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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

To BEE or not to BEE

100,000 Bees Attack 6 Residents of Glendale, Arizona (Phoenix)

Persephone's Bees "City of Love"

JB from WWWizard comments section here.

About the bees:

Saturn and bees make one in Greek myth.

The woman who saved Zeus from his father Saturn was named Melissa, which means "honey-bee", and she fed the infant Zeus goat's milk and fresh honey. When Saturn discovered this, he turned her into a worm, but Zeus felt sorry for her, and turned her into a queen bee instead.

Zeus, being a guardian for the Earth's fertility, was also known as the "Bee God", and he sent his bees to intoxicate Saturn with their honey. Being drunk, Saturn's emasculation and defeat was quite easy.

The Greeks also believed the bees to be a bridge between the natural world and the underworld, the hyper-dimensional spiritual realm of the dead.

So, let's see: the planet-god Saturn is literally "waking up" from its honey-induced slumber, a hyper-dimensional honeycomb-resonating hexagon appears at Saturn's north pole, bees are suddenly disappearing worldwide... See a pattern emerging here?

Its no surprise then that bees are highly sensitive to hyper-dimensional quantum fields and use six-dimensional math to fly around, communicate with each other, and build their beehives.

JB's new blog is: The Meta-Logic Cafe' He's got some interesting honey brewing over there right out of the gate!

Wax: or the discovery of television among the bees 1993

I have a background working with film festivals, and way back in 1993 while working on a festival a very special film came into my has perhaps taken on even more significance today. That film is "Wax, or the discovery of Television among the Bees"

Wax: Or the Discovery of Television Among the Bees is the first independent feature film to have been edited on a digital non-linear system. It is also the first film (independent or otherwise) to have been re-formatted as hypertext and posted on the Internet. The New York Times recognized the accomplishment, and ran the article "Cult Film is First on the Internet" in its May 23, 1993 business section.

For a download torrent try:


JB said...

Thank you VERY MUCH for this! I have posted a new article on my blog as well, in your honor and in relation to this amazing news. Oh yeah, something is going to happen in Phoenix for sure VERY soon.

JB said...

Todd, I expanded upon my underground bee "theory" in the comments section of my latest Meta-Logic Café article. I think you'll find it very interesting.

Joshua said...

I'm interested. thanks for the links.

soundlessdawn said...

I just saw Seinfeld pushing "BEE" Movie on the Oprah show.. and Oprah was wearing bee "ears" the entire show.. Sheesh. Mathew Broderick.. the Godzilla boy was also on the show.. Sync explosion!

FilmNoir23 said...

soundlessdawn: I was REALLY into your use of the Godzilla footage in your last video. Those images of all the helicopters swarming was creepy as shit.