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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Welcome to the Hotel California

Watch for we go...slight of hand...REICHSTAG! Are we about to be told that the fires raging across California were the work of "terrorists"/arsonists (or are they now one and the same?)

The Smoking Gun? This 7/11/2003 story straight guessed it, PHOENIX.

This BREAKING headline from The Drudge Report: no story as of yet.

CBS News has learned U.S. officials will officially declare California's Santiago Fire an arson and offer a $50,000 reward to find the arsonist... Developing...

Here is what the mentally challenged of California will soon be wearing. Fire Pride?


JB said...

Notice the quite obvious TEMPLAR CROSS behind the bear's head. Goro Adachi was right, as usual.

BTB said...

You weren't wrong Todd:

Fox News says Al Qaeda is to blame

David said...

Only $50,000? Not looking too hard then.

BTB said...

Interesting development here, Todd:

'The chief publicist for America’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (Fema) has been fired from his new job before he even started, after it emerged that he staged a fake news conference about the California wildfires — at which he and his staff, posing as reporters, asked the questions.'