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Thursday, November 27, 2008

December 5th, 2007: Don't Cross Dick

Following up on the Anne Pressly, December 5th 2007 connection some VERY intriguing new developments have surfaced...

It was announced late last night that a suspect in the brutal beating/murder of the Arkansas anchorwoman had been arrested. However, the story doesn't stop there...

Little Rock - Little Rock Police called a press conference at 10pm Wednesday night and named Curtis Lavell Vance as a suspect in the murder of KATV morning anchor Anne Pressly. Shortly after, Vance was captured.

Vance was arrested at a house on 24th and Cross St in Little Rock, after police received a tip-off. Police say the car he was driving was located at 20th and Pulaski.

Vance, 28 years old, of MARIANNA, Arkansas, is accused of capital murder.

Earlier Wednesday night, Police Chief Stuart Thomas said Vance had fled his Marianna home with a woman and three young children. Vance was believed armed with a 9mm pistol, and police said he had plenty of ammunition. [Keep in mind that Pressly was NOT shot]

Police offered neither a reason for the attack nor any details about why Vance was suspected of the murder. [Keep in mind that it was reported that there was NO evidence at the home of Anne Pressly]

Pressly was attacked and severely beaten in her home on October 20th, and died October 25th.

(Portions Copyright 2008 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

What HAS come to light earlier in the week is that Anne Pressly's medical records were breached through St. Vincent Health System, and six people have been fired as a result. The highly private medical records were accessed by up to 8 individuals since her death on October 25th.

In statements issued by chief executive and system President, Peter Banko said he encountered a similar situation when he served as vice president of a Texas hospital system in 2006.

One of the hospitals in the system had as a patient Harry Whittington, who was accidentally shot and wounded by Vice President Dick Cheney while hunting in Texas.

"The same thing happened in that instance," Mr. Banko said. "People got curious and accessed things they shouldn't have accessed. And we did the same thing then: We terminated them." [I bet PEOPLE got curious]

More likely Dick's hands as claimed but a pattern emerges nonetheless...

Interesting connection, as it was VP Dick Cheney whom is directly connected to Anne Pressly via the December 5th, 2007 encounter in Arkansas which would place her in the limelight nationally that fateful day; and may have directly influenced her casting in Oliver Stone's film "W."

Do NOT forget that Dick Cheney has been outed by former CIA Sex Slave Cathy O'Brien [see her book Trance-Formation of America] for his "supposed" involvement in hunting women for his own amusement...referred to as "The Most Dangerous Game". The infamous "naked woman" appearing in the reflection of his sunglasses on a fishing trip also surfaced online [although I have no reason to buy this] which at the VERY least represents a trail of possible behavior from the VICE President. Was Anne Pressly more intimately involved with Dick Cheney after their "chance" encounter on December 5th, 2007??? Did she wind up dead as a result? Worth a look...

Trident Alert: Mumbai Massacre

The Indian trident or Trishula of the Lord Shiva

It's been well over a year since my last TRIDENT Alert but developments overnight in Mumbai, India (formerly recognized as Bombay) have resurrected these extremely violent events. A well coordinated siege at 10 or more locations around the metropolitan financial center has claimed the lives of 125 people, while official reports as to an end of the bloody standoff have changed throughout the morning. Fires, gunfire and explosions raged on as Thanksgiving Day dawned in the United States.

The Oberoi TRIDENT Hotel was one of the targeted sites along with the majestic 105 year old Taj Mahal Hotel (according to wikipedia, The Beatles and Elvis Presley are listed among the famous guests to have stayed here), as well as a hospital, train station and a Jewish center.

The actual Taj Mahal is located in Agra, India and was constructed in 1648. It served as a mausoleum, and was built during the rule of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal.

It is believed that the assault on Mumbai originated as a water based operation. The perpetrators are thought to have deployed from a ship, the MV Alpha, in smaller speed boats filled with caches of weapons and ammunition.

Obviously this is an ongoing event...does the mystical region of KASHMIR play into what is unfolding in Mumbai currently? Also, see Goro Adachi's ETEMENANKI for his unique take on what is being dubbed "The Mumbai Massacre" by the media.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

RE-VOLT-U-tion 9

More Beatles magick since my post SIRIUSLY?

Last week marked the 4oth Anniversary of The Beatles "WHITE Album" (the 9th Beatles album) a move that seemed to mirror last year's Templar Forgiveness event, the Vatican has forgiven the Fab 4, and Lennon specifically for the now legendary comments he made just over 40 years ago (1966) in which he stated, "Christianity will go. It will vanish and shrink. I needn't argue about that. I'm right and I will be proved right. We're more popular than Jesus now. I don't know which will go first – rock'n'roll or Christianity."

Aug. 27th 1966 Saturday Evening Post. The Beatles, Batman (see Killing Joke), and Martin Luther KING

According to the Saturday, November 22nd edition of the Vatican newspaper Osservatore Romano "The remark by John Lennon... sounds only like a 'boast' by a young working-class Englishman faced with unexpected success, after growing up in the legend of Elvis and rock and roll."

In an interview with CNN, author of "The Gospel According to The Beatles" Steve Turner had this to say about the power the band held during the mid-sixties.

Q: How spiritual were the Beatles?

