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Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Grand Temple of Ceres, "The Pit" , and Scrooge McDuck

Back in 1930, the Chicago Board of Trade (Established April 3rd, 1848) moved to it's current 45-story location at 141 W. Jackson, making it the tallest building in Chicago, replacing then record holder the Chicago Masonic Temple Building. Time Magazine declared Ceres as the Goddess of Chicago upon the unveiling, and even today the U.S. financial center of agriculture remains an art deco shrine to this writer's deity of focus.

Of it's structural symbols perhaps the 31 foot tall "capstone" statue of Ceres is it's crowning glory. Sculptor John H. Stoors chose to craft his aluminum totem without a face. In an interesting parallel to The Question/Rorschach/Cho (Cho was said to have disfigured his face beyond recognition with the gun blast that ended his Va. Tech killing spree).

Removed from the agricultural trading room in 1973 (reason unkown), artist John W. Norton's three story mural of Ceres shown bare-breasted in a field of grain

An Octagonal Clock is situated above a Blue Lily Fountain immersed in an octagonal pool flanked on either side by Ceres

Synchromystic guru Jake Kotze has shown us the "Mega-ritual" signifier in the form of the octagon. Perhaps nowhere else on earth is this symbol more clearly on display than The Chicago Board of Trade Building. In fact, it stands as the logo of the CBOT, perhaps acting as the world's very own Dharma Inititive (for you Lost fans out there). I recommend checking out the Synchromystic Librarian's ongoing visual expose' of the signs and symbols of the show.

The CBOT has taken this use of the octagon to high ritual form by incorporating it into it's inner chamber, the trading floor (or "Pit" as it was patented in 1878). In a delightful piece of synchomysticism, I once again will invoke the incredible work of Kotze. Thoth Duck worshipers at The University of Oregon have dubbed McArthur Court (I'm not kidding, that's what it's really called...), their octagonal indoor sports complex "The Pit".

Downward stepped Octagons known as "Pits" are the primary focus on the trading room floor. The grains of Ceres are exchanged for $

"The Pit" was brought into public consciousness via the writing of Bohemian Club member, and Darwinist, Benjamin Franklin Norris (interesting to note that "Norris" Hall was the the scene of 31 of 33 deaths during the Va. Tech massacre, although the only connection between Frank Norris and Norris Hall namesake Earle Norris is that they belonged to the same fraternity. See below). The Pit (1903) was the second book in his unfinished "Epic of Wheat" trilogy, and is centered directly on wheat speculation within the Chicago Board of Trade. The first, Octopus: A California Story (1901), and the third being the uncompleted Wolf...a unique and oddly synchronistic collection of titles to say the least, given some of the recent threads by Mr. Ben Fairhall.

Follow me even deeper down the rabbit hole now, won't you?
[I was introduced originally to Frank Norris by blogger Kean Matthams @ A Kean Eye whose article on the secret origins of his college fraternity Phi Gamma Delta is worth checking out: you can read it here] According to Matthams "the stories in the series "Outward and Visible Signs" are all about one male character who is obsessed with a girl who already has a boyfriend. These boyfriend characters are different each time but one is a "Chinaman" and one rides a horse named Conspiracy who is obsessed with a girl named Virginia, and they all are looking to steal the girl or get revenge. Norris even talks about how the "Chinamen" have guns strapped to their arms and are antisocial and don't speak well." A silly "series" of coincidences or highly esoteric "in-joke" embedded in the Ceres Death Ritual?

[Other notable Phi Gamms are Nike President and Co-founder Philip H. Knight, and Stargater Scott Bakula (Quantum Leap and Star Trek Enterprise), as well as LOST castaway Matthew Fox [Thank you Spenser]. Why is Nike important here?...well anyone who knows a thing or two about college athletics will know that The University of Oregon has an extra exclusive contract with Nike. ]

Norris' best known work was a novel entitled McTeague (1899), which was later made into the epic lost silent film "Greed" (1924)by Erich von Stroheim. Here we see some striking synchromystic (and Scottish) similarities to one Scrooge McDuck (1st appearing in 1947) aka Uncle Scrooge or Thoth Duck. Although creator Carl Banks suggests the character was loosely based on Dickens' Scrooge from A Christmas Carol (1843); is it possible that McTeague might not be a truer source for Uncle Scrooge or at the very least a second "darker" source? The McTeague story is a sinister tale of greed, a love triangle, and murder. A bit too grim for a children's comic book duck surely, and yet the theme of greed, it's use of gold mines and scenes of characters rolling around in a sea of gold coins seem to mirror many of the images we see throughout the Scrooge McDuck universe.

