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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What's that Buzz?

It was widely reported yesterday in the media that the buzzing from disturbed "African" Bees (recorded or live) will cause Elephants to avoid or even flee an area.

This tactic is being used in Africa in the ongoing war between humans and those blood thirsty elephants.

And from Kean Matthams at A Kean Eye blog comes this story, also from yesterday, about the possible decline and extinction of the Bumblebee (The Franklin's).

Bumblebee from the "Transformers" movie

"Seven Nation Army" from The White Stripes album Elephant


Vapo said...

Thanks for the post..and actually timely and does not surprise me . Reason I say that is the RED/BLACK/WHITE thing is what I have been working on and lately I see it more and more..maybe it's just me, but things have been synching strongly lately. We have the(Bee)Hives playing Nike commercials,Verizon phone,Debra Cagan, movies Surfs Up and Resident Evil..add Britney Spears, Marilyn Manson, Mickey Mouse, Nazi, you or anyone have thoughts on RED/BLACK/WHITE? Even number correlations. Thank's again!


kean said...

i dont know if you saw this, but reports came out yesterday that BUMBLEBEES are now going "extinct" along with the already missing honeybees...

aferrismoon said...

Red = the 1st colour, Black and white the 2 opposing 'non colours'. ADM [Adam] = Red.
The Nazis had a penchant for the 3 colours, no doubt thier marketing team , which is obviously resurrecting, though them a good combo.
Maybe we can propose > Everythings is black and white , anyone who disagrees will end up blood red. But thats mere cynicism.

Vapo said...

As always the Moon rises to the occasion..thank you for your thoughts and as alway you seem to provoke thoughts I would never think of ..every bit helps drive me further to more.

I know I kinda peeled off the main topic Todd so back to BEEsiness and Buzz.. this is a video from 1957's #1 song.. Jimmie Rodgers - Honeycomb..

This is a great clip from Best Scenes From "The Wicker Man"

Watch it carefully..the door sign

Bee Well :)


FilmNoir23 said...

vapo: No worries...this is an OPEN forum. Discuss EVERYTHING or anything that strikes you.

Great stuff. I have some local info that I would like to offer up but could seriously jeopardize my job.

aferrismoon said...

Bees and whatever else that tends to arrive at these blogs seem to act as simple but powerful foci that penetrate our-my distractable mind. Be they Bees , helicopters , wells, they seem far more recognisable to far more of us than often highlighting the content of a story.
There are those whose ability to string together a long story without popping off the track = I think of Ben Fairhalls long pieces. They still attract and keep one engrossed. Yet at the same time the plethora of 'hits' with Bees popping up all over the place = a complement to the longer , deeperly researched material.
Whats black, white and red all over?
A newspaper

Vapo said...

First thank you Todd for letting this bee a place for open thoughts..I appreciate that!

Now to more Beesiness.. the part in the Wicker Man clip where N. Cage has a cage of Bee's placed on his head..why Bees? They had many choices..still digesting that.

Anyway still on subject as it bee..while cooking today I noticed that the brand of Olive Oil I was using has the BEE as their logo..
If you need a better image go here:

When I saw it I thought of Mr.Moon as it is Black and Yellow.. then while working on my R/W/B project I came across this..this is for you Moon again: bee

Gwen Stefani.. and here you can see her in R/W/B:

Lastly.. what is Red/White/Black and Yellow?..Mickey Mouse

Bee Well


FilmNoir23 said...

thanks for all the info vapo! I will start looking at all these links.

As for the bees in "Wicker Man", I have yet to see the remake (I guess I should)so it's hard to comment fully but in that clip video it looked as if they were making beeswax candles in a workshop/barn. Many of the images were striking (the door)...

I look forward to this Red/Black/White piece...they are certainly colors that have been part of the goth/death metal/"satanic" (Ugh) scenes for years and more recent times MM (Marilyn Manson) has used them almost exclusively.

Michael said...

Just in time:
Jerry Seinfeld returns in Bee Movie