A: The Beatles started out as atheists and agnostics and I think as everybody knows they became more interested in spiritual things. They went out to India in 1968 and I think in a way the Beatles became a spiritual force themselves. And I think that John actually saw that. He saw Christianity and rock'n'roll as competitors. Only three years later, after 1966, you had the Woodstock festival and you get rock music almost performing a religious function. So I think in a way he was aware of what was happening. The Beatles were almost becoming a religion and exerting a spiritual force over people.

In related news, two days later (11/24/2008) Paul McCartney released his third CD [entitled Electric Arguments] of experimental music under the name "The Fireman", along with former KILLING JOKE bassist turned producer Martin "Youth" Glover.

Anyone familiar with the work of Christopher Knowles or the Heath Ledger/Dark Knight saga earlier this year might appreciate a Beatles/Killing Joke collaboration.

I would also recommend Loren Coleman's "Coincidence 27" for topics related to The White Album and The Beatles...

Giving Thanks


Black Flag's "Rise Above" & "American Waste"

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"Double" Deception?

Double, Double toil and trouble...

Scientology is back in the news...last week, scoring a huge victory in Germany (where they are absolutely despised), after attempts to ban the quasi-religion were abandoned.

And then, the bizarre Swords vs. Scientology incident at the infamous Hollywood Scientology Centre Sunday (11/23/2008), where disgruntled former member Mario Majorski met his end at the hands of a gun wielding security guard after he supposedly began attacking with "a pair" of Samurai Swords.

The story gets better however, as Mr. Majorski had a past history with Scientology...during his younger days as a student, and active member of the group, he attempted to bring a lawsuit (the main tool of Scientology) against UCLA and a psychiatry professor there by the name of LOUIS West. West, a "so-called" expert in brainwashing [and accused MKultra programmer himself] was openly critical of Scientology, calling it a "pyramid scheme". Majorski "accused West of activities, including speaking to anti-cult groups, that transgressed the separation of church and state and interfered with Majorski's practice of religion." The suit was thrown out of court in 1993.

Maritime Signals Unleashed as Religion

Then there is this from the Operation Clambake Message board:

Dr. Louis Jolyon "Jolly" West and his Strange Career

John Sandbrook related an incredibly ridiculous story, one so connected to the cryptic science of the sixties, it’s darkly comical. Dr. Louis Jolyon West, during the early sixties prior to his arrival at UCLA, performed an experiment wherein he allegedly injected a 7,000 pound elephant with around 1,435 times a heavy human dosage of LSD. The elephant died.

Dr. West's career can best be described as labyrinthine, with the areas of his research covering a vast array of mental health concerns.

Dr. West devoted much energy to the study of alcoholism, hallucinatory drugs, sleep-deprivation, and violent behavior. He also researched the “hippie” culture. Many people resent his research, vexing groups with anti-psychiatric agendas such as the Church of Scientology, while others regard him as something of hero to psychiatry. West advocated human rights and was an expert on cults and brainwashing, serving as an expert witness in the Patricia Hearst case.

After a position at the University of Oklahoma as head of the Department of Psychiatry, Neurology and Behavioral Sciences that began in 1954, Dr. West came to UCLA to become director of the Neuropsychiatric Institure and chair of the Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences in 1969. He was with us twenty years until his death January 2, 1999 at age 74."

MM with MIRROR tattoos...still working on identifying them...A bleeding hand?, and a MERMAID or something "fishy" in nature...

Majorski then appears to have fallen on hard times over the next decade or more...losing his father, filing for bankrupcy and then his mother just this past year (a loss of 2 parents). He was however able to maintain homes in 2 different states (California and Oregon) and drive a rather expensive looking red convertible...according to a Scientology spokesperson, since 2005, Majorski had made over a dozen threats to "churches" (?) in both states.

On Nov. 2 of this year, Majorski was arrested at a Mormon church service in Florence, Ore., the coastal town where he lived A Florence police spokeswoman told the Associated Press that he was "cursing and moving around a lot" and was charged with disorderly conduct and criminal trespass. Less than a month ago, he was arrested in Florence for swinging an ax at an Auto Club employee who was bringing him gas for his car. Majorski threatened to shoot police who went to his home to investigate, according to a police report. He pleaded no contest to disorderly conduct.,0,7339011.story

In a bit of mainstream sync reporting Therese Lisieux of uncovers this absolute gem.

The Scientology church member, Jenna Elfman had acted as a fictional character named Lisa MAJORSKI, in the 1993 (the same year Majorski filed suit against UCLA) made for TV movie, Double Deception.

***I would be remiss without also mentioning SuperStar Scientologist Tom Cruise appeared as a Samurai Sword wielding kill machine in The Last Samurai...

Friday, November 21, 2008

"We are the One's We've Been Waiting for..."

Step aside Orwell, Huxley and you lot...a Brazilian sci-fi novel, O Presidente Negro written in 1926 by Monteiro Lobato shares a number of interesting details in common with our recent Presidential election. I'm not sure how it slipped past the eso-research crowd, and it's rather old hat at this moment but rather fascinating regardless.

Hip-hop act "Visionaries" released 10/03/2006. Notice anything ODD with the "O" symbolism?

