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Friday, August 17, 2007

All's WELL That Ends WELL

Well, well, well...

According to a "Well" is defined as:
well2 [wel] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation –noun
1.a hole drilled or bored into the earth to obtain water, petroleum, natural gas, brine, or sulfur.
2.a spring or natural source of water. apparent reservoir or a source of human feelings, emotions, energy, etc.: He was a well of gentleness and courtesy.
4.a container, receptacle, or reservoir for a liquid: the well of ink in a fountain pen.
5.any sunken or deep, enclosed space, as a shaft for air or light, stairs, or an elevator, extending vertically through the floors of a building.
a.a part of a weather deck between two superstructures, extending from one side of a vessel to the other.
b.a compartment or enclosure around a ship's pumps to make them easily accessible and protect them from being damaged by the cargo.
7.a hollow compartment, recessed area, or depression for holding a specific item or items, as fish in the bottom of a boat or the retracted wheels of an airplane in flight.
8.any shaft dug or bored into the earth, as for storage space or a mine.
–verb (used without object) rise, spring, or gush, as water, from the earth or some other source (often fol. by up, out,forth): Tears welled up in my eyes. or
–verb (used with object) send welling up or forth: a fountain welling its pure water.
–adjective, of, resembling, from, or used in connection with a well.

Consider the mining and alchemical connotations of these historic EYE-CONS: H.G. (MERCURY) Wells, Orson (ORE) Welles and his Mercury Theater, George Orwell (ORE-WELL or MINE), and Gold Rush profiteers Wells Fargo...

In the news CURRENTLY...Miners trapped in Utah Mine since August 6th. The speculation continues as to if an earthquake caused the accident to begin with. Crandall Canyon Mine co-owner Robert Murray protecting his ASSets, goes with the earthquake theory while local geologists tend to think otherwise.

Mercury runoff from a Gold Mines in rural Guyana (Jim Jones anyone? As many have speculated a CIA backed Mining Operation) appear to be poisoning local villagers.

Areas of Peru near the epicenter of the recent Earthquake disaster were mined for literally centuries by the Spanish for their rich deposits of Mercury and Silver. Consider also the MAD HATTER (from the phrase "Mad as a Hatter") dash in the Arctic Sea currently for control of that area's natural resources...(or does this particular WELL run deeper perhaps?) More on this later...

There is also the possibility that the root of the term "mad hatter" is drawn from a time when mercury was used in the process of curing felt used in some hats. It was impossible for hatters to avoid inhaling the mercury fumes given off during the hat making process. Over time, the residual mercury caused neurological damage, as well as confused speech and distorted vision. As the mercury poisoning progressed to dangerously high levels, sufferers could also experience psychotic symptoms, such as hallucinations. Given that anyone exhibiting an altered mental state was dubbed mad at the time, the cause of such malady, and subsequent death of such people doubtless went unexplained for a long time.
- From Wikipedia entry "Mad Hatter"

I must credit the usual suspects for their work in the areas of Mercury and Alchemy:



David said...

As ever, going bravely...

Thank you so much for the link. Grand stuff.

FilmNoir23 said...

I am honored to have you aboard.

need to read your books, me thinks

David said...

I'd only recommend Secrets & Lies (conspiracy fact, no theory - even the stuff about The Prisoner, the CIA & Bwiti and the Nazi creation of Fanta), possibly the new edition of Conspiracy Files out in October (designed to be a book read by truckers on the toilet that they bought in Wal-Mart that would contain stilleto blade elements of truth amongst the fun) and Global Gangland (if you like reading about the most obvious conspiratorial activity - crime). The rest of my output has been a crime against trees. Really, the rest of my published books are not worth reading, let alone buying I'd send you some copies, but now I'm living on the water I've none of my work to hand right now.

Bev said...

For what this is worth....
This has really got me thinking about some old Yorkshire dialect, which is still used in many parts as a general everyday greeting term.

Eyup sitha, How's tha doin?
(Hello, look out! How are you doing?)
well ta
(ok thanks)
ah well, well means watta
(oh well, well means water)

aferrismoon said...

With the Football season starting I can only say:
What a beautifully [ or fucking] well taken goal.
All those little passes and tackles slotted in by a striker on form.
While i may have passed a few of those I certainly had not got myself in position to score with such deft aplomb.
Just before reading this today I had another comment at 'Fans miss bee hive' article from VAPO
He slipped in a sweet Youtube item called 2 BEE OR NOT 2 BEE [ sorry address at the article, but the last bit is: watch?v=GTunsEGm6HU].
Also downloaded HGWElls stuff from Aria Invicta 2 days ago]
Linking it to the present accidents and disasters with a minimal use of text zoomed it str8 into my brain-mind. If JJAbrams has any probs linking the LOST story together he could give this blog's author a call.
This comment does not represent praise but more of a relaxation in that part of my brain-mind biocomputer that has bits of info bobbing around waiting for a mixed metaphor to tie them all together, resulting in a outflow masquerading as this comment ,and doubtless future articles.
Glory Bee

aferrismoon said...

Relating to Bev's comment I often wondered if I'm well comes from the village having a Well. With drinkable water the village lives well [ if they have food and a minimum of robber-barons]
Isn't Fanta the name the Kocky Kola Ko. had to use in the Natsi Regime?

FilmNoir23 said...

You are most correct on your Fanta assumption.

And thank you all...I was hoping this one would lead to something.

aferrismoon said...