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Thursday, May 31, 2007

"I scream, You scream, We all scream for...Ice Cream?"

Take a walk back in time with me, will you? It was April 30th/May 1st (Beltane), 2001...or as we here in the states now refer to it Pre-911 (which seems to have now replaced A.D. in our dating system). A 24 year old Jewish woman from California, Chandra Levy (see also former D.C. intern Joyce Chaing and Modesto/Ceres, CA. resident Laci Peterson) goes missing in Washington, DC. Chandra Levy serves as the perfect Persephone in my ongoing Ceres Death Ritual. In the weeks/months leading up to 9/11 the media has a field day with this story.

The main focus of the investigation is then Congressman Gary Condit from California. The former mayor of Ceres, CA. (!) it appeared, had been having a tryst with the young Bureau of Prisons intern. In true political form, Condit himself had been one of the leading voices calling for the head of then President Bill Clinton for his extra-marital escapades with an early 20's, Jewish, Californian turned D.C. intern Monica Lewinsky (now that's a mouthful of synchromysticism).

In his 2001 article "THE CHANDRA LEVY AFFAIR" theorist Sherman H. Skolnick suggests many more sinister connections. Skolnick claims both Lewinsky and Levy worked for Mossad, that Levy's position at the Bureau of Prisons put her in direct connection with sensitive information that, if leaked, could have uncovered much about Oklahoma City and other diabolical government cover-up's. Directly, we do know that Chandra Levy worked PR with the media for the scheduled (May 16th, 2001 delayed due to crooked tactics) execution of one of our "Ceres Death Ritual" fall-guys, Timothy McVeigh (in another twist of fate...Gary Condit was originally from Oklahoma not far from both Ceres and Oklahoma City, OK.).

During this period one of Miss Levy's duties was to check the visitor log assigned to McVeigh. In another 2001 article "CHANDRA'S DANGEROUS KNOWLEDGE" author Jim Rarey goes down the rabbit hole by restating Internet reports that MKultra guru Dr. Louis Jolyn West visited McVeigh no less than 17 times during his incarceration. Did Chandra came across something damning? Was she about to spill the beans? Did her immanent return to California, and intimate insights into the purported libertine lifestyle of Gary Condit seal her fate? I HIGHLY recommend looking at the information related to this case. It's fascinating!

Without going into every detail of the case (which is not my intent as you shall see), something other than just the Ceres connection to Condit struck me during my investigation. A rather insignificant, rarely examined "Synchromystical" detail emerged in the form of Baskin Robbins, the once glorious ice cream chain. On May 1st, 2001 (the day after the last time she was seen alive) someone was logged onto the Internet from Chandra Levy's computer for over 3 hours visiting various websites. One of the 30 plus sites visited that day was (interestingly, map directions to the area which would later (and for over a year) become her underworld-like graveyard were also accessed that morning).

In early 2005 after his failed congressional re-election bid, Condit moved to Phoenix (of course)/Glendale, Arizona and opens two Baskin Robbins franchises. Shortly after Condit gets into the ice cream game, who should purchase Baskin Robbins? The Carlyle Group...among two other private equity firms, Thomas Lee Partners and Bain Capital. Bain Capital was founded in 1984 by none other than Mormon, and Presidential Candidate Mit Romney. What a tangled legacy surrounds this seemingly harmless endeavor. This SCREAMS of "front" does it not, dear readers?

It would also appear that Mr. Condit is now experiencing his own karmic (or is it Masonic?) "payback" as he is embroiled in a lawsuit with Baskin Robbins over a 14k(?) debt for franchise fees which snowballed when Condit continued to use the Baskin Robbins name at both franchises even after they were revoked by the company. This case is on-going. (It is important to note that Condit's children and brothers are all involved in their own "dirty deeds" Also, look for Crispin Glover later this year in "I Scream Man", [A small, sleepy town has its share of secrets. In Hooper, Wyoming, the children have their own dark secret. When a psychologically bruised street vendor rolls into town using sweets as a facade for his vicious intentions, it means death is near for the guilty. He has come for a reason. He won't leave till he has cleansed Hooper of its depravity; till he has exterminated the ones who deserve it.] should be interesting...