This article ran back in September 2008 at written by :

Monteiro Lobato is a household name in his native Brazil, best-known for "Sítio do Picapau Amarelo" ("Yellow Woodpecker's Ranch"), a series of children's books that has been adapted for television on several occasions. He was an active businessman and libertarian and is considered the founder of Brazil's publishing industry, but his 1926 science-fiction novel, O Presidente Negro (The Black President)—which foresaw technological, geopolitical, and environmental transformations—is attracting the most interest this year, since it anticipated a political landscape in which gender and race would determine the outcome of a U.S. presidential election.

O Presidente Negro envisions the 2228 U.S. presidential election. In that race, the white male incumbent, President Kerlog, finds himself running against Evelyn Astor, a white feminist, and James Roy Wilde, the cultivated and brilliant leader of the Black Association, "a man who is more than just a single man ... what we call a leader of the masses."

You may notice some similarities to the John McCain-Hillary Clinton-Barack Obama face-off; and so did Editora Globo, the publisher of O Presidente Negro, which reissued the novel during the Democratic primaries in a stroke of marketing genius. Prior to Obama's rise, O Presidente Negro was best-known as an odd sci-fi work, predicting the U.S. government's use of eugenics, a racist ideology that had attracted a following in Brazil at the time Lobato was writing (and, later, in Germany). As a result of this association, more often than not, bookstores hid the novel at the bottom of a stack of titles in the Brazilian-literature section. (Today's Brazil is increasingly concerned with civil rights, as indicated by recent experiments with affirmative action in education and government.)

Of course, there are several differences between Lobato's story and the circumstances surrounding the 2008 election. In Lobato's fictional world, the United States prohibited the mixing of races—believing it would lead to "disintegration" or "denaturalization"—and thereby conserved white and black races in "a state of relative purity." Lobato also failed to predict the civil rights movement, which undid his predictions of an extreme version of "separate but equal." Unlike Roy, born in a supposed age of "pure races," Obama, born of a white mother and black father, witnessed America's social revolution.

In the 2228 of the novel, the white women's party, the Sabinas (a reference to the Roman legend of the rape of the Sabine women), has apparently reached feminism's pinnacle: Women are no longer considered equal to men—they are simply different and entirely independent. Homo, the ruling white men's party, and the Sabinas each command 51 million voters.

In previous elections, voters sided with their gender, with no regard to race. But with the creation of the Black Association, black men and women unite to create the largest political party, giving Roy 54 million supporters. Kerlog is forced to broker an alliance with Roy: black votes in exchange for easing the "Código da Raça" ("Race Code"), which set limits on the growth of the black population through selective breeding and genetic manipulation. To Kerlog's frustration, when the time comes to cast ballots, citizens loyally vote with their identity group, and the black man wins the presidency.

In response, Kerlog threatens race war. He persuades Astor to protect the interests of the white race and encourages an alliance. Lobato, at his most sexist, writes that Astor accepts this proposal on the grounds that man "is woman's husband for thousands of reasons ... long live man!" With hardly a second thought, she shepherds the 51 million female voters to the cause of the Homo Party. Kerlog demonstrates to a despairing Roy that his race will never assume control, and on the morning Roy is set to assume the presidency, he is found dead in his office. (Lobato hints at murder.) Kerlog calls for a re-election and emerges victorious. White leaders then mastermind the end of the black race in America, using a senseless and tragic sterilization technique, and Roy's dream of serving as the first black man in the nation's most powerful post is left by the wayside. Long considered a historical relic, O Presidente Negro's popularity had dwindled so much that Editora Globo let it fall out of print, but 6,000 copies have been sold since a March 2008 rerelease. Brazil's intellectuals, bookworms, and bloggers are now madly debating Lobato's racist proposition and gasping at the prescience of one of their country's most quixotic personalities.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Researcher Christopher Knowles (among others) current MEME on SIRIUS bring up a quite profound observation of the DOG STAR being a binary star and therefore it acts a mirror of itself. According to Knowles..."We're seeing a lot of twin numbers in this whole saga. Remember that Sirius is a binary star. A fact which I'm beginning to believe may lie at the root of all of the twin/dual symbolism we see in esotericism..."

...or one could contend an "As above, so below" resonator. I find myself in full agreement currently, as further research into the current wave of SIRIUS related symbolism has uncovered yet another anomaly connected to the date of December 5th, 2007.

Another event on that date which now seems to be mirroring ahead in time was the sudden death of world famous composer Karlheinz what, right? Perhaps, until you consider that Stockhausen's highly experimental works (and theories) influenced an entire generation of musicians, including The Beatles; who would include his face on the infamous Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band album.

Earlier this week, we learned that ex-Beatle Sir Paul McCartney would like to release one of the most mythical of perhaps all thier known recordings, "The Carnival of LIGHT" a close to 14-minute experimental piece recorded in 1967 for the Million Volt Light and Sound Rave. According to McCartney "it does exist" and "the time has come for it to get it's moment"

The piece was inspired, McCartney says, by the works of composers John Cage and Karlheinz Stockhausen. In his book Complete Beatles Recording Sessions, author Mark Lewisohn - who was played the track in 1987 - describes 'distorted, hypnotic drum and organ sounds, a distorted lead guitar, the sound of a church organ, various effects (water gargling was one) and, perhaps most intimidating of all, Lennon and McCartney screaming and bawling random phrases including "Are you all right?" and '"Barcelona!".'

