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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Silver, Wells, Tritons and "Bloody" Hammers

In my recent posting "The Invasion Begins Today" one of the most discussed aspects of the trailer was the appearance of an oddly vague cube shaped logo which follows those of Warner Brothers and Village Roadshow Pictures. After less than fruitful attempts to seek out the host company of said design, Miss Hoi Polloi correctly predicted that it belonged to one Joel Silver's, Silver Pictures (Producer of "Conspiracy Theory", "The Matrix" trilogy, and the recently signed remake of "Logan's Run"). Thanks to reader "Zapo" (Scott) for capturing the Silver Pictures logo and sending it to me with such speed!

Anyone care to speculate on this logo?

In an odd synchromystical (Lazy shorthand as it might seem) connection SILVER ties in directly with my recent preoccupation with "Wells", Mining, The Brotherhood of Neptune/Tridents...not to mention the work others have done with our comic book pals The Silver Surfer, Thor, Sub-Mariner, and Aquaman.

Joel Silver was executive producer of a short lived (3 Seasons) Buffy-esque TV show called Veronica Mars which upon further investigation uncovered several interesting results. The series takes place in the fictional seaside town of Neptune, California. At the beginning of the series the main character attends Neptune High School, and later graduates to start attending Hearst College (could this reference William Randolph Hearst?, always considered the model for Orson Welles' "Citizen Kane"). Veronica's best gal-pal is named Lilly Kane...have fun with that one gang! Several secret societies cropped up on the show, one "The Tritons" and the other was known as "the Castle" and was based upon The Skull and Bones at Yale.

Continuing with the Silver thread, I turn to The Beatles and Maxwell's (WELL-WELL) Silver Hammer from the album Abbey Road. To me, an odd song with odd lyrics...the song has often been connected to the Tate-La Bianca murders committed by the Manson Family only months after the songs completion and release. It would also seem that neither George nor John cared much for the song while "Sir" Paul spoke of it as such...

"Maxwell's Silver Hammer" is my analogy for when something goes wrong out of the blue, as it so often does, as I was beginning to find out at that time in my life. I wanted something symbolic of that, so to me it was some fictitious character called Maxwell with a silver hammer. I don't know why it was silver, it just sounded better than Maxwell's hammer. It was needed for scanning. We still use that expression now when something unexpected happens."

David, you'll love this bit...In the above clip from "Let It Be" watch as Paul "teaches" the song to the boys and at 1 min. 18 sec. substitutes the line "Make sure that George was dead" Another in a LONG line of creepy Beatles moments.

Joan was quizzical; studied pataphysical
Science in the home.
Late nights all alone with a test tube.
Oh, oh, oh, oh.

Maxwell Edison, majoring in medicine,
Calls her on the phone.
"Can I take you out to the pictures,
Joa, oa, oa, oan?"

But as she's getting ready to go,
A knock comes on the door.

Bang! Bang! Maxwell's silver hammer
Came down upon her head.
Bang! Bang! Maxwell's silver hammer
Made sure that she was dead.

Back in school again Maxwell plays the fool again.
Teacher gets annoyed.
Wishing to avoid and unpleasant
Sce, e, e, ene,

She tells Max to stay when the class has gone away,
So he waits behind
Writing fifty times "I must not be
So, o, o, o.."

But when she turns her back on the boy,
He creeps up from behind.

Bang! Bang! Maxwell's silver hammer
Came down upon her head.
Bang! Bang! Maxwell's silver hammer
Made sure that she was dead.

P. C. Thirty-one said, "We caught a dirty one."
Maxwell stands alone
Painting testimonial pictures.
Oh, oh, oh, oh.

Rose and Valerie, screaming from the gallery
Say he must go free
(Maxwell must go free)
The judge does not agree and he tells them
So, o, o, o.

But as the words are leaving his lips,
A noise comes from behind.

Bang! Bang! Maxwell's silver hammer
Came down upon his head.
Bang! Bang! Maxwell's silver hammer
Made sure that he was dead.

Whoa, oh, oh, oh.
Silver hammer man


David said...

Let us not forget Aquaman...

Nor the fact that Mr. Silver (not be confused with the Silver Surfer) has been the man behind next year's Wonder Woman movie since 2001.

Michael said...

St. George? The dragon slayer - patron saint of Georgia, and interestingly, highly esteemed by the FreeMasons.

FilmNoir23 said...

I did mention Aquaman in passing, and I think that the Wonder Woman project will be a big one, no doubt about it. It's one to keep your eyes on.

Michael, are you making reference to George Harrison as Saint George or merely him as Dragon Slayer?

David said...

I know, it was the casual way you mentioned him that amused me, espeically given all the Aquaman stories linked to Triton.

Interesting to note Joss Whedon may have left Wonder Woman because of the constant influence of Silver.

St. George is also highly loved by those of us who follow English Hoodoo and by those scary secret society people in The Society of Saint George who have been directing British fascism from behind the scenes since the 1960s.

hoi polloi said...

Isn't Wonder Woman supposed to be Isis?

FilmNoir23 said...

The next one is just for you then David. Not Triton but it's got storms, earthquakes, a lightning spewing Trident, and yes, Aquaman...

FilmNoir23 said...

Hoi Polloi, was always my understanding she "Princess Diana" was err, Diana/Artemis. I assume one could trace her back to Isis but her origins were more Greek in nature in terms of the comic.

hoi polloi said...

Ok, I was not aware of her back story and original name. I just zoned out to the t.v. show as a child, haha!

aferrismoon said...

I was born in Wales & St.George was always the villain of the piece since the Welsh flag boldly emblazons the Draeg Goch [ Red Dragon] and the political-sumbolic overtones are pretty obvious.
I have heard of the League of St.George who were perhaps the organizers of fasco-nationalism within the Hooligan movement.
A fine whirl of synchrovestigating. Bit of a maelstrom, a dance of electronic info-bubbles

BTB said...

Like that Beatles clip...

'Made sure that GEORGE was dead...'

FilmNoir23 said...

I figured that "slip" by Paul might intrigue some people. I know it did me...

aferrismoon said...

I was born in Bangor where the Beatles , meditating with the Maharavishi, when Brian Epstein died . he also went to one of the same schools I went to. BE[e]