In this quote from Wikipedia I sense a naivety in regards to the concept of the Masonic idea of "on the square" which perhaps gives us more true insight into the nature of our supposed dualistic Thoth duck.

"Carl Barks gave Scrooge a definite set of ethics that was in tone with the time he was supposed to have made his fortune. The robber barons and industrialists of the 1890–1920 era were McDuck's competition as he earned his fortune. Scrooge proudly asserts "I made it by being tougher than the toughies and smarter than the smarties! And I made it square!" It is obvious that Barks's creation is averse to dishonesty in the pursuit of money. When Disney filmmakers first contemplated a Scrooge feature cartoon in the fifties, the animators had no understanding of the Scrooge McDuck character and simply envisioned Scrooge as a duck version of Ebenezer Scrooge— a very unsympathetic character. In the end they shelved the idea because a duck who gets all excited about money just was not funny enough."

If you understand the Masonic intent, "making it square" (as in "fair" and square) takes on a different meaning than that put forth in the text above, does it not? In the same wikipedia entry for Scrooge McDuck we get repeated contradictions from Barks about his own character's nature. Although his quotes frequently suggest that Scrooge is a "good" capitalist and duck (he really only admits that he will defend what is his), Scrooge's own beginnings tell a different story, one of violence, and exploitation:

"Voodoo Hoodoo", first published in August 1949, was the first story to hint at Scrooge's past with the introduction of two figures from it. The first was Foola Zoola, an old African sorcerer and chief of the Voodoo tribe who had cursed Scrooge, seeking revenge for the destruction of his village and the taking of his tribe's lands by Scrooge decades ago.

Scrooge privately admitted to his nephews that he had used an army of "cutthroats" to get the tribe to abandon their lands, in order to establish a diamond-mining colony. The event was placed in 1879 during the story, but it would later be retconned to 1909 to fit with Scrooge's later-established personal history.

The second figure was Bombie the Zombie, the organ of the sorcerer's curse and revenge. He had reportedly sought Scrooge for decades before reaching Duckburg, mistaking Donald for Scrooge. Bombie was not really undead and Foola Zoola did not practice necromancy.

Comic character for kids indeed! We see the Disney machine at work here spinning a web of Masonic "hoodwinks" to generation after generation of unsuspecting young minds. A bizarre collection of connections, I agree but the wheels of this vast fraternal drama turn in the most mysterious of ways do they not? For me it is important to look as closely as we possibly can at the creators, story-tellers, and magicians of these understand them is to understand the real, and untold history of the world in which we live.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Goodbye Old Friend

Kaleigh Lockwood-Campbell passed June 15, 2007
She was the kindest soul I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Dawn in the 7th House?

Wow...It seems every blog I've looked at this week all seem to be headed for a collision course...perhaps that day is already planned for us 07/07/07

The NASA "Dawn" Mission to asteriods?/dwarf planets? Vesta/Ceres (yup that's right...a date with the goddess for 2015) which has been shuffled around for several years now, and scheduled most recently for June 30, 2007 has once again been held scheduled launch window. July 7, 2007. You don't say...? Lucky #7 for the universe.

Isis Unveiled indeed...

Spirals, Bees, Crop Circles, Stargates, and Atlantis abound as we draw closer and closer to savior Gore's Earth orgy (Banned in D.C. any Bad Brains fans out there?) or Live Earth as they are calling it. I for one can't wait to see what goes down on this holiest of holies. Clear out those TiVo's, change the battery on your laptop, it's going to be a busy few weeks...I can feel it, can't you?

Roll call for these recent entries...seeing any connections?:
The Wrong Way Wizard
Sabrina's Journey
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The synchromysticism is so thick right now you can cut it with a knife. A few random things I dug up yesterday as I was having this experience...Credit where credit is due. Hoi Polloi mastermind of Sabrina's Journey set me off with her "7 Stages of Alchemy" insights. Brilliant.

Is this the key to 7/7/7 Alchemy?...all the stories leading us to one place. The Christian creation of 7 Days, which spawned The 7 Virtues and 7 Deadly sins. The 7th Son of the 7th Son, The mythic 7 cities of Gold (any wonder there), The 7 Wonders of the World, from the heart of Iraq "The Arabian Nights" tales brought us The 7 Voyages of Sinbad. The proposed 7 Islands of Atlantis and even our beloved Disney's "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" The synchromystic hepatology of Harry Potter and "The Chronicles of Narnia" I could go on and on here but I think (hope) you get the picture.

