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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Blue Hawaii

If you weren't aware it seems there were a number of anomalies associated with the Earthquake/ Hurricane "Flossie" fizzle in the Pacific last week. By coincidence last week also marked the 30th Anniversary of Elvis Presley's well as a Earth, Venus, Sun, Mercury conjunction [see Etemenanki]

A.V. Michaels has been all over it at Surfing the Tao (direct from Hawaii),

as well as Kean Matthams (a thousand apologies for citing Kean as Matthews before) who writes A Kean Eye (who happened to be in Hawaii at the time).

It would also seem that now the anomalies witnessed in Hawaii were also present in Peru just in time for an earthquake event of epic scale.

Earthlights on Peru's Earthquake?
and the follow-up story

A.V. Michaels is also reporting odd stories out of Oklahoma where floods caused by the remains of Hurricane Erin have now moved North and claimed 22 lives after merging with another storm system.

It is intersting to note that on September 11th, 1992 Hawaii was hit by hurricane INIKI (to date the most powerful storm to hit Hawaii). The Coco Palms Resort where most of Elvis' "Blue Hawaii" film was shot was destroyed and left untouched for 10 years. Among those on the island of Kauaʻi was filmmaker Steven Spielberg, who was preparing for the final day of on-location shooting of the movie Jurassic Park.


kean matthams said...
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kean matthams said...
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A.V. Michaels said...

Wow, didn't realize that date about Iniki. Crazy. Interesting connections you note. Hmm..

thx for the links

FilmNoir23 said...

SORRY Kean, I knew that...habit banging out Matthews without proofing. My bad.

I felt the info was important enough in light of everything I've been writing about the past week to have in one spot. You guys did a great job staying on top of this when nobody else seemed to be taking an interest.

A.V. that date might also coincide with the 2nd NWO speech by papa Bush...will have to double check that.

aferrismoon said...

Another 911 date is Sept 11th 1973 , the coup in Chile with the death of Allende and many others.