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Friday, August 10, 2007

The Sky is Falling...again, and again, and again.

Eso-homoerotic researcher Michael (GOSPORN) brings his unique insight to the Disney animated film "Chicken Little" in his newest offering "One Little Slip" written about here in my article "Foxes, Fires and the Art of Deception: or Is the sky REALLY falling?" and demonstrated to perfection in Jake Kotze's video "Thoth Duck and the Pillarmid Gate(Comic Book Cycle Part 2) prior.

The "sky is falling" motif seems to be in the hearts and minds of media right now (and being pushed onto an unsuspecting public) as a quick Google News search will unleash over 2,000 relavant news stories with many of them incorporating the phrase into the title or body of the article. I noticed this a few days ago in massive bold font at The Drudge Report as the headline for the New York City storm which caused widespread flooding and a tornado in Brooklyn.

Here are a few other examples currently in the news:
"The Sky is Falling in August"
On the upcoming (Aug. 12th & 13th) Perseid meteor shower
"Sonics owner may feel as if sky is falling"
On the NBA betting scandal and state of Pro Basketball
"The sky is falling...don't say we didn't warn you"
On the plummeting stock market

With the increasing, and numerous Earthquakes, thermometer busting temperatures and massive floods around the would appear that something is indeed, "up". Changes are happening quickly, I guess the question is are they natural, man-made, or self created as the Global Elite seem hell-bent to cram down our throats.


Newspaceman said...

There was a feature on China and the Olympics on the BBC news the other night.

We were told that China needs a new sky due to pollution.


FilmNoir23 said...

That is exactly it. They ran a very large story on National Public Radio yesterday evening about China, The Women's World Cup and Olympics.

Newspaceman said...

Its funny, because when I heard about the new sky, I thought about Chicken Licken (I think) - a childhood story about a chicken who tells the other chickens the sky is falling down.

I assume that is where the chicken little story originally comes from?

It maybe subliminally ties in with Kentucky "finger lickin chicken", especially over an age gap

Anyway, cheers

Michael said...

Hi Filmnoir23, thanks for the link, and the fine comments at gosporn. They really ARE pushing this end of the world thing to the hilt, aren't they? It's very important that we all remain very anxious, all the time.

aferrismoon said...

Finger lickin' good and Chicken Little-Lickin's raised posterior! Well they say there's a difference between kneeling down and bending over....

hoi polloi said...

We discussed this movie poster on Montalk a few months ago. It has a lot of subliminals. Here's the link

FilmNoir23 said...

I agree 100% Michael! The "Fear Factor" is extremely high.

Hoi Polloi, VERY interesting thread...Thanks for posting it.

aferrismoon said...

I read with glee that in the origianl Chicken Licken story Foxy Loxy tricks all of them into following him into his den , where he promptly gulps them down. Thus there is no one to tell the King that the sky's going to fall in- Hooray

marcus said...

I wonder if there maybe a correlation between these global events and the mass-consciousness of the worlds population.

Could it be that we are unintentionally manifesting these events?

FilmNoir23 said...

Perhaps Marcus, and I know many researchers and "New Age" thinkers support this sounds so much like the Global Warming rhetoric to me though. And maybe my thinking is wrong, and maybe I Am literally the "cause" of all the horrible things that happen on this planet but I doubt it. It continues down the road of Christian GUILT that irritates me to no end. I appreciate your comments, and thanks for reading!!!