From the Nov. 17th edition of The Star PHOENIX
"In order for Carnival of Light to be released, McCartney would have to get the agreement of Ringo STARR and the estates of John Lennon and George Harrison. According to the BBC, McCartney had wanted to include the track on The Beatles' Anthology compilations in the mid-1990s, but the rest of the band vetoed the idea."

...this would come on the heels of McCartney dismissing another Beatle legend just the week prior, when he shot down claims of the "smoking gun" to the identity of song namesame "Eleanor Rigby".

CD cover for Stockhausen's SIRIUS

Stockhausen composed the science fictionesque theatrical opera SIRIUS ...SIRIUS had been commissioned by the West German Government in 1975 for the bicentenial festivities in the United States, and was performed live at the Albert Einstein Spacearium on July 15th, 1976. An interesting title he selected for our countries Anniversary, no?

Stockhausen's own drawing to chart the flow of the SIRIUS work.

Wikipedia provides some other interesting background on the SIRIUS project, and for a fantasic overview of Stockhausen's SIRIUS read this article:

When Stockhausen's daughter, Julika (aged 5 or 6 at the time), asked for a dog, he obtained one for her and named it Sirius, after the star in the constellation Canis Major, which was in his mind because he had just finished composing Sternklang ("Star-sound", 1971). Shortly afterward, he chanced upon a passage in a book by Jakob Lorber describing Sirius as the sun at the center of our universe, and this fired his imagination:

Other snippets of vitally important information then came to me through a couple of revelatory dreams. Crazy dreams, from which it emerged that not only did I come from Sirius itself, but that, in fact, I completed my musical education there.

Stockhausen never explained these dreams in detail , maintaining that "It would lead to misunderstanding and false interpretation". In the composer’s imagination, for beings from the planets of the Sirius system, "everything is music, or the art of co-ordination and harmony of vibrations. . . . The art is very highly developed there, and every composition on Sirius is related to the rhythms of nature . . . the seasons, the rhythms of the stars." Stockhausen’s composition therefore is based on "the cycles and rhythms of nature—of the seasons—with all of their characteristics, and to the planets, animals, and to the twelve main characters of human beings"

It is interesting to note that the above mentioned Jakob Lorber, a Christian mystic & visionary, was oft critisized for his use of anti-semetic rants...while it is generally accepted that Stockhausen himself had spent much of his life trying to rid himself of the memories of having lost his institutionalized mother to the Nazi eugenics program.

In my "December, 5th 2007 Revisited" article, I attempted to show how events which took place on that date might somehow be reflecting into recent events unfolding, and PERHAPS the rise in neo-Nazi subtext that appears to be following along side the Barack Obama VICTORY in the U.S. Presidental campaign. The Austrian/Italian celebration of "Krumpus" on Dec. 5th might just be the tip of the symbolism surrounding this date, as it also served as the Faunus or Day of Pan in Ancient Rome.

It becomes virtually impossible to bring up PAN without mentioning ole Aleister Crowley [also found on the cover of Sgt. Pepper] who wrote the famous "Hymn to Pan" and about The Night of Pan in The Book of Lies, and Liber VII. In his commentary from the chapter "Sabbath of the Goat" in The Book of Lies, Crowley gives the following explaination:

It is explained that this triad lives in Night, the Night of Pan, which is mystically called N.O.X., and this O is identified with the O in this word. N is the Tarot symbol, Death; and the X or Cross is the sign of the Phallus. NOX adds to 210, which symbolizes the reduction of duality to unity, and thence to negativity, and is thus a hieroglyph of the Great Work.
The word Pan is then explained, {Pi}, the letter of Mars, is a hieroglyph of TWO PILLARS, and therefore suggest duality; A, by its shape, is the pentagram, energy, and N, by its Tarot attribution, is death. NOX is then further explained, and it is shown that the ultimate Trinity, O!, is supported, or fed, by the process of death and begetting, which are the laws of the universe...It is then asserted that the ultimate letter A has two names, or phases, Life and Death.
For you synchromaniax out there, this Crowlian interpretation of PAN falls directly in line with the early video work of Jake Kotze and a deeper written investigation at The Stygian Port entitled "Pan's Labyrinth".

This brings us to Stockhausen again, and comments he made publically after the events of 911 . Without going into too much detail, his seven part opera LICHT (LIGHT) composed between 1977 & 2003 follows the archetypes Michael, Lucifer and Eve as it's main characters, and is the basis for the references that follow.

