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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hip to BEE Square?

While sinking my teeth into the Cosmic Cube yesterday, I started thinking about L7...which was slang for "Square" (notice the Masonic influence inserted into popular culture), and was introduced on a mass scale via the song "Wooly Bully" by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs. Many of you will no doubt recall Uma Thurman's visually animated demonstration of L7 in the film "Pulp Fiction"

What is an L is this equation? Nothing but an upside down 7...which gives us two 7's forming a cube or 77/OZ according to Crowley.

For more indepth symbolic meaning of the Cube please consult Adam Star's excellent article "Unlocking the Cosmic Cube"

For even more specifics watch the videos of Jake Kotze. I have included his "Cuboid Stargate" below. Or the now AWOL Ben Fairhall's Hellraiser synch.

While doing a little research for this post I came across this rather odd website which I suggest looking into...


David said...

When two sevens clash...

Adam Star said...

Goodness, the pieces of this puzzle are so damn beautiful.

I'm pretty sure AIM designed that webpage, usnisa. Megatron. A Transformer of course.

Anonymous said...

Hey Todd,

Related: The numeral 7 is similar in shape to the Hebrew letter Dalet, meaning doorway.

Carlo Saures pairs Dalet with the tarot trump 'The Tower'. So...L7 illustrates two towers. And of course, our Freedom Tower will rest upon a cube.

soundlessdawn said...

Dammit Todd.. I can't take this anymore.. our silver chords are tangled. Working on a new vid.. guess who's in it? Uma F'ckin Thurman.. I'd love to talk about this post in it.. if it's cool with you.

Anonymous said...

Another thought - L7 seems to imply 'Level Seven' which in turns harkens of Saturn and it's mysterious polar hexagon.

Will someone tell me what the @&$% is going on?

Preferably not Bruce Dern!

aferrismoon said...

L via the Hebroo number jizz = 30, the beginning of the Jesus Initiation Cycle. L or Lamed leans towards balance or as Crowley pointed out ADJUSTMENT. As a 3 it gets it on with 3 - G and 300 - Sh. The whole idea of movement at Archetypal, Existential , Cosmic lies within this 3ness.
Judah also adds to 30
These articles are great , in fact the speed they turnover at, mixed in with the now expanding supernova of Synchrobloggs, all leads me to the feeling of actually travelling on this info [ and of course the love inherent in every thought , word and deed , the sap rises]
I need at least a weekend to absorb and express the whatever

Vapo said...

Hello Todd ~ This has not much to do with your current post, but will try to end it with a interesting pic/link that might a make it seem somewhat relevant.

I wanted to put it here as posts and information(Bransons Vid is gone)anymore can be gone faster than a roll of toilet paper in Mexico.

Steve Fossett..and the following may seem jumbled's the Red/White/Black thing and the number 51.. ok the thoughts

First 5 = Red
1 = White

Think Area 51

This is based on the million websites I searched.. well it feels like a million

Virgin - Red & White
Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer - R/W/B

Steves plane?

Branson became Sir Richard when he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II(Queen Bee)in 2000

Supposedly he was within 10 mi of the Flying M Ranch where before he disappeared?

The Flying-M Ranch is owned by hotel magnate and billionaire Barron Hilton and within a 100 mile radius of Area 51

Note the M

And this seems weird as well..
Microsoft computer guru Jim Gray..any tech company would have been eager to get its hands on Gray..extremely important and brilliant.

It looked like a fine day for a sail. On Sunday, January 28, 2007, Microsoft researcher Jim Gray woke up on his boat, a RED 40-foot fiberglass cruiser called Tenacious. The water in Gashouse Cove, a cozy marina in San Francisco Bay, was nearly flat. The 63-year-old programmer phoned his wife, Donna Carnes, who was on an annual vacation with friends in Wisconsin. He said he was heading out to the Farallon Islands, a wildlife refuge 27 miles offshore, to scatter the ashes of his mother, Ann, who died in October
Any tech company would have been eager to get its hands on Gray. He had managed to stay at the leading edge of computer science for decades, and his résumé reads like a timeline of key developments in the digital age.
At 11:50(51?)am, his smartphone synched with Microsoft's email server one last time, pinging a Cingular tower south of San Francisco.Microsoft computer guru Jim Gray went missing while in a sailboat off the coast of San Francisco. He was never found and is presumed dead.

In the case, satellite data from Google Earth was enlisted by Fossett friend and Virgin Group owner Richard Branson.

Note that Gray & Fossett were both 63..not sure what that means

The Master numbers 11, 22, and 33 represent a triangle. A triangle of Enlightenment.

If you calculate White and Red in the Chaldean number method you get White - 22
Red - 11

Ok.. sorry for the ramble so here is a last couple things:

Steve Fossetts Bee Suit:,29307,1668071_1457397,00.html

What is Red/White/Black?

I apologize this was so lengthy and appreciate being able to put it here.

Keep up the great effort and
Bee Well!


FilmNoir23 said...

vapo: this is some really amazing research you've done here.

I am not familiar with the Jim Gray story but that sets off RED flags for me! (Also reminds me of Jean Grey from X-men)

the link to Fossett's bee suit wasn't working, mayBEE it just got cut-off. Please repost or email to me! If it's a picture of Fossett in an actual bee suit I'm gonna flip

Vapo said...

Todd ~ Here is the link..get ready.. :)

add this on the end of gallery


FilmNoir23 said...


Steve, what's mine is your's...go crazy with it!

Adam Star said...

Jean "Phoenix" Grey from the X-Men, Gabriel "Sylar" Gray from Heroes.

Ever read serpent worshiper Alan Moore's The Watchmen? Something about this disappearance just makes me think of the Ozymandius plot.

Vapo said...

Fossett and his Bee Suit:

As in the movie 5th Element..bzzzzz

Thanks again Todd for your great efforts!

Bee Well


FilmNoir23 said...

Adam: Yes, Yes, Yes! The Grey's

I have read "The Watchmen" and actually I have been in the process of rereading it RIGHT now!

JB said...

Todd! I'll be gone until Saturday afternoon, and even there I won't have much time, so check out my blog, my latest article ties all of the "M"s together quite nicely.

And tell me what you think of that Mario pic linked at the end...