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Thursday, August 23, 2007

H.A.R.P. , Earthquakes, and Atlantis?

In the 1990's Fox Network nearly single-handedly saved Marvel Comics from impending bankruptcy (they must have seen the VALUE of predictive programming inherent in comics...a virtual Goldmine) ...In the wake of recent events, this "Avengers" episode entitled "To Rule Atlantis" seems more than appropriate.

Sorry for all the cartoons lately. What can I say...they often tell the tale better than I ever could.


Crackpot! said...

Interesting subject matter.

I was watching old G.I. Joe cartoons and was quickly surprised by what I had watched as a child.

Cartoons, like most fictional media, appear to be a great vehicles for subjects and ideas considered too "out there" for serious consumption.

Children's PROGRAMMING, indeed.

Michael said...

I think it's interesting how Prince Namor (Atlantean/Human half-breed) resembles Spock (Vulcan/Human half-breed). Atlantis was founded by Atlas - a Titan (god/human half-breed). Vulcans and Atlanteans also resemble Tolkien's Elves, and all three are ancient races with advanced technological and magical knowledge. It's as if the same actor is playing three characters in three different movies/myths.

FilmNoir23 said...

Perhaps you have answered your own question about "who is Elron" (or L. Ron) Michael.