That brings me to the NEW logo for Baskin Robbins. Comments from the website Under Consideration (for graphic design professionals) alert us to that fact that something here might be amiss:

Randy’s comment is:

The BR/31 works well in spirit, but damn if some of those letterforms (S? K?) don't feel like they're borrowed from the Greek coffee cups. The capital Ns are also a strange choice.

On Apr.07.2006 at 10:09 AM

EJV’s comment is:

Ugh...the Baskin Robbins is barely legible now. The only thing that should be commended is that they found a way to fit in the number 31. Except it now reads like "baskin BRrobins," whatever that is.

On Apr.07.2006 at 10:44 AM

Patrick Bennett’s comment is:

That Baskin Robbins logo makes my eyes bleed.

I'm trying to form some better critique of it, but I truly can't stand looking at it.

On Apr.07.2006 at 12:02 PM

Patrick C’s comment is:

BR — The intent behind the new logo is right IMO. Ice cream is very fun after all and the old logo was a little "square." I also have to commend them for having the balls to use Variex as I've always thought that font was almost unusable. My reaction, however, is that it just looks so messy. Mostly due to the "BR" in the middle. Does anyone say: "let's go to BR"? I've always said the full name and liked it. Perhaps if they had just stuck with the 31 in the middle I would like it more. Justin—great comment about the original logo looking trendy's so true.

On Apr.07.2006 at 12:03 PM

I think that it is clear even to the trained eye, that the new design is creating an unsettling feeling. At first glance we see baskin BR robbins (with the "31" of 31 Flavors cleverly highlighted in their novelty pink...from the trademark pink spoons used to serve samples on) . Let's take a more mystical look at this logo...this time don't let the pretty pink color cloud what you're seeing. I see... baskin I3I? robbins. Two towers (Boaz and Jachin) on either side of the magick number "3" (or even the horns of Aries) followed by our old friend The Question Mark (or sickle of Ceres)...

Other Synchromystical connections to our new friends at Baskin Robbins (from wikipedia) include: Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan both prefer above all other B&R's Pralines 'N Cream, Rosie O'Donnell and Barack Obama both scooped for them, in the Justice League Unlimited episode "Grudge Match", conspiracy buff The Question sneaks into a Baskin-Robbins and discovers that there are 32 flavors (This continued connection tells me that The Question knows or the key itself is just to question), and in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, a military truck traveling to the location of alien contact at the base of Devil's Tower is disguised with Baskin-Robbins labelling.

This incredible image comes from
and shows a Baskin Robbins truck in Kuwait circa 1991 during Gulf War I

Back in 2001 was Gary Condit already planning to open Baskin Robbins franchises someday? Was he given two franchises for his "loyal" services and a job "well done" only later to have them taken away for a "slip-up"? Is there something uncanny happening behind the scenes of Baskin Robbins, and why are the elite and military industrial complex connected to them? I mean it's not exactly like Baskin Robbins is one of the BIG boys of the ice cream world anymore.

May 22nd, 2007 marked the 5th Anniversary of the discovery of Chandra Levy's body in D.C.'s Rock Creek Park (oft cited as being linked to the Masonic Geometry of Washington, although I have not been able to find specifics to back this up). Two days later (May 24th) her mother met with new (least we forget former Masonic control-agent Charles H. Ramsey ) Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy Lanier to discuss the search for her daughter's killer. "While she would not say what the two discussed, Levy did say that as a woman and a mother, Lanier knows what she is going through." Watch out Condit (Hades), here comes Ceres. Something tells me we haven't heard the end of this tale yet.


Monday, May 21, 2007

“The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me.”

From the mind of comic artist Jason Yungbluth. Jason envisions this "Illuminated" poster for a fictional movie about the Virginia Tech Massacre

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Ceres Death Ritual (Series) Part II

“Sacrifice to Ceres at the Black Mound of the Virgin?”
[thanks to Ellis Taylor]

Having made a connection between the goddess Ceres, her April festival, and locations of interest bearing her name (with more to follow), I must now turn my attention to the astrological symbol of the dwarf-planet that is also under her sphere of influence. The broken symbol of Venus, chosen for it's sickle-like appearance, it is used to represent Ceres.

It's resemblance to a question mark is striking, isn't it? During the week proceeding April 16th , 2007. I was having numerous synchromystical experiences with question marks. Specifically, the “question mark” known as Seung-Hui Cho. I was struck by the constant and mystifying reports circulating about Cho's alter-ego “Question Mark”.