Just ask Brad Pitt, maybe he knows...he seems to have been down this road or perhaps he's been chosen to lead us down this road. "SE7EN", "Seven Years in Tibet", and "Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas". We see our watery serpent friend (The Kracken/Octopus), and a compelling 9/11 Stargate in the mountains of Tibet. Let's not forget an oldie but goodie also from the Brad Pitt vault. The infamous "Ocean's 11" (9/11 Synchromystic media blitz). The remake (notice the wonderful "7" of the craps dice 7/11 anyone?) eerily was released on Pearl Harbor day 2001 as highlighted in blood red on the poster with the clever "Are you in or out?" tagline. Or is it "07" to point to the future...say, 2007?

Genesis "Seven Stones"
I heard the old man tell his tale:

Tinker, alone within a storm
And losing hope he clears the leaves beneath a tree
Seven stones
Lay on the ground
Within the seventh house a friend was found

And the changes of no consequence
Will pick up the reins from nowhere

Sailors, in peril on the sea
Amongst the waves a rock looms nearer not yet seen
They see a gull
Flying by
The captain turns the boat and he asks not why

And the changes of no consequence
Will pick up the reins from nowhere

Despair that tires the world
Brings the old man laughter
The laughter of the world only grieves him, believes him
The old man's guide is chance

I heard the old man tell his tale:

Farmer, who knows not when to sow
Consults the old man clutching money in his hand
With a shrug
The old man smiled
Took the money, left the farmer wild

And the changes of no consequence
Will pick up the reins from nowhere

Despair that tires the world
Brings the old man laughter
The laughter of the world only grieves him, believes him
The old man's guide is chance

Don't forget the 7 visible planets... and also the timeless battle between Pluto (Hades) and Ceres (Demeter) over daughter/wife Persephone, now being waged for planetary privledge? The war rages on, the universe of the ancients in flux? Has scientific classification played a role? I shall return to this particular story another day.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

New Kid on the Block

Hey readers! Check it out...I'm on the Occult of Personality podcast.

Thanks to Greg for having me on, it truly was an honor. I think it went well (although I was nervous as hell), the conversation was lively and interesting (IMHO)...what more could you want right? Who knows maybe I'll be asked back sometime. Enjoy, and listen to ALL his guests, it's a great show.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


The Ceres Death Ritual (Series) Part III:

"Children of the Corn?"

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Incubator of the Gods?

From "across the pond" a big cheers to Bev over at Exploring the Mysterious for posting the arrival of the 70 ton "Seed" at the Eden Project's facility in Cornwall, England. Touted as one of the biggest sculptures in history made from a single piece of rock. Fitting as they also sport the world's biggest plant Biomes. (Buckminster Fuller/"Silent Runnings" anyone?)

This is my first exposure to The Eden Project (around since March 2001), and I must say I was amazed at the amount of esoteric imagery that they themselves are consciously incorporating into their "project". Throughout the organizations website we see references to Fibonacci spirals (used in the design of both the "CORE" and the "SEED"), The Da Vinci Code, spaceships, even refering to the one-of-a-kind CORE educational center as a talismanic building. The landscape of the entire facility has been created using these same principles:
"Perhaps the most noticeable of these is the silver staircase on the western side of the pit, so called because, when lit up at night, it resembles a giant staircase running up the side of the landscape and ending at the majestic Cedar of Lebanon."

In a nice synch with the recent article (which I highly recommend) from Sabrina's Journey, an upcoming new addition to Eden will be a Children's garden in the form of, yup you already guessed it...a spiral.

A revolving door of local and international art is on display throughout the complex. Currently two interesting pieces are on display. "The Rites of Dionysus" sculptures by Tim Shaw and "Bee" by Robert Bradford

Turns out the Eden Project even hold regular concert/and theater series throughout the year within the CORE facility. Peter Gabriel will celebrate the "lowering" of the Seed into the Core on June 20th. James Morrison, Rufus Wainwright (pictured left as Grail Knight), Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen (be sure to check out Ben Fairhall's Venus and the Lily Parts One & Two ), and The Pet Shop Boys round out the summer music sessions.

All of this brought to you by the lottery...and another of those VERY large "M"s