In a press conference in Hamburg [The Beatles yet again...?] on 16 September 2001, Stockhausen was asked by a journalist whether the characters in Licht were for him "merely some figures out of a common cultural history" or rather "material appearances". The composer replied, "I pray daily to Michael, but not to Lucifer. I have renounced him. But he is very much present, like in New York recently". The same journalist then asked how the events of September 11th had affected him, and how he viewed reports of the attack in connection with the harmony of humanity represented in Hymnen [released in 1967, the same year the Beatles recorded "Carnival of Light"]. He answered:

Well, what happened there is, of course—now all of you must adjust your brains—the biggest work of art there has ever been. The fact that spirits achieve with one act something which we in music could never dream of, that people practise ten years madly, fanatically for a concert. And then die. [Hesitantly.] And that is the greatest work of art that exists for the whole Cosmos. Just imagine what happened there. There are people who are so concentrated on this single performance, and then five thousand people are driven to Resurrection. In one moment. I couldn't do that. Compared to that, we are nothing, as composers. [...] It is a crime, you know of course, because the people did not agree to it. They did not come to the "concert". That is obvious. And nobody had told them: "You could be killed in the process."

As a result of the reaction to the press report of Stockhausen's comments, a four-day festival of his work in Hamburg was canceled. In addition, his pianist daughter announced to the press that she would no longer appear under the name "Stockhausen".

In a subsequent message, he stated that the press had published "false, defamatory reports" about his comments, and clarified as follows:

At the press conference in Hamburg, I was asked if Michael, Eve and Lucifer were historical figures of the past and I answered that they exist now, for example Lucifer in New York. In my work, I have defined Lucifer as the cosmic spirit of rebellion, of anarchy. He uses his high degree of intelligence to destroy creation. He does not know love. After further questions about the events in America, I said that such a plan appeared to be Lucifer's greatest work of art. Of course I used the designation "work of art" to mean the work of destruction personified in Lucifer. In the context of my other comments this was unequivocal.

Back in February of this year, The Beatles were also creating quite a stir...for my incapsulated version of events and posts by other researchers click the link for "Happiness is a Warm Sun".

Coming up, I'll be taking a much closer look at Crowley & Thelema's "Night of Pan" and how it could relate directly to our current state of affairs as presented by Goro Adachi in his newest article "Mayan Palingenesis".

Monday, November 17, 2008

Transition to 2012?

Interesting news last week from the Obama camp...his "transition" team is co-chaired by an interesting figure; one John D. Podesta. Although he was a supporter of Hillary Clinton, he will be one of the main players in picking President elect Obama's cabinet for him.

Be sure to check out Christopher Knowles excellent work:

Does anyone else find the photo to the left of Clinton & Podesta odd? The arm & flame of Lady Liberty (ISIS)...?

Mr. Podesta is the current President of the NGO, Center for American Progress [Official website], a liberal "think tank" and served in the Clinton administration. Perhaps more interesting however, is that Podesta is also known for "his obsession with U.F.O.’s and devotion to “The X-Files.”"

The N.Y. Times article goes on to state that "if anyone knows the truth about Roswell, N.M., it’s Mr. Podesta. He is said to be the only White House chief of staff ever to appear on the Sci Fi Channel. Also known for occasional dark moods that prompt friends and colleagues to refer to his “evil twin, Skippy.”

For those that recall Bill Clinton's flirtation with UFO's and the declassification of government documents during his administration, it was Podesta who was instrumental in work done with Executive Order 12958. This particular side of the Clinton administration of the 90's is examined in the book by Webster Hubble titled Friends in High Places.

Bill Clinton's forgotten UFO quip in Belfast, Ireland 1995

John Podesta at the National Press Club 10/22/2002

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Obama of Arabia

I have more or less attempted to stay off the Barack Obama hit squad, one because I personally don't believe it matters who sits in the White House, and two ; countless numbers of online sources have been screaming Anti-Christ the entire ride (well, after he beat out Hillary...whom they had all been convinced was the High Priestess of Witchery and Illuminati politics).

But, I must admit the whole thing has gotten way out of hand...this story today literally sent a chill down my spine. It seems a sheikh in GALILEE claims that Obama is a decendent of the tribal Arab Beduins who populate a small portion of Israel. Thus making him the relative (and now leader/KING) of some 8,000 people in the middle of one of the most troubled regions in the world today...

from the article above:

"He has a host of relatives in exotic locations from Hawaii to Kenya, and during his run for the American presidency he discovered that he had an aunt living in Boston.

Now Barack Obama is being claimed by not one but as many as 8,000 Beduin tribesmen in northern Israel.

Although the spokesman for the lost tribe of Obama has yet to reveal the documentary evidence that he says he possesses to support his claim, people are flocking from across the region to pay their respects to the “Beduin Obama”, whose social standing has gone through the roof.

“We knew about it years ago but we were afraid to talk about it because we didn’t want to influence the election,” Abdul Rahman Sheikh Abdullah, a 53-year-old local council member, told The Times in the small Beduin village of Bir al-Maksour in the Israeli region of Galilee. “We wrote a letter to him explaining the family connection.”

Mr Obama’s team have not responded to the letter so far but that has not dampened Sheikh Abdullah’s festivities.

He has been handing out sweets and huge dishes of baklava traditional honey-sweetened pastries to all and sundry, and plans to hold a large party next week at which he will slaughter a dozen goats to feed the village.

It was his 95-year-old mother who first spotted the connection, he says. Seeing the charismatic senator on television, she noted a striking resemblance to one of the African migrant workers who used to be employed by rich sheikhs in the fertile north of British Mandate Palestine in the 1930s.

The Africans would sometimes marry local Beduin girls and start families, though, like many migrant workers, would just as frequently return home after several years.

