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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Sea of Syncronicity

If you have not listened to the Jay Weidner interview via Red Ice Radio (The Palmgren Brothers deserve all the credit in the world), I suggest that you listen ASAP...I think Jay is really onto something.


soundlessdawn said...

This was great.. Love Jay.. Know anything interesting about the Ben Franklin Cube referenced?

FilmNoir23 said...

I do not almost blew my mind though. In one of my BEE posts from a week or two ago, I posted an article about disappearing Bumblebees in it they suggested that it was specifically the "Franklin" variety. I started looking for a Ben connection and at the time couldn't find one...this could be the link. I REALLY want to hear that second half of the interview. I might have to subscribe...probably worth it (as much as I listen), and supporting Red Ice is crucial.

Adam Star said...

Fulcanelli baby! (I want a t-shirt)

Weidner knows where it is at. The concept of the argot punning language totally transformed the way I look at media when I encountered the concept in Weidner and Bridge's work. I'll have to keep my eye open for the Nostradamus show.

Thanks for sharing this.

Adam Star said...

Benjamin Franklin's Magic Square:

iAdmin said...

Seems like someone is trying to tarnish Doris lessing's reputation. This story just came out,