Fellow students described Cho as a "quiet" person who "would not respond if someone greeted him." Student Julie Poole recalled the first day of a literature class the previous year when the students introduced themselves one by one. When it was Cho's turn to introduce himself, he did not speak. According to Poole, the professor looked at the sign-in sheet and found that, whereas everyone else wrote out their names, Cho wrote only a question mark. Poole added that "[w]e just really knew him as the question mark kid."
"The 'loner' behind campus killing", BBC News (need date). Retrieved on 2007-04-17.

Andy Koch (former roommate) described two unusual incidents, including one where Cho stood in the doorway of his room late at night taking photographs of him (Koch) and a second incident where Cho repeatedly placed harassing cell phone calls to Koch as "Cho's brother, 'Question Mark,'" a name Cho also used when introducing himself to girls with whom he was allegedly obsessed. Koch and Eide searched Cho's belongings and found a pocket knife, but they did not find any items that they deemed seriously threatening to them.
Making of a Massacre", Newsweek, April 30, 2007.

The first stalking incident occurred on November 27, 2005.[48] After the incident, according to Koch, Cho claimed to have sent an instant message online to the female student by AIM and found out where she lived on the campus. Koch also stated that Cho then visited her room to see if she was "cool," adding that Cho remarked that he only found "promiscuity" in her eyes.[49] Eide added that, when Cho visited the female student, Cho said, "Hi, I'm Question Mark" to her, "which really freaked her out."
"Virginia Tech killer a self-described 'question mark'", CNN, April 18, 2007.

While researching, I was being led to a relatively obscure comic book character known as The Question (1967 Charlton Comics, who would later become part of the DC {District of Columbia?} universe when DC bought out Charlton in 1986), and his doppleganger Rorschach from Alan Moore's cult phenomena Watchmen, a parallel mind-fuck of an earlier Charlton pantheon of characters. Both heroes are “faceless”, mask-wearing loners. Was Cho a fan? Had he come to identify himself with these two characters. Lack of information as to the contents of Cho's dorm-room makes this impossible to know currently. (Why exactly has the media gone silent on this case over the past month?).

The more I looked, the more synchronos relationships began to develop between Seung-Hui Cho, and The Question/Rorschach.

1.Both comic book incarnations are writers/journalists. Cho fancied himself a writer, and was an English major at Virginia Tech.

2.Cho's verbal/and writing skills (or lack thereof) were called into question by family members, peers, and teachers alike. This is echoed dramatically between Cho and Rorschach. Least we forget how the media dwelled on Cho's plays “Richard McBeef”, “Mr. Brownstone”, as well as his Manifesto (which was more or less entirely disregarded as the deluded ramblings of a madman).

“In middle school and high school, Cho was teased and picked on for his shyness and unusual speech patterns. Some classmates even offered dollar bills to Cho just to hear him talk.”

“According to Chris Davids, a high school classmate in Cho's English class at Westfield High School, Cho looked down and refused to speak when called upon. Davids added that, after one teacher threatened to give Cho a failing grade for not participating in class, Cho began reading in a strange, deep voice that sounded "like he had something in his mouth." "The whole class started laughing and pointing and saying, 'Go back to China.'"

“When speaking with others, Rorschach's speech pattern is very clipped and direct. He speaks largely in sentence fragments, often omitting linking verbs, adverbs, and articles entirely. His writing is somewhat more grammatically structured (perhaps because he views his journal as being for posterity, while speech is transient), but often shares the very blunt, emotionless style of his verbal communication. During the course of the story, it seems as though Rorschach's writing becomes less complex, and becomes more like his speaking pattern.”

3.In the animated cartoon Justice League Unlimited episode entitled “Flashpoint” The Question/ Rorschach merge (an ongoing story line in DC's The Question), and we see a synchromystical reference that mirrors Cho's own legacy.

“the injured Sage (The Questions secret identity Vic Sage) without his mask, with bruises and injuries to his face similar to those suffered by Rorschach during his capture and imprisonment by the police. He notes that Huntress was right when she said "he had to be the ugliest man in the world" to wear his faceless mask; Rorschach, since childhood, had been teased and bullied because of his appearance.

4.The sanity/mental state of all three are in doubt.

Rorschach’s actions and journal writings display a belief in moral absolutism and objectivism, where good and evil are clearly defined and evil must be violently punished. He has alienated himself from the rest of society to achieve these aims.