One of those men was a relative of Barack Obama’s Kenyan grandmother, Sheikh Abdullah maintains.

He estimates that his tribe extends to as many as 8,000 members, all of them loosely connected to the African-American senator for Illinois.

Sheikh Abdullah swears that he has papers and pictures to back up his claim but has promised his mother not to divulge them until he has presented them to Mr Obama, something he hopes will happen once his “relative” is in the White House.

“We want to send a delegation to congratulate him, and we know we’ll get an answer soon,” he grinned.

Sheikh Abdullah’s renown as the relative of the soon-to-be most powerful man on Earth has spread like wildfire among the Arab community of northern Israel, and especially among Beduins, a formerly semi-nomadic group of pastoralists corralled into townships by the modern state of Israel.

Two baby boys born into the sheikh’s large clan have even been named Obama.

“We knew he’d win,” the sheikh said, constantly interrupted by a barrage of phone calls from wellwishers and those hoping to cash in on his newfound wasta, an Arabic term denoting influence or clout. “We have always been a lucky family.

“We hope he’ll end all wars and intervene here to solve our problems in Israel. The Beduin are the people who suffer the most here,” he added while greeting a wellwisher from Ghajar, an Arab town divided between Israel and southern Lebanon, the bitter legacy of the Jewish state’s long occupation of southern Lebanon.

“We hope to God that Obama will solve the problem of Ghajar,” said Sheikh Issam al-Khalil, a leading citizen of the divided town, whose residents mostly speak Hebrew and Arabic but many of whom consider themselves as originally Syrian.

“Everyone is talking about [Sheikh Abdullah’s ties to Mr Obama] . . . They believe it. The sheikhs from all the villages are talking about it. There’s a whole delegation of Druze leaders coming from the Golan Heights to congratulate him.”

The history of the Middle East is littered with the stories of false messiahs and their brief followings. For the time being, Sheikh Abdullah is greeting a dozen respectful visitors a day, basking in the reflected glory of what would be not only the first African-American US President but the first one who could claim kinship with an entire clan of Beduins."

For a broader history of the Beduin of Israel check here

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

MOR than just SUM MON-u-MUM-t

More pyramid related news today...perhaps less impressive than yesterday's announcement of a new discovery in Egypt but given the amount of Egyptian/Gnostic/Sun imagery that has been rising to the surface of late, this does tend to add fuel to the already smoldering fire; that is our current symbolic landscape.

An artists rendering of the desired MONUMENT

The Supreme Court began hearing the case of a Gnostic Christian group's (one VERY closely related to and/or linked with Freemasonry) request to have a monument erected in the Mormon stronghold of Pleasant Grove, Utah. The city perviously denied the Salt Lake City-based Summum organization's attempt to place it's "Seven Aphorisms of Summum" marker next to an existing one of The Ten Commandments in a public park. [the Summum website can be found here]. The current monument was erected and paid for by the Fraternal Order of Eagles in 1971. (The guys that take credit for the Hallmark money maker that is Mother's Day)

At issue is whether such donated monuments on public property represent "private" or "government" speech. A ruling from the justices clarifying the difference would affect municipalities nationwide, as well as a range of expressive memorials, from 9/11 victim tributes to battlefield markers.

"The heart of the question is whether the government may discriminate based on content, and that's a First Amendment question," said Justice Anthony Kennedy.

Pyramid Headquarters of Summum. Salt Lake City, Utah.

"Summum was founded in 1975 by Summum "Corky" Bonum Amon Ra, who said ALIEN visitors -- or "advanced living beings"-- visited him one day after work, appearing hairless and blue and revealing to him the Summum concepts. After spreading the word and launching his legal fight to erect his monuments, Corky died earlier this year. "

Followers of Summum believe Moses first descended from Mount Sinai with the aphorisms instead of the Ten Commandments, which is perhaps more of what is at issue here.

The philosophies of Summum are based on Hermetic teachings as documented in the "Kybalion", written anonymously in 1912 under the pseudonymn "The Three Initiates". Again, the "As Above, So Below" axiom is on display, oddly this time out in the open.

The Seven Aphorisms are as follows: a quick summery of each can be found at the Summum website or wikipedia

1) Mentalism
2) Correspondence
3) Vibration
4) Polarity
5) Rhythm
6) Cause and Effect
7) Gender

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kings of Memphis Revisited

Memphis Arena and Ramses Statue (6th Largest Pyramid in the World)

Back on January 10th of this year (2008), I wrote about Elvis, Memphis and Tigers [here]...I think it's time to revisit MEMPHIS again...with the announcement today that a new pyramid has been discovered in Egypt.

The 4,300 year old site discovered several months ago, is located in Saqqara, the necropolis area of ancient MEMPHIS.

"The pyramid is said to belong to Queen Sesheshet, the mother of King Teti who was the founder of the sixth dynasty of Egypt's Old Kingdom."

With the arrival of the new SUN King [Legendary SUN Records is located in MEMPHIS], Barack Obama; it is important to keep track of the myriad of symbolic "gestures" that bring us to this moment in time.

The 1968 site of MLK's assassination in Memphis.

