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Friday, October 19, 2007

Revenge of the Living Dead

Been having trouble making sense of some of the news this summer? Left scratching your head as "The Sopranos" made it's final exit? Well Goro Adachi has finally released his findings in what he's dubbed "The Saint Anthony Code"

Not to give too much away but it seems the resurrection of the Knights Templar was at the heart of it, and The Pope better look out because they are PISSED.

Careful what you wish for...In the early 70's Spanish Horror films "The Templars" are resurrected as Zombies


iAdmin said...

Been waiting for that article for a while!! I really enjoy your blog, check out my first attempt at a sycromistic article.

JB said...

I just added a "Other sights" section to my own sight, you'll be happy to know that you're number 2 on the list. Also, I have a new (very interesting I think) article up at the Meta-Logic Café (Blue-skinned aliens). Be back tuesday (probably).

JB said...

Todd, I strongly suggest that you check out my latest article, directly linking to Steve Willner's most recent movie.

My article "Our Lady Venus" is about Venus Flytraps actually coming from Venus, about the Incas, about Venusians being responsible for the creation of the human race millions of years ago, and about a very interesting connection between the freakin' BEES and the planet Venus!

I'm mentally exhausted. There is also another new article on another subject right beneath that one.

Looking foward to your comments (and do tell others).

Michael said...

I just read Goro Adachi's article. I got a contact high just reading it. Great stuff! ;-)