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Monday, October 22, 2007

Invoking the Goddess: BEE-UTY & The BEE-ST

The Blue Man Group introduces Venus Hum and helps them draw down the Goddess

Thanks again to Vapo for his continued research on the subject, and for this interesting article on sacred music/ and the humming of Bees

"One of the oldest techniques of awakening this energy within our minds and bodies is chanting to the frame drum. In the Bee Priestess workshops we'll learn a synthesis of drumming techniques from India, the Middle East, and North Africa on the Middle Eastern Style tambourine. We will concentrate on creating sacred space through ritual with by chanting and playing the frame drum. We’ll learn the correlation of the strokes on the drum to the elemental energies of earth, water, fire and air. We will be concentrating on rhythms in three and six because of the link of these numbers to the hexagram, the ancient honey comb shaped symbol of the Bee Goddess and the heart chakra."

For more on the Symbolism of the Bee in the Occult Tradition

or "The Venusians"

NBC's "The Singing Bee"


hoi polloi said...

I like the idea of using music to invoke certain energies. I do this on a daily basis and I guess we all do to some extent. I read awhile back about how digital music is less healthy for us than more organic forms of music.

Adam Star said...

So great.

"The Maha Devi or Great Goddess, Kundalini, manifests in sound form as a queen bee (Bhramari Devi) surrounded by a cloud of buzzing bees. This lightening like goddess awakens in a buzz of ascending consciousness and descending spiritual grace."

Lightening like goddess

kean said...

digital music is definitely more of a male energy most of the time.

and this makes me want to go watch blue man group up the street. seems like it would be a powerful show

Vapo said...

Todd ~ I love the tie in and have two words.. EXCELLENT, BRAVO!

Ok.. I can't help myself.. I have to add something hummm Organic(nice analogy Sabrina)

Venus by Shocking Blue

Here is another version which is highly symbolic.. your synch eye mind will see: watch everything carefully

Thank you for your efforts Todd!

Bee Well and have a great day!


Kabrony Productions said...

great piece. it is just an idea that came to my head, but i believe bees are foreign to earth, as if they were brought here by alien beings. After watching soundlessdawn last post it came to my head a clip from jurrasic park where they abstract dna from a mosquito frozen in time cover with honey substance. Alien beings understood honey subatomic nature and so they brought to our planet. they seem to be in a highr galactic consciousness awareness. peace aldo

FilmNoir23 said...

kabrony productions:

yes indeed, I think there has been some speculation over the past week or so that perhaps OUR bees aren't actually our's to begin with. An interesting thought certainly.

FilmNoir23 said...

Ah, The Shocking Blue holds many interesting follow soon.

Dennis Fetcho said...

The Be a U T and the Be as T. Nice work.

FilmNoir23 said...

Thanks "Fetch"

Adam Star said...

Following what Kabrony Productions was saying regarding honey-colored amber in Jurassic Park, in Phillip Pullman's "His Dark Materials" trilogy (the forthcoming film "The Golden Compass", which tells the Truth) there is a weird swapping of the words Amber and Electricity between two alternate Earth realities.

aferrismoon said...

The Egyptian for Isis is written as AST in Wallis-Budge's Books on Egyptianism , I don't know if its changed, but for a few years , on seeing BEAST I say Be-Ast. Now I may add Bee-Ast. By the way that freaky CSI prog is doing more Bee, Grisham is a beekeeper and he asked some lady to marry him while collecting honey.
He put a bee on her hand, but the surrounding pheromones wore off and the bee stung her, but it was a Wedding-sting, and no hint of Beeocide , just the usual humans killing one another in deeply creative ways, almost intelligently , except for the non-consentual slaughter.

Dennis Fetcho said...


I saw an OTO formula once that showed Beast as "Be as T". Wallis would have been from the same vein, and so his "AST" could easily be AS T.

T then takes us back to the Ankh and all its symbolism.

I have an article called "Deciphering the Tree of Life" that sorta hints at what is going on and why all the Isis in hidden nuance. When you go back to the Isis and Ra story, it was Isis who was able to force Ra to speak "his name", and so all his powers went to Isis.

A side note about the Letter B. It is Isis "pregnant with Horus", but even more clever. Watch the World Series. The "B" of the Boston is the "horned owl" turned 90 degrees.

Rotate the B 90 degrees to the right and everyone will see what I mean.

The B of Boston's Red Sox is an Occult symbol of the Horned Owl, Moloch, or in a purer analysis, the Goddess Isis herself.

The Fetch

William Ray Thuther said...

There is a new movie coming out called Bee Story. I saw ads for it repeated over and over and over again on Saturday as I watched a Goosebumps marathon. The commercials were McDonalds tie-ins and had images of bees with great big masonic 'M's over them.

Another interesting thing about was the Transformer's ads. There were two, one for Darth Vader, that transformed into the Death Star (black sun). The other for a car that turned into a bee.