Obama gave his acceptance speech for the party nomination during the 40th Anniversary year of the death of Martin Luther KING, one of his numerous assassinated icons (the others being Abraham Lincoln & John F. Kennedy). King of course was killed in MEMPHIS, the Lorraine Motel (which would become the National Civil Rights Museum in 1991, the same year Memphis unveiled the Pyramid Sports Arena) . Lorraine is significant as because of it's connection with the Cross of Lorraine, which is often associated with The Knights Templar, The Freemasons, The Catholic Church and Hermetic alchemists (when drawn symetrically it respresents "As Above, So Below").

It is also important to remember the Middle Eastern/Templar roots of the original "Assassins" the Shia Muslem sect and thier charismatic Iranian leader Hasan-i Sabbah.

The Templar/Freemasonic connection with Egypt is well documented, and the blog "Modern Knight Templar" provides this rather insightful post:

During their two hundred years in the Middle East the Knights Templar became aligned and associated with the spiritual tradition of Egypt by two different streams of influence. The first of these streams was the gnostic Johannite Tradition, which the Templars inherited in the Holy Land. Before being assimilated into the Templars the Johannite teachings had moved down a long line of Grand Masters that included John the Baptist, Jesus, John the Apostle and Mary Magdalene. According to legend, both John the Baptist and Jesus had spent time in Egypt and channeled the accumulated mystical wisdom they had received there directly into the Johannite data banks. Jesus accomplished this through his disciple John. Jesus was initiated into the ancient Osirian priesthood – possibly during a ceremony in the Great Pyramid – and when he returned to Palestine he transferred the power and wisdom he had gained to John the Apostle, who then passed it down the line of Johannite Grand Masters to the Templars.

The second stream of Egyptian influence that found its way into the Knights Templar catechism came via a Sufi order known as the Al-banna, “the Builders,” which was the order of Sufi Freemasons. The Al-banna was founded by the Egyptian Dhu’l-Nun, who became a Sufi only after spending his early years studying the esoteric hieroglyphs covering the temples of Egypt and the gnostic manuscripts of Thoth-Hermes. He eventually became initiated into the Egyptian tradition of builders, which was patronized by the “Master Carftsman,” the deity Ptah-Sokar-Osiris, and contained many mystical degrees of advancement. Dhu’l-Nun ultimately took his knowledge of Egyptian masonry into Palestine and formed the Al-banna, which in turn built many of the Islamic sacred structures in the Holy Land, including the Al-Asqa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock. When the Templars were given the Al-Asqa Mosque to live in by King Baldwin II, it is believed that they spent many hours studying the architecture of the Dome of the Rock while also receiving special training by members of the Al-banna. The masonic wisdom the Knights gained was later used in the development of Gothic architecture, which would sweep Europe, as well as in the development of Speculative Freemasonry on the continent. There is reason to believe that the first three degrees of Speculative Masonry, known as the “Blue Degrees,” were adopted directly from the Al-banna and Dhu’l-Nun, who had adapted the degrees from the Egyptian Masonic tradition he was initiated into. They were called blue degrees in honor of the Egyptian masonic patron Ptah, whose sacred color was blue. Ptah was also associated with the star SIRIUS [the DOG STAR], which was known among the Egyptian masons as Sa Ptah, and this is why the star eventually became an iconic image in most all lodges of Speculative Freemasony. Finally, the legend of the Master Builder Hiram Abiff studied by the Speculative Freemasons was an adaptation of the myth of Ptah-Sokar-Osiris that had been studied by the Egyptian masons.

Other notable Memphis Kings? Elvis of course , B.B. KING, and the professional wrestler Jerry "The King" Lawler.

Memphis sports legend "The King" adorned in Templar/Crusade inspired top

In 1982, Lawler had a notorious feud with comedian Andy Kaufman. At the time, Kaufman wrestled women as part of his skits and had declared himself the Intergender Heavyweight Champion. On April 5 (14 years and one day after MLK's murder), Lawler, who had taken exception to the skits, wrestled Kaufman in Memphis. During the course of the match, Lawler delivered two piledrivers to his opponent, sending him to the hospital. On July 29, Lawler slapped Kaufman in the face on an episode of Late Night with David Letterman. Kaufman responded by throwing his coffee on Lawler. (Years later, Lawler appeared as himself in the Kaufman biopic Man on the Moon; and according to the movie, Lawler's feud with Kaufman was kayfabe.)

(Jake Kotze fans might appreciate the "Man on the Moon" connection here which also resonates with JFK/KING KILL 33.)

We cannot forget the recently "uncovered" (?) plot by two neo-nazis to go on a murder spree which was to culminate with the assassination of Obama...the men were captured in Crockett County, Tennessee (just NE of MEMPHIS) around BELLS [Nazi Bell? Liberty Bell?]; the hometown of one of the two men.

The recent and unsolved murder of Anne PRESSLY whom incidentally attended Rhodes College in Memphis before landing her bit part in Oliver Stone's "W."...Stone, we will all remember gave us the epic "JFK".

Another potential KING connection, falls yet again into the brutal slaying category. The 7 year old nephew of Academy Award winner and former American Idol contestant Jennifer Hudson was shot in multiple times (perhaps even in the head...the ritual execution style signature related to the Masonic Hiram Abiff story) on or about October 24th...his name, Julien KING. Ms. Hudson's mother and brother were found dead in their home in CHICAGO [Obama's home state]. King's body was found 3 days later in an abandoned car after a massive search.

