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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I'm so hungry I could eat a...

Back at it...

The noose has been tightening worldwide as reports have been coming out all month in regards to various food related squeezes being generated.

Pearls before swine...

Canada has declared war on hogs (see the Ceres Death ritual articles for more about the significance of the slaughter of pigs during mid April) by paying farmers to cull hundreds of thousands of hogs across the country. Thanks to the U.N. and the global government a food scare, and overall reduction of world food supplies seems to be creeping out of the third world, and directly into our own backyard.

"If the government cannot lower the cost of living it simply has to leave. If the police and UN troops want to shoot at us, that's OK, because in the end, if we are not killed by bullets, we'll die of hunger." — A demonstrator in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Read Food Crisis: "The greatest demonstration of the historical failure of the capitalist model"

Everybody remember the food PYRAMID?

Then the rice scare...

Thailand, the world's biggest rice exporter, faces no shortage of the staple grain, even as its price has soared on global markets, the head of the country's rice exporter association said Tuesday.

Limits imposed by some U.S. stores on rice purchases has more to do with " panic" among consumers than any supply shortages in Thailand, said Chookiat Ophaswongse, president of the Rice Exporters Association.

"There is no shortage of rice," Chookiat said. "People are a bit panicked by getting news of this food crisis all over the world. Everybody starts stocking rice. Instead of buying one or two bags, they buy 10."

It will be interesting to see if one of the justifications made will suggest that fat Americans could use a starvation diet anyway...

Food as a weapon...a highlight of propaganda

Monday, April 28, 2008

Back from the swamp!

Thanks for checking in! I'll have new posts soon! GREAT articles being released by everyone this past month. Keep it up!