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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mine's bigger...

well, than your whole country according to Bono (or should it be BONER), Ireland's favorite son??.

It seems a project that has been in the works for nearly five years will finally be "getting off" the ground.

"Details of the U2 Tower, which will be the tallest building in Ireland, emerged as it was announced that a consortium led by the band has been selected as the preferred bidder to design, finance and construct the £140 million project.

Bono, the Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen will team up with Lord Foster, who built the "Gherkin" tower in London.

The Geranger Ltd consortium consisting of Ballymore Properties, Patrick McKillen and August Partners (U2 members and management) beat off designs submitted by four other tenders: Treasury Holdings/Sisk; Mountbrook Homes, controlled by the developer Sean Dunne; the Dutch-based Royal BAM Group and the Riverside II Partnership.

All had been challenging for the contract to build the tower, regarded as the jewel in the crown of the band’s property portfolio in Dublin.

In keeping with Bono’s reputation as the rock star with a conscience, the accommodation will include 34 social and affordable flats. The remainder will be luxury apartments, while a five-star hotel will be built in an adjoining building.

advertisementThe tilted triangular design, at the confluence of the Liffey, Dodder and Grand Canal, will include a public viewing platform."

Hotels, penises, tax shelters,'s really all the same isn't it?

"Is there anything this man hasn't accomplished? Bono celebrates his latest award -- an Honorary Knighthood -- for his services to the music industry & his humanitarian work. The U2 frontman, who was surrounded by family, joked that his son thought he was becoming a Jedi." - from iVillage photo gallery

Jedi/Templar Knight/Freemason...same, same...just remember your station Paul David're Irish lad, and you'll always be NOTHING but Honorary no matter how big your Tower.

The "Original" U2 (aka Dragon Lady), which had VERY little to do with Peace and Good Works...

Thanks to Vapo for this find (from Dec. 2005)...the caption reads "The Good Samaritans" Bill Gates, Bono, Melinda Gates...more on BonoGate soon


hoi polloi said...

Bono never fooled me. The icing on the cake was when he became a 40% shareholder in Forbes magazine. Man of the people? Laughable.

hoi polloi said...

Bono never fooled me. The icing on the cake was when he became a 40% shareholder in Forbes magazine. Man of the people? Laughable.

Joshua said...

F@#K that guy! No Irish should ever bow down to the Queen of England.

Vapo said...

Guess he was the lucky Bono and was not ACCIDENTLY taken out by a tree. Those that are Knighted by the Queen(Bee)are just Drones and rewarded. This picture speaking of magazines speaks volumes:,16641,20051226,00.html

Bee Well and have a great day!


FilmNoir23 said...

Brilliant Vapo...more on the BonoGate connection is coming.

David said...

Bono is a (insert the strongest swear word you know here). He has planned to become President of Ireland for years. According to one journalist I know, when drunk he told them he eventually wanted to be Preident of Europe. The loathsome shite will drape himself in any cause to further an agenda that I personally find very troubling.

BTB said...

You're not alone there, David.

Thanks Todd.

Friend said...

I'll just echo Joshua and other people's comments re: Bono... barf-o-rama.

if you REALLY LOOK at the TIME Magazine cover, it says it all.

do people really fall for this grandstanding? At the bottom of their hearts, I actually think NO, they do NOT. It's like the majority of people buy into it 90-95%, but like us, there's a part of them that senses something is off.

Anyway, I cannot *believe* this kind of shill behavior from a man who used to read and appreciate Bukowski... :-o

it's confusing.

I'll stand for the dude returning back to sanity. Come on back to us ol' boy. You may lose your penis towers and shiny trinkets, but you'll gain... umm... er, actually, yeah, you probably won't gain a whole hell of alot. But we'll buy ya a round ;-)

Cheers all


aferrismoon said...