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Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Power of Christ Compels Her

A new video has surfaced which shows Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin receiving the word of GOD, as well as a protection spell from "witchcraft" from Kenyan Bishop Thomas Muthee. The ceremony was performed back in October 2005 at Wasilla Assembly of God Church in Alaska, when then Mayor Palin was running for Governor of Alaska.

"Protection from Evil" one of the many Cleric Spells available to you in Dungeons and Dragons

According to wikipedia Thomas Muthee is no stranger to battles of a spiritual nature:

"Muthee and his wife returned home to Kenya from Scotland, where he had finished his graduate studies, in 1988. They soon felt that they were "called by God to Kiambu" and after six months of prayer, research, and "spiritual mapping," they came to believe that a witch known as "Mama Jane" was the cause of crime and spiritual oppression in the area. Muthee alleged that "top government and business leaders [were] afraid to do anything without her approval," that at least one person per month would die in a car accident in front of her "divination house" (otherwise known as Emmanuel Clinic), and that she harassed his congregation. According to Muthee, soon after his followers began to pray that God would either save or oust Mama Jane, three young people died in another apparent accident in front of Mama Jane's clinic. The angry townsfolk wanted to stone her in retaliation, and when the police entered Mama Jane's home to intervene, they were apparently startled by what they believed to be a demon and shot her pet python to death. Mama Jane was then questioned by police, after which she left town.Since then, Muthee has frequently referred to his witch-hunt as an example of successful spiritual warfare.

Originally found at Vadimus Post of Denis Campbell

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Hidden Hand

From September 24, 2008

Man in frenzied attack on priest after watching The Da Vinci Code

A Rome priest is fighting for his life after being stabbed in the neck and stomach by a deranged man who had just watched the film The Da Vinci Code on television.

Eyewitnesses said that Marco Luzi, 25, asked to see Father Canio Canistri, 68, parish priest at the church of Santa Marcella in the San Saba district on the Aventine Hill, and then attacked him with a knife hidden in a cloth. An elderly parishioner who came to the priest's aid is also in serious condition.

A Peruvian childminder and a policeman were also injured as the assailant fled through a nearby park. Police said Mr Luzi, a former medical student with a history of psychiatric problems, had admitted watching the film version of Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code on television the night before the frenzied assault.

At his flat nearby, where he lived with his mother Paola, investigators found material on the Apocalypse and the anti-Christ, and the telephone number of L'Osservatore Romano, the Vatican newspaper.

There was also a large reproduction of Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper, which is at the heart of the mystery in The Da Vinci Code, with a note pointing to one of the disciples reading: "This is the hand in which a knife is hidden".

Police also found a box on which was written "In here are the keys to the Sixth and Seventh Seals, closed by order of Satan and Jesus Christ. Give all these things to the Pope."

A rambling note read: "Between my death and my return many grave events will take place, years will pass, perhaps centuries. Christianity will be reviewed in the light of the new alliance between Jesus and the Madonna". Other notes referred to Islam, Satanism and robots.[Mary Time & Robots WOW!]

Luzi told police: "I am the anti-Christ”, and said he had heard voices telling him to attack the priest, adding: "I have carried out my mission". In his pockets investigators found a rosary and a note reading "This is just the beginning: 666", the mystical number said to refer to Satan.

Neighbours said that Mr Luzi was "a loner, a solitary introvert who sometimes quarrelled violently with his mother". Doctors said Father Canistri was in intensive care, while the pensioner who went to his aid at the church, Antonio Farrace, 78, a retired policeman, was also "in serious condition".

The Peruvian nanny, ROSEMARY Sotero Rivera, 37, was attacked by Luzi as he ran through a park after fleeing from the church. Witnesses said she threw herself on the three year old girl in her charge to protect her, and was stabbed in the shoulder.

Mr Luzi was then chased by two policemen on motorcycles who dismounted and tackled him. "We couldn't fire our weapons, there were too many bystanders" said Luca Gori, 41, one of the police officers, who was lightly wounded in the stomach during the struggle with Luzi, who was covered in blood and still armed.

Parishioners on the Aventine Hill said Father Canistri, like many other parish priests, had repeatedly expressed concern over breaks ins and thefts at the church, and had asked his congregation to be "vigilant". Gianni Alemanno, the mayor of Rome, congratulated the police for capturing the attacker, and said the assault "once again shows that mental disorders amount to a social emergency".

