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Monday, August 20, 2007

Irwin Allen directs "The Summer of 2007"

Sorry that I couldn't get this info out over the weekend...( I no longer have internet service from my dwelling which makes weekend work a bit of an issue. Trying to figure a way of correcting this soon).

Anyway...The Brotherhood of Neptune (which honestly started as a joke) seems to have continued through the rest of the weekend. This is starting to play out like a REALLY bad 1970's disaster movie... Beginning on Saturday and continuing through this morning quakes have shook East Africa...and it seems this particular threat has been ongoing...

"The latest quakes revived July fears when panicked workers emptied high rise buildings after several tremors struck Nairobi over five days.

The government blamed the successive July quakes on stirring underneath Ol Donyo Lengai, an active volcano 240km southwest of Nairobi in Tanzania."

Friday, we saw more oceanic (LOST airline) earthquakes in Indonesia the second series of events in that region in less than two weeks. Along with earthquakes, now Volcanic activity joins the mix.

East Indonesian Volcano erupts!
Indonesian Undersea Quakes
Ethiopian Volcano
Alaskan Volcano Erupts

The tragedy of the "Wells" mining thread continued Friday when news broke of 181 Chinese miners trapped after flood waters breeched, and entered the mine in which they were working...I wish, I could say I was making all this up but one just need tune into the news or pick up a paper to see the VERY odd string of connections at work around the globe.

Flood traps miners in China

Without even mentioning the brutal Heat Waves or Hurricane "Dean" wobbling towards the Mexican/U.S. Gulf seems oddly impossible to even keep up with the ongoing "natural" (? this is the BIG question) disasters that are keeping us preoccupied for the time being...we must ask ourselves, what is behind the slight of hand?

Anyone notice anything striking about the two images used in this post?


hoi polloi said...

No its not natural...I hate to say what I think it is because no one believes me, but I think we're seeing the result of some major "timeline" changes

kean matthams said...

damn balloons

aferrismoon said...

The film Earthquake was written by a George Fox.
Krakatoa , a great film for a rainy Sunday afternoon.
The balloon on the Krakatoa poster resonates with Bev and Keans balloon, and the one that crashed on LOST, didn't the Wizard of Oz have some balloon travel.
Bal - Loon makes me think of the Fool [ etymology: Fol-follis - a windbag] and Loon - a madman, short for Lunatic- Moon toucher. Ball is a sphere of air , and just spelt BAL invokes Baal -Lord Jahballoon, the Mason administrator.
As the NWO says about all the death - effecting disasters 'Tsunami than you'.
One thing about the Krakatoa film is that the boat makes it through because its like a matchstick and goes with the flow.
Natural Disasters=Natural Solutions
Y H Sh V H