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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Get "Well" Kentroversy

For those who have not heard yet, Kent Daniel Bentkowski aka Kentroversy had a most horrific medical situation this month. He is doing much better, and everyone will be hearing from him soon, I am glad to report.

In dedication to Kent and 117 Year Old Birthday boy H.P. Lovecraft (Aug. 20th) on this eve of the Lovecraft Roundtable Podcast recording on Occult of Personality (Greg we ALL thank you) I provide you with a teaser...

From Rod Sterling's under-appreciated "Night Gallery" TV show an INCREDIBLE segment entitled "Professor Peabody's Last Lecture" starring Carl Reiner.


David said...

I second that. Get well Kent.

Love the use of the student names.

Joshua said...

I recieved the newsletter yesterday, here is to a speedy recovery. Kent is instrumental to our work and efforts.

aferrismoon said...

The first student who stands , his name sounds like Mr.Blog

Kentroversy said...

Greetings, Everyone:

Yes, I am feeling much better now.

Let's just say that August 2007 was a VERY BAD month for me!

If anyone would like further details on my health situation, please listen to my September 3, 2007 podcast.

Warmest regards,

Buffalo, NY USA