During fall 2005, Cho told Koch and Eide that he had an imaginary girlfriend by the name of "Jelly," a supermodel who lived in outer space and who called Cho by the name "Spanky" and traveled by spaceship. Koch also described a telephone call that he received from Cho during the Thanksgiving holiday break from school. During that call, Koch said that Cho claimed to be "vacationing with Vladimir Putin," with Cho adding "Yeah, we're in North Carolina." [What an interesting claim by Cho...] In response to Cho's claim, Koch told him "I'm pretty sure that's not possible Seung." Because of Cho's troubling behavior, Koch and Eide, who had earlier tried to befriend Cho, gradually stopped talking to him and told their friends, especially female classmates, not to visit their room.

"The Question of the DC Animated Universe is a completely obsessive, darkly comic loner — skeptical, eccentric, paranoid, antagonistic and unpredictable, often given to believing in various odd conspiracy theories. Claiming to have Apophenia he is the Justice League's best detective. He's been shown humming pop songs while breaking into a building, claims the motives and purpose of aglets (the plastic caps at the end of shoelaces) are "sinister", and believes in ominous links between boy bands and global warming, the Girl Scouts and the crop circle phenomenon, and fluoridated toothpaste and spy satellites. He also believes there was a literal 'magic bullet', forged by Illuminati mystics to hide 'the truth'. In recent investigations, he also discovered that Baskin-Robbins in fact has thirty-two flavors of ice cream, and is concealing the thirty-second for dubious reasons. He expressed a belief that these and many other events are tied to a single, vast conspiracy by a hidden cabal dating back to ancient Egypt, which has supposedly ruled the world from the shadows for millennia, aided by the common man's ignorance of it."

Although I have several other instances to which I could refer, a discovery made just today sent chills down my spine. In The Question Issue #4 Vol. 1 (released May 1987, almost “20 years ago, today” in reference to the Crowley/Sgt. Pepper connection) entitled “The Sacrifice” there is a direct reference to Genesis 22: The Story of Ishmael. Is this the missing link to Cho's esoteric uses of “Ax Ishmael”?

“Hatch meets Myra upstairs and orders her to dress Jackie in a new suit of clothes. He expects her to be ready by midnight. Myra asks why. Genesis 22, replies the Reverend. He walks out of the room to instruct his men on where to place an altar.
Outside the Spot Bar and Grill, two policemen find an empty place where their car once was. Coincidentally, Vic Sage drives through the front gates of the Mayoral estate, claiming he's been sent for to take the detoxing Mayor Fermin to the hospital.
Jake crouches in the darkness downstairs, his face lit by the blowtorch he uses to crack the safe. Donny keeps lookout, and sees Myra walking down the hall. She heads to teh library where she pulls a copy of the Bible to find Genesis 22: the chapter where God calls for Abraham to sacrifice Isaac. "Hatch! bastard!" she yells.
Sage parks his car behind the Mayor's house and transforms into the Question. Hatch has Myra bound, as she tries to talk him out of his plan: "The Lord was only testing Abraham...he stopped Abraham from killing his son. The cracked theologian replies: "To be precise, an angel stayed Abraham's hand -- and if an angel appears tonight, my hand will likewise be stayed. Barring that unlikely event..." and he shows Myra a long, sharp knife. “

Was the Virginia Tech massacre a ritual to Ceres (although human sacrifice has not been linked to Cerealia, pigs were and I will be coming to that in installments to come), carried out by The Question/Rorschach incarnate? Or was Seung-Hui Cho mind-controlled, with his trigger implanted in the pages of these comics? Or...

On March 9th, 2007 it was reported at that a secret still frame had been embedded in an R-rated trailer for Zack Snyder's film “300” (which includes the Persian King Xerxes...Handel's Opera "Serse" was first performed April 15th, 1738 and also tells a tale of King Xerxes). The still in question is of none other than Rorschach, taken from a screen test for the upcoming film version of the Watchmen, directed by who? Zack Snyder. Had Cho seen this trailer online? or the feature film released on the same day as the above report? We'll probably never know the answer to these questions but they could really give us some insight into exactly what was going on in Blacksburg, Virginia. What we do know is that Police records show that Cho purchased his first gun exactly one month to the day prior to the release of "300". The second gun, four days after on March 13th, 2007.

