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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Up, up and Away

Balloons have been a topic of some importance this summer...sadly, tragic events happen.

2 Dead, 11 injured

007 himself Daniel Craig appeared in the film "Enduring Love" just two years ago which could almost mirror the events of this past weekend. Daniel appears in "The Invasion" currently with the former Mrs. Cruise, and again in the upcoming "The Golden Compass" a film of some note which Ben Fairhall writes about recently.

New child STAR Dakota Blue Richards...Dakota "War of the Worlds" Fanning stars with Tom Cruise, The "Dakota" in N.Y. which was the death site of John Lennon, and birth site of Rosemary's Baby. Director Roman Polanski's wife Sharon Tate was murdered at the hands of the Manson Family, Manson had been a Scientologist...and suggested that the Beatles were speaking to him via their music. Helter Skelter.

Enduring Love

Review by David Stratton

‘Enduring Love’ begins on a peaceful summer day in the English countryside which turns to tragedy when a man dies in a ballooning accident.

Among the witnesses are Joe, (Daniel Craig), an academic who was picnicking with his girlfriend, Claire, (Samantha Morton), and Jed, (Rhys Ifans). Over the non-religious Joe's objections, Jed insists they pray for the dead man.

Back in London, Joe becomes more and more discomfited by the unsettling presence of Jed, who phones him, visits his flat, and follows him wherever he goes.

Jed is insistent that Joe loves him, Joe is so frustrated and intimidated by the situation that his relationship with Claire begins to suffer. A visit to the dead man's widow reveals that she suspects her husband was having an affair.

Joe Penhall's adaptation of Ian McEwan's novel follows the original closely until the end, when there's a sharp deviation.

This may annoy anyone who's read the book, though it has the seal of approval of McEwan himself, who is credited as the film's associate producer.

The ending aside, this is a gripping story of obsession, in which Rhys Ifans gives his best screen performance yet as the deranged and seemingly unstoppable Jed.

It's a horror film, really, but a very realistic one which deals with everyday events and relationships and then adds a wild card in the form of a madman who just won't go away.


Steven said...

More blimp stuff in 'Stardust' Robert DeNiro plays Captain Shakespeare on a flying pirate blimp craft that collects lightning from the sky to use as trade from port to port.

FilmNoir23 said...

I have heard...that is of interest to me.