For more on the most recent stabbings see: PseudoOccultMedia's

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thought Crime '08

Having a bad day? Angry with your government? Better watch where you go if you have a CHIP on your shoulder or they'll be putting one in your head too.

I know we've been hearing about invasive security systems for a while now but it seems we're one step closer (as we usually are by the time WE even hear about them) to one being a reality. This today from Fox News:

Most preventive screening looks for explosives or metals that pose a threat. But a new system called MALINTENT [click here for the video] turns the old school approach on its head. This Orwellian-sounding machine detects the person — not the device — set to wreak havoc and terror.

MALINTENT, the brainchild of the cutting-edge Human Factors division in Homeland Security's directorate for Science and Technology, searches your body for non-verbal cues that predict whether you mean harm to your fellow passengers.

It has a series of sensors and imagers that read your body temperature, heart rate and respiration for unconscious tells invisible to the naked eye — signals terrorists and criminals may display in advance of an attack.

But this is no polygraph test. Subjects do not get hooked up or strapped down for a careful reading; those sensors do all the work without any actual physical contact. It's like an X-ray for bad intentions.

Currently, all the sensors and equipment are packaged inside a mobile screening laboratory about the size of a trailer or large truck bed, and just last week, Homeland Security put it to a field test in Maryland, scanning 144 mostly unwitting human subjects.

While I'd love to give you the full scoop on the unusual experiment, testing is ongoing and full disclosure would compromise future tests.

But what I can tell you is that the test subjects were average Joes living in the D.C. area who thought they were attending something like a technology expo; in order for the experiment to work effectively and to get the testing subjects to buy in, the cover story had to be convincing.

While the 144 test subjects thought they were merely passing through an entrance way, they actually passed through a series of sensors that screened them for bad intentions.

Homeland Security also selected a group of 23 attendees to be civilian "accomplices" in their test. They were each given a "disruptive device" to carry through the portal — and, unlike the other attendees, were conscious that they were on a mission.

In order to conduct these tests on human subjects, DHS had to meet rigorous safety standards to ensure the screening would not cause any physical or emotional harm.

So here's how it works. When the sensors identify that something is off, they transmit warning data to analysts, who decide whether to flag passengers for further questioning. The next step involves micro-facial scanning, which involves measuring minute muscle movements in the face for clues to mood and intention.

Homeland Security has developed a system to recognize, define and measure seven primary emotions and emotional cues that are reflected in contractions of facial muscles. MALINTENT identifies these emotions and relays the information back to a security screener almost in real-time.

This whole security array — the scanners and screeners who make up the mobile lab — is called "Future Attribute Screening Technology" — or FAST — because it is designed to get passengers through security in two to four minutes, and often faster.

If you're rushed or stressed, you may send out signals of anxiety, but FAST isn't fooled. It's already good enough to tell the difference between a harried traveler and a terrorist. Even if you sweat heavily by nature, FAST won't mistake you for a baddie.

"If you focus on looking at the person, you don't have to worry about detecting the device itself," said Bob Burns, MALINTENT's project leader. And while there are devices out there that look at individual cues, a comprehensive screening device like this has never before been put together.

While FAST's batting average is classified, Undersecretary for Science and Technology Adm. Jay Cohen declared the experiment a "home run."

As cold and inhuman as the electric eye may be, DHS says scanners are unbiased and nonjudgmental. "It does not predict who you are and make a judgment, it only provides an assessment in situations," said Burns. "It analyzes you against baseline stats when you walk in the door, it measures reactions and variations when you approach and go through the portal."

But the testing — and the device itself — are not without their problems. This invasive scanner, which catalogues your vital signs for non-medical reasons, seems like an uninvited doctor's exam and raises many privacy issues.

But DHS says this is not Big Brother. Once you are through the FAST portal, your scrutiny is over and records aren't kept. "Your data is dumped," said Burns. "The information is not maintained — it doesn't track who you are."

DHS is now planning an even wider array of screening technology, including an eye scanner next year and pheromone-reading technology by 2010.

The team will also be adding equipment that reads body movements, called "illustrative and emblem cues." According to Burns, this is achievable because people "move in reaction to what they are thinking, more or less based on the context of the situation."

