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Thursday, August 2, 2007

England Welcomes Kotze!

Looks like our pal Jake Kotze's arrival in England is met with this Multi-cuboid Stargate Crop-Circle dated August 1st 2007 via The Crop Circle Connector. This should give Jake and Ben plenty to do if they make it to the site. What a warm welcome!


aferrismoon said...

Heavenly pic. My compulsive numbering collates 4x36 triangles and 18 cubes. The 18 cubes appears to me as an extension of the idea 13 stars [on the dollar] make a hexagram. This seems to be the 'same concept' though with more dimensions
Thanks for listening to the video at my blog. Any chance that you could listen to it again as I didn't really direct you very well. if u have the inclination what she says after the radio story about the Turtles , Ganges etc.
Have a pleasant weekend

aferrismoon said...

Holy Shit 9 11 fucking down is my present 'hearing' of it though I ain't frum the Yoooo Esss an' don't got no skoolin' in how folksiz speakin' in sum parts an' all, y'all. Much oblaaged aaam shua

FilmNoir23 said...

Sounds like you've got it down to me.

Steven said...

This is getting so unreal. Something big is on the horizon.

aferrismoon said...

Can I use this pic at my blog for a bit of numbering

BTB said...

Hi Todd,

Let me confirm that Jake and I DID indeed reach this site. You may not know this but crop circles are not always easy to reach; this one was no exception.

Jake can probably tell you more about this one. Thanks for posting this: it's a beautiful photograph, despite being a man-made crop circle. Could well be a continuation of the following:

Toot Balden, 2007.

Lots more to add...


Jake Kotze said...

Thanks England.

Ben and I made it inside the great pictogram (and many others). Obviously the syncnificance was not lost on us. Thanks for the kind nod.


FilmNoir23 said...

aferrismoon: by all means use the's not like I took it myself. I would give a nod to Crop Circle Connector (they might come after you otherwise).

Ben & Jake:

Cheers boys! Can't wait to hear about your findings and thoughts.

martin said...

Yes,it will be fascinating to hear about Jake and Ben's experiences out on the hills.