We most certainly can't avoid the PHOENIX connection either, as the Mars Phoenix spacecraft was declared dead...and, as Goro Adachi noted and Christopher Knowles reminds us; the Phoenix project was launched on Barack Obama's 46th Birthday, August 4th.

KING Curtis & The Kingpins "Memphis Soul Stew" King died at the hands of a knife to the heart...

Dr. Google

from Matt Drudge:

Tue Nov 11 2008 15:34:50 ET

GOOGLE will launch a new tool that will help U.S. federal officials "track sickness".

"Flu Trends" uses search terms that people put into the web giant to figure out where influenza is heating up, and notify the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in real time.

GOOGLE claims it would keep individual user data confidential: "GOOGLE FLU TRENDS can never be used to identify individual users because we rely on anonymized, aggregated counts of how often certain search queries occur each week."

Engineers devised a basket of keywords and phrases related to the flu, including thermometer, flu symptoms, muscle aches, chest congestion and others.

Dr. Lyn Finelli, chief of influenza surveillance at the CDC: "One thing we found last year when we validated this model is it tended to predict surveillance data. The data are really, really timely. They were able to tell us on a day-to-day basis the relative direction of flu activity for a given area. They were about a week ahead of us. They could be used... as early warning signal for flu activity."

Eric Schmidt, GOOGLE's chief executive vows: "From a technological perspective, it is the beginning."

Thomas Malone, professor at M.I.T.: "I think we are just scratching the surface of what's possible with collective intelligence."

Friday, November 7, 2008

Mr. Sun King Rising

As the now dangerous category 4 Hurricane Paloma (The Dove) bears down on the Caymen Islands and Cuba (should play heavily in the Obama/Kennedy mirroring) this weekend, the symbolism of this post-election storm should not be lost...Columbia (The Dove) the Goddess is reborn?

The "Chosen One" Barack Obama stands as the savior of New Atlantis...The Sun King rising?

The Dove & The in same?

On Tuesday, October 28th Michael of GOSPORN loosely connected Obama's Hawaiian roots with a concept of heaven on Earth in his article "Blue Hawaii". Researcher Christopher Knowles would capitalize later with his posts dealing with Philadelphia (DELPHI) and The Phoenix.

quoted from Knowles:

"Philadelphia is an interesting city for a few reasons. First of all, it was first capital of the United States and hosted the first Constiutional Convention. There's a mammoth Masonic lodge there, just a short walk from the Franklin Institute, named in honor of the famous founding father and Freemason/Rosicrucian/Hellfire Club Initiate. But there may be a double entendre at work here: "Philly" brings us back to Philae, the ancient Egyptian city sacred to Isis (particularly in Roman times) and believed to be one of the burial places of Osiris."

I HIGHLY recommend giving the following articles your FULL attention:

Nov. 5th

"The history of the Hawaiian Islands oddly resembles the history of Albion - a unification of islands by blood and war. King Kamehameha was the first King of Hawaii - the Pacific King George."

Elvis' reworking of La Paloma for the 1961 Film "Blue Hawaii"

One of the MOST recorded songs in history is "La Paloma" which would later be reworked by Elvis Presley as "NO MORE" in his film "Blue Hawaii" and according to wikipedia:

The motif of "Valgame Dios, Gonzalo es La Paloma" (the dove) can be traced back to an episode that occurred in 492 BC preliminary to Darius' invasion of Greece, a time when the white dove had not yet been seen in Europe.[1] The Persian fleet under Mardonius was caught in a storm off the shore of Mount Athos and being wrecked when the Greeks observed white doves escaping from the sinking Persian ships. This inspired the notion that such birds bring home a final message of love from a sailor who is lost at sea. This theme that a final link of love overcomes death and separation is reflected in "La Paloma"

The recent death of Arkansas newscaster Anne PRESSLY [see December 5th, 2007 Revisited] also resonates with Elvis "The King", and James Shelby Downard's now legendary King Kill 33 theory; in which he attempts to document the Masonic inspired ritualistic execution of President John F. Kennedy.

We should also NOT forget that the Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series the week prior to the election. The connection to the Liberty Bell also resonates with Pennsylvania via the Kecksberg event of December 9th, 1965 .

Recreation of the Kecksberg "Acorn" craft thought to have decended from Nazi technology.

The Nazi Bell UFO story is quite fascinating as Joseph Farrell documents in his books Reich of the Black Sun, The SS Brotherhood of the Bell and his RED ICE interview. This relates directly to the most recent neo-nazi plot to assassinate President elect Obama (as reported here atLoren Coleman's Copycat Effect), and the recent ACORN voter registration scandal. Think about it...

Christopher Knowles does even if he doesn't fully realize it in his current post
in which he discusses the "supposed" UFO sightings at recent political events involving Obama, Philadelphia, the King Tut exhibit and Bruce Springsteen's song "The Rising"...for a guy that "hates" politics and denounces conspiracy theory, he sure seems to be FULLY embroiled in both. Don't bite the hand that feeds you.. No disrespect of course, I admire Christopher's work tremendously.

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