FAST may also incorporate biological, radiological and explosive detection, but for now the primary focus is on identifying and isolating potential human threats.

And because FAST is a mobile screening laboratory, it could be set up at entrances to stadiums, malls and in airports, making it ever more difficult for terrorists to live and work among us.

Burns noted his team's goal is to "restore a sense of freedom." Once MALINTENT is rolled out in airports, it could give us a future where we can once again wander onto planes with super-sized cosmetics and all the bottles of water we can carry — and most importantly without that sense of foreboding that has haunted Americans since Sept. 11.

Allison Barrie, a security and terrorism consultant with the Commission for National Security in the 21st Century, is FOX News' security columnist.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Careful with that WWW, U-Gene

Thanks to Alan Watt for discussing and posting this HIGHLY interesting article from the BBC which quotes CERN & World Wide Web (666) WHITE KNIGHT Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

Sir Tim told BBC News that there needed to be new systems that would give websites a label for trustworthiness once they had been proved reliable sources.

"On the web the thinking of cults can spread very rapidly and suddenly a cult which was 12 people who had some deep personal issues suddenly find a formula which is very believable," he said. "A sort of conspiracy theory of sorts and which you can imagine spreading to thousands of people and being deeply damaging."

Sounds wonderful, no? Accredited websites for those who follow the agenda...guess it might make knowing who's who a little easier though...not much room for synchromysticism...unless, ummm, hmmm?

Brother, Can you spare a Templar Note?

Have a great weekend!

Ron Paul with a rather enlightened view of the economic crisis, I wish he was as forthcoming about the facade which is the United States Constitution.

TOUCHED by an Angel

The blind leading the blind???...Pygar of Barbarella (above)

From Thursday September 18th's TIME Magazine more from the realm of Valis?:

More than half of all Americans believe they have been helped by a guardian angel in the course of their lives, according to a new poll by the Baylor University Institute for Studies of Religion. In a poll of 1700 respondents, 55% answered affirmatively to the statement, "I was protected from harm by a guardian angel." The responses defied standard class and denominational assumptions about religious belief; the majority held up regardless of denomination, region or education — though the figure was a little lower (37%) among respondents earning more than $150,000 a year.

The guardian angel encounter figures were "the big shocker" in the report, says Christopher Bader, director of the Baylor survey that covered a range of religious issues, parts of which are being released Thursday in a book titled What Americans Really Believe. In the case of angels, however, the question is a little stronger than just belief. Says Bader, "If you ask whether people believe in guardian angels, a lot of people will say, 'sure.' But this is different. It's experiential. It means that lots of Americans are having these lived supernatural experiences."

Sociologists may need further research to determine how broadly the data should be interpreted. The Baylor study tested other statements that might indicate a similar belief in the supernatural intruding into everyday personal experience — "I heard the voice of God speaking to me"; and "I received a miraculous physical healing." But far fewer people claimed to have had those experiences. This raises the possibility that guardian angels, which famously support an industry of sentimental accessories, are just so darned attractive that they exist in a charmed belief niche of their own.

But other factors may be in play. On one end of the spectrum of American religion are the analytical churches, on both the right and the left theologically and politically, which are primarily concerned with establishing Biblical principles to live by — and are suspicious of any modern-day irruption of the supernatural into religious life. Their miracles all took place in the Bible. At the opposite end of the spectrum are the more experiential churches, like many African-American denominations and those in the Pentecostal movement, that lay heavy emphasis on the workings of the Holy Spirit, where the supernatural, through gifts like healing, prophesying and speaking in tongues, makes regular visits in the pews. In the middle are sacramental faiths like Roman Catholicism, where the supernatural has a regular place on the altar (after all, the Eucharist is said to be the literal body and blood of Christ) but one that occurs only within the restrictions of very specific ritual.

What's interesting about the Baylor findings on guardian angel experiences is that they cross all boundaries. They have scriptural writ (in Psalm 91 and elsewhere). They are clearly experiential. And guardian angels are a prominent part of Catholic belief that happens to float freely outside of a sacrament. The cross-spectrum legitimacy of the notion of angelic interventions may free Americans to engage in the kind of folk faith that is part of almost any religious system but is not always officially acknowledged.

