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Thursday, October 4, 2007

BEE Mine

Midnight Oil's "Blue Sky Mine" One of Rock's finest and most underrated bands. Straight out of OZ

Reports have been flowing in all week of a new round of Trident related events...

A.V. Michaels:
Kean Matthams:
and of course the man with the mad vision
Goro Adachi:

3,200 Miners Escape a South African Gold Mine accident that leave them stranded a mile and a half down...makes one wonder if it was 3,300 what might have actually happened.

Another big quake in Sumatra

Upscale San Diego neighborhood sinks,0,2893922.story?coll=la-home-local

Siouxsie and the Banshees- Coal Mind 1982

Two black holes staring
From deep in the coal mind
Murder in mind-murder deep in the coal mind
Aphids and triffids bump mad into earwigs
Eating their way-through the green brain vegetation

Mutter mutter eyelids wonder
Twitching in time to troubled slumber

Come mind this coal mine
Come mine this coal mind
It's dark in here and it's been a long time
In need of ignition
In need of nutrition

There's famine in mind
There's murder in mind
Blank sockets squinting from the hot coals
More holes in the coal mind
The pit is imploding
Headlines and hooklines bump
Blind into lifelines
Murder in mind- someone throw him a line

O, Madonna medusa
I spy a loser
Madonna medusa
I spy a loser

Ignition nutrition and now ventilation
A sigh of relief from deep in the coal mind
Sun blew his roof off-stopped murder in mind

O, Madonna medusa
I spy a loser

Madonna medusa
I spy...


JB said...

Mark's site is back up, unfortunately he deleted all of its contents, so its back to square one for the Wrong Way Wizard.

But as I've told him, most of his past articles can still be accessed via Google, in "Cached" mode only.

aferrismoon said...

Bees turn to black and gold [or yellow]- the coal and Gold , Saturn and Sol

FilmNoir23 said...

and Coal becomes a diamond...