The End Part II


Monday, May 7, 2007

The Ceres Death Ritual (Series) Sidebar

The Festival of Ceres (April 12th-19th "The Cerealia") at work

Waco, Oklahoma City, Columbine (20th), and Va. Tech...the most obvious links but are there other significant historical events that can be seen Through the Looking Glass? You bet'cha. Take a look...connect some dots, undercover some hidden Synchromystic Anomalies on your own, and help solve this puzzle.

[Example] A rather insignificant entry like April 17th, 1864 produces
Well, did you know that the USS Ceres was involved in this battle? To quote Ben Fairhall, "You can't make this stuff up"

Here's our history...what lies beneath the surface?

April 12

April 13

April 14

April 15

April 16

April 17

April 18

April 19

April 20

The Ceres Death Ritual (Series) Part I

“The Synchromystical Journey of Ceres”

"Where the girl was [Persephone who had been abducted by Haides] she [Demeter] knew not, but reproached the whole wide world - ungrateful, not deserving her gift of grain - and Trinacria (Sicily) in chief where she had found the traces of her loss. So there with angry hands she broke the ploughs that turned the soil and sent to death alike the farmer and his labouring ox, and bade the fields betray their trust, and spoilt the seeds. False lay the island’s famed fertility, famous through all the world. The young crops died in the first blade, destroyed now by the rain too violent, now by the sun too strong. The stars and the winds assailed them; hungry birds gobbled the scattered seeds; thistles and twitch, unconquerable twitch, wore down the wheat ... O thou, divine ... Mother of crops and harvest." - Ovid, Metamorphoses 5.475

Down the rabbit hole we go…on a journey to the underworld with Ceres.

In the days following the mass shootings (33 dead) at the Virginia Tech campus on April 16th 2007, I spent a lot of time wondering why mid-April seems to be the cruelest time of year here in the States. If you listen to the media, it would seem that a random assortment of misfits copycat one another every few years or so, in an act of selfish glory… After the dust has settled, and the carrion have picked the carcasses of these tragic stories clean do we ever gain any real insights? We’ve been given a multitude of possible triggers to explain these bloodbaths ranging from religious wackos, anti-government sentiments, white power organizations, lack of gun control, violent video games and movies, and neo-Nazis celebrating the birthday of Adolph Hitler.

Do these “official” stories ever tell us anything useful, and for all the time spent covering these events have the so-called experts learned anything (or do they already know, and don’t care to intervene as has been claimed by many)? Is it a way to disarm and marginalize those who oppose or question the elite? Perhaps it’s even a massive cover-up to cloud the waters of a far more sinister agenda. Or, is it a cosmic drama being played out by a vengeful Goddess? And could we really blame her…?

The fundamental connection between Waco, TX., Oklahoma City, OK., Columbine in Denver, CO., and Blacksburg, VA appears to be the time of year in which they have taken place. Why this particular week in mid-April? What I started to see, set off a chain of sychromystical connections that has continued to expand, even as we now enter the second week of May.

The dates April 16th-21st correspond with a week long Roman celebration to the Goddess Ceres (Demeter/Isis). This spring festival took place from roughly April 12-19th (The 19th being known as the “Cerealia”). Ceres “The Mother Goddess” is perhaps best known as the mother of Persephone. The goddess of crops, plants, and fertility…specifically wheat, and corn. It is from her name that our modern “cereal” is derived. In the tarot, Ceres is “The Empress” and thus connected to Venus, for the purposes of this investigation I will primarily focus on her importance to the natural world of agriculture and animals. However, this rabbit hole is deep, and there will be occasion to invoke other aspects of Ceres.

We actually know little about the Cerealia (there is an Autumnal festival to her as well), but what we do know I will wait and go into in Part III for reasons which will become clear then. [It is also important to note that the Eleusinian Mysteries are directly related to Ceres (and although I will not go into them here, I know that Jake Kotze’s “Brave New World Order” and Synkronos23 will hopefully be all over this angle)]

By looking at the story of Persephone, we gain a central portrait of Ceres as the grieving mother, hell bent on the return of her child. In her October 11th, 2006 article entitled “The Archetype of Ceres Pt. I” (found here) Lynn Hayes from Astrological Musings gives us an insightful account of the Goddess. I will refer to Lynn’s exceptional musings on Ceres throughout, as she seems to be well versed, and writing vigorously about this topic herself. [Lynn also writes in great detail about the dwarf planet Ceres, and the astrological/planetary associations to the Goddess Ceres]