Randall Balmer, chairman of the religion department at New York's Barnard College, says that the Baylor angel figures are one in a periodic series of indications that "Americans live in an enchanted world," and engage in a kind of casual mysticism independent of established religious ritual, doctrine or theology. "There is," he says, a "much broader uncharted range of religious experience among the populace than we expect." Just possibly, Baylor has begun to chart it.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

You know who U are!

Friend of The Looking Glass, Ralph Buckley's first actual appearance here is a good one (for all of those out there who know)! Ben Fairhall at The Behemoth Trilogy of sites gives a tip of the hat today as well! We encourage those of you with a love of life and hope for all of us to check out Ralph's output!

Also a small tribute to Rick Wright of Pink Floyd fame who passed this week...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Starman: The Strange Case of Steve Fossett UPDATED

Just over one year ago, I covered the disappearance of Aviator Steve Fossett in a series of articles. [1, 2, 3, 4, 5] This past week A.V. Michaels host of Surfing The Tao posted a link to a most interesting development in the story. It has been claimed that an individual named "Jerry" has had some form of telepathic communication with Mr. Fossett. After having read the "transcript" which was supposedly received on March 25th, 2008, I am personally skeptical of it's content but given the VALIS nature of it's transmission, I felt compelled to at least post it here for my readers consideration. The introduction comes from Jason A. Hendricks of "The Adventurist" . I apologize for the length of the text but obviously wish to provide it here in it's entirety.

Legendary adventurer and aviator Stephen Fossett disappeared over Labor Day weekend in 2007. His disappearance would spark the nation’s largest search and rescue effort in history and pave the way for many theories and speculations on what exactly took place. To this day, he has never been heard from, nor found. That is, until now.

The Adventurist received an interesting comment today from someone claiming to be speaking with the legendary adventurer. This person has released an interview to The Adventurist, from the famed aviator, supposedly taking place on March 25, 2008–six months after Mr. Fossett’s disappearance. The interview will be featured momentarily.

First, I must add that I am not here to say this is real or imagined. I take no responsibility for any claims or retribution associated with this Interview and am only presenting it as it has been presented to myself. The commenter on my site shared the information, of which I am now sharing with you. I will let all of you be the judge to the merits of this and of what is actually taking place, while holding no responsibility in regards to this being true or the actual facts presented.

Hi Jason, I see you have a deep interest in Steve Fossett’s disappearance. I would like to share a whole new explanation as to what happened.

This is the first transmission my friend Jerry received from STEVE FOSSETT.
Jerry is regularly is contacted with many off planet beings and people from the past and future…. Sometimes he wonders what the hell is going on…. but is open to it all and I guess it is all happening for reason. I have seen him receiving this information and I was present when Steve was communicating with Jerry in one of the transmissions and Steve refers to me in a couple of the texts. He does this through his computer. He has thoughts enter his mind and he speaks what they are into a mic and a voice activation software as he is dyslexic. This make not make sense to some and some might get very interested. Not sure where you are spiritual path of awakening but read it before you judge or even better don’t judge…




March 25, 2008

This transmission is an attempt by Steve Fossett to communicate after he disappeared on September 3, 2007.

My name is Steven Fossett. On September 3, 2007, while I was flying over the Nevada desert, I was directed to a place of undetermined origin, which at this time, I must be quite vague about. This place allowed me to enter a creosonic portal. This portal forms a folded vacuum into a much higher frequency, which allows me to experience a whole new concept of living. I was asked if I would travel into this opening into a higher frequency and share my experience with others. I decided to take on this huge task.

It has been very interesting with the people I can communicate with from here. There are many more out there that are capable of breaking through this frequency barrier than I realized. Now that the Earth has started a new adventure into a more complex way of functioning, there will be many new processes that we have never experienced before as we go into this new time period. I am in touch with my wife and some of my friends. I will be in this condition for some time, until I adapt to this higher frequency. What I would like to do with the ones I can connect with is to have some of them, with their permission, to join me to experience what I’m going through, because there is no possible way this can be explained from where you preside at this time. It does not matter how open you are to new phenomena, without experiencing it on your own, you will never have a full understanding of this experience.

