours. Off the coast of Australia if I remember correctly. Those clouds I've seen them before and if I see them again I'll take some photos. Peace, Joshua