Ceres, the mother and provider is both heartbroken and angered by the loss of her child in the Persephone story. We see children at the forefront of all of these events. The duel nature of Ceres shows us what she is capable of… Like all divine personages of the Greek and Roman pantheon, Ceres has a dual nature. She is the "greatest cause of joy" in the giving of the grain, but can also cause deprivation, starvation and hunger. Her wrath was legendary: after the abduction of her daughter, she turned the attending handmaidens into the bird-shaped Sirens. She was the goddess of more than grain; she presided over fruits, seeds and most vegetables as well. Because agriculture formed the wealth of the society, she is also associated with abundance and the gifts of the gods. When a villager did not offer her hospitality during her visit to the town, she burned down his house with him in it. Those who did welcome her into their home received abundant gifts.”

This duel nature of Ceres is at the heart of our story, as we shall see. There are no less than 10 stories that document the wrath of Ceres (Demeter).

ASKALABOS: A man of Argos (in Southern Greece) who was transformed into a spotted gecko by Demeter as punishment for mocking the goddess' ravenous drinking of meal as she rested during the search for her daughter.

ASKALAPHOS: An Underworld Daimon who was transformed by Demeter into a lizard or screech-owl as punishment for reporting to Haides that her daughter had tasted the fruit of the pomegranate.

KOLONTAS: A man Argos (in Southern Greece) who was burnt up within his house as punishment for driving Demeter away when she sought his hospitality in the search for her daughter.

MINTHE: An Underworld Nymph who was loved by the god Haides but abandoned when he fell in love with Persephone. When she complained to be superior to the goddess and that she would win back the heart of the god, Demeter was furious and transformed her into a mint plant.

POSEIDON: Demeter brought famine to the earth after Poseidon raped her in the form of a horse, while she was searching for her daughter Persephone.

SEIRENES, THE: Aitolian Nymphai and handmaidens of Persephone who were transformed into bird-like monsters by Demeter as punishment for refusing to help in the search for their mistress. According to some, the transformation was a blessing, bestowed upon the Seirenes at their own request.

ZEUS: The King of the Gods felt the wrath of Demeter when he gave her daughter Persephone away to Haides. In retaliation she brought deadly starvation to the race of man, threatening to destroy them, if her daughter were not returned.

ERYSIKHTHON, TRIOPAS, or AITHON: A King of one of the Thessalian kingdoms (in Northern Greece) who was inflicted with unquenchable hunger as punishment for having felled the Dryad-inhabited oaks of Demeter's sacred grove.

KARNABON: A King of the Getai of Thrake (North of Greece) who slew the flying serpents which drew the chariot of Demeter's hero Triptolemos. As punishment the goddess sent another pair of the beasts to destroy him. He was then placed amongst the stars as Ophiokhos (the Serpent-Holder).

LYNKOS: A King of Skythia who was transformed by Demeter into a lynx when he tried to kill her prophet Triptolemos.

PYRRHOS: An historical Macedonian general who was killed during an attack on the city of Argos by a woman throwing a roof-tile. His death occurred outside the temple of Demeter, and the locals claimed it was the goddess who threw the deadly tile.

Could it be that what we are experiencing is the Wrath of Ceres? Or are the global elite using Ceres to unleash it’s own wrath upon us, the people of the Earth?

What I discovered next was that there are some 15 towns and cities across the globe with the name Ceres. The most striking of these was Ceres, VA. and Ceres, OK. Both located less than 100 miles from (yup, you guessed it) Blacksburg and Oklahoma City. Other global locations include: Argentina, Cuba, France, Brazil, Scotland, Australia, Mexico, Italy, and South Africa…with the remainder all being located in the United States in: Iowa, New York, Washington, and a VERY interesting Ceres in California (I will take a closer look here in Part III as well). It comes as no surprise that farming and agriculture are central to all of these locations.

Virginia (The Virgin) in particular seems to hold Ceres in fairly high regard as she is pictured on the reverse of the state seal along side Libertas, and Aeternitas in a triple representation of the goddess. For more on this premise see Mark Leclair’s article entitled The Three Faces of Eve.

The End of Part I