When you get into this new energetic field, you have no physical or mental weight holding you down. Therefore, it is very hard to return to the normal life you had prior to this. I’m not sure if I will return or not, it all depends on where I can do the most good.Apparently, I was picked before my birth for this project. This is why I have led such a dramatic life, with all the projects and experiences I have gone through.

I have been playing around for some time with the understanding of how to enter into this creosonic. On September 5th, I finally was able to travel into one of these voids. Everything in this voided collage has to be experienced and reacted to in a whole different manner than you normally use in a third dimensional program. Simple things like walking upstairs or drinking from a glass of water and compensating for centrifugal force. Everything has to be rewritten from the norm that you are used to. The fact that you don’t have to deal with mental or physical weight is a big plus. All your thoughts are in a pure form and have no destructive force behind them. Your physical body has absolutely no discomfort. Every move you make is very pure and precise. There isn’t a real easy way to explain this procedure because of the lack of referrals that are available. My dilemma is whether to return to my original physical state and deal with the denseness and discomfort. Returning does not seem very promising to me.

JB: Are you able to pick up on my transmission at this time? Okay, let’s give it a try and see if you can pick up on my questions. What is the reason you have taken on this project? Is this something that you have been planning for a long time and are their alien beings involved?

Stephen: First thing, I have a question. Yes, I am picking up on your transmission but am not quite sure how this is taking place. Are you working through a computer? Okay, I heard that and it seems to be working very well. All is coming through very clear. You asked me why I have taken on this project. Apparently, from what I am receiving from my Pleiatian friends over here, is that this has been in the planning stage prior to my birth. Some of us at this time apparently are being groomed to guide the ones that are crossing over to the new wave link. This new wave link is a beginning of a frequency that we will all be part of in the near future. There is no way to describe the feeling that I have been introduced to into this new dimension.

I see you’ve just noticed how time is enhanced by quite a bit while we are communicating. Also, there are a number of you at this time that have been chosen, with your permission, to experience what I am going through in this transformation inlock that is in the process at this time. I would suggest you not drink water while you’re working in this new timeline that you are experiencing at the moment. The reason you coughed when you took a drink is that you are not swallowing in coordination with pouring the water down your throat. This is what I was telling you. Everything has to be relearned when working in a creosonic frequency. You must be noticing by now the light feeling that is being projected into your atmosphere. So what is happening is you’re getting a small taste of this higher frequency. Are you aware of this?

JB: Yes I am. Something is becoming very calm in my system at this time. I also am sensing some life force around me in my office at this time. Is this anything to do with our connection?

Stephen: What you are feeling is not any kind of entity or life form. It is an energetic field that you have surrounded yourself with to connect with the force that we are working with. You’re not even aware that you have done this. This is something that will be explained to you at another time.

I have been experiencing a lot of new and exciting processes living in a whole new environment. This is what I will bring back with me if I decide to come back to the third dimensional realm. It’s not something that you would want to experience. Once you come over here and experience this wonderful way of life, it doesn’t make much sense to return. The only reason I would return is if it would benefit the rest of you that are coming over, and also to see my family and friends. I still have much to experience here, so we will see what happens.

JB: From what I understand, this whole process you are experiencing has been put into place by the Pleiatians, is this correct? Also, can you describe anything about their culture? I have heard many wonderful things about them.

Stephen: Yes, they are quite amazing beings. They have a lot to do with our culture and helping us raise our spiritual awareness. I’m not in complete communication with them at this time, even though I am experiencing their energy field, our communication line is still in its infancy stage. There is something I can do already at this point; I can pass on how to process energy that will lighten the load where you are now. Apparently a third dimensional experience in the physical body as a human in one of the most difficult life experiences available.

JB: Do you have any idea how we got connected?

Stephen: Yes, I’m sure it was the Pleiatians. You might keep the awareness that you have when you feel them now, so you are aware when they return. What I have learned more than anything over here the last six months is how the Pleiatians process thought, so we can interject with them. Apparently, you have been working with them recently in conjunction with multiple thought processing so that you can create some sort of large community in a new dimension.

I was first contacted in the spring of 1957 by the Pleiatians. This is when they first started grooming me throughout my life for the project I’m involved with now. I had to be mentally, physically and spiritually prepared to handle the process I am experiencing. If I decide to stay here and work from here, there will be a prop created of myself and the plane I was flying to look like there was some sort of mishap. It will look like I was killed in this mishap.

JB: I was just informed that you were tied in with the Rapidoriens near the Steen Mountains of Oregon. This isn’t all that far from the Nevada desert where your airplane was reported missing. Are you familiar at all with what I am presenting to you?

Stephen: Yes! Do you know this area?

JB: Absolutely! My friends and I spent a number of nights camped out in this area last summer. Are you tied in with any of this at all?

Stephen: This is very interesting. The area you are describing to me is one of the main gathering points for different space entities to congregate. This is so amazing how they have lined us up to interact with each other to work on this huge project that is about to take place.

JB: Are you aware of this new city or community that is about to come together? Also, are you aware of where this is supposed to take place?

Stephen: I am a little confused on where this property presides. I do know what you are referring to when you say the new city.

JB: I am a little confused on how we are communicating. Are we communicating telepathically or is there a method that I am not familiar with?

Stephen: There must be different groups that are working with us and helping us communicate because I’m not completely literate in mental transformation and I don’t believe you are either. This is very exciting! Whatever, it is working well. Somehow, you and all your friends have created an energy force that is pulling this all together. It is very powerful. Give me a little time and see if I can tie some loose ends together here and see what is going on. I do not know who the Rapidoriens are, but they must by somehow tied in with the Pleiatians because their energy fields match very close.

JB: Are you familiar with the red lines that appear in the dry lake in the Alvord desert of Oregon?

Stephen: Yes, very much so. I do not know how to read them but I know they are an accordance pattern for different visitors from all over the galaxy.

JB: My biggest curiosity is over whether you can explain where you are and what you’re doing at this time? Do you have friends and people you are working with in this different frequency?

Stephen: There are many different entrances and exits into all realities. As soon as you understand this concept, retrain yourself to become aware of these phenomena’s. This gives you much more freedom in traveling inter-dimensionally. That is what I’m basically doing, learning and understanding how these different portals connect to each other and what their purpose is. My biggest question is, where the hell did this all come from? It is totally amazing how perfectly coordinated everything is between hyperspace. What happens when you go into these so-called different frequencies isn’t what you think. You are venturing into a new and strange world. Basically, you’re going back to where you originated from. Even though it seems a little strange, you also have a sense of going home and being around the ones that you knew from some other life experience.

I know what you’re thinking, would it be like going to the spirit world? Not really, because you still have a physical body. In the spirit world you have given that physical existence up. I am trying to think of an analogy that will give you some reference point on what the difference is. The only thing I can come up with is to think of yourself living in a giant mansion with many rooms. Your whole family is in this mansion, living in a basement with no window. You and your family start to go room to room. You begin in the basement where there are no windows and you keep going up higher and higher in the mansion where the windows are. This allows you to see much more. It’s all the same structure. It just has a better view the higher you go up. You are currently in the basement, which I would call third dimension. It has no view and no understanding of much of anything else.

The second part of your question concerns whether I have friends and people I know in these different realms? Of course! Looking at it from your view it would be like going back to other lifetimes or other dimensional experiences. However, when you are in this frequency there is no such thing as going back or forward because time does not come into play. This is why explaining anything from here to somebody who is in the basement isn’t understandable. Those in the basement base everything on time. Most of you at this point should know that time is such a small amount of a physical experience. Go ahead with your next question.

JB: Do you see the Earth now like you did when you were here?

Stephen: Let’s go back to the mansion again. If you’re out of the basement and into the second-story, where there are windows, you are given much more of an advantageous view than you had in the basement, but you still remember you life in the basement. So the question is, “Do I see the earth like I did when I was there?” The answer would be, ” Yes, but I also see much more because I’m up where the windows are; where the light and sun is coming in and allowing me a much more beautiful picture. All my friends that I’ve known forever are here too. But remember, it’s not like going back to a past anything because we’re not dealing in time now. We are dealing in frequency. So it is not like going home to my old friends. It is like being with my same friends and never leaving. As I said, we are not dealing with time. This is not a simple process of allusion to explain unless you are actually here to experience this.

JB: You say you communicate with your wife, does she understand the concept you just explained?

Stephen: She does not need to know this information because it is not necessary where she is in her evolving patterns. Like many of you, I have this tