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Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Trident Strikes Again


Less than 24 hours after posting about the increase in Earthquakes worldwide over the past few weeks, tragedy strikes in Peru (Just South of Lima) in the form of a massive 7.9 earthquake. Current reports are suggesting that 337 are dead and thousands are injured.

This was the initial report from The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

The Situation

At 18:40 local time on 15 August 2007, an earthquake of 7.9 on the Richter scale (source US Geological Survey) hit Peru, with the epicentre 43 km South West of San Vicente de CaƱete, south of Lima. Replicas have been felt since this earthquake.

The epicentre was registered 33km below the earth's surface (Geophysics Institute of Peru). The town nearest to the epicentre is Chincha Alta. In Ica, a town also very near the epicentre, preliminary reports are indicating 37 deaths and 300 people injured, and numbers are rising as new information is made available. The Peruvian Civil Defence System (Instituto Nacional de Defensa Civil - INDECI) is currently setting up a situation room to respond to the emergency.

The earthquake caused buildings to shake and hundreds of people to run out into the streets after the tremors were felt in the capital of Lima and towns near the epicentre. There has been damage to buildings and electricity has been cut off in some areas. All flights from the international airport in Lima have been temporarily suspended. As a preventative measure, a tsunami warning was issued for Chile, Colombia Ecuador and Peru by the Hawaii Institute of Geophysics

Shortly after the earthquakes, the President of Peru made a national statement confirming that all national authorities were on high alert to respond to the situation and that all health services and centres must be on red alert, requesting all doctors to make themselves available and for all services to be free of charge for those who may need it.

Over at Surfing the Tao (who lives in Hawaii) check the following two posts for some interesting commentary regarding the recent state of the weather:


A.V. Michaels said...

Some weird stuff going on that's for sure. Thanks for the links and the thoughtful response.

Joshua said...

If you havent already, go to some interesting connections with regards to an 'Orange Alignment'. Peace, Joshua

aferrismoon said...

Lima - Lost in Manhattan A
Lie in my arms
p'raps with the 8.15 title Foxy Locksey actually blew the bunker in Lost. I mean , who really knows its an EarthQuake, 33 miles in.
As humes we kind of sense the worst, who knows what beneficial elements have been released to combat the heating of the Earth or being part of the Glueball Eleat.
In some book somewhere benefits of radiation , it claimed, that rarely , if ever, reported or made public. It's always baaaaad.
As soon as anything moves or changes on this planet a knee-jerk reaction ensues. The after-effects will only be realised in their degree of baaaaadness. this increases the idea that if the Earth does something , it will be dangerous and deadly because we humes are sinners, infidels, selfish, imperfect , et-fucking-cetera.
Probably why I come to these blogs as they at least report objectively.
Anyhow I'm sure J&J and ARC will be there planting red crosses all over the plave.
The Screwmanitarians will gobble up doh!nations and feed them back to the big hole in the ground where they store all the gold. The earthquake is probably a few thousand tons of gold falling of one of the Global All-u-can-eat's Gold shelves.
Scuse my cynicism

FilmNoir23 said...


consider your hole in the ground...looted of gold or other resources

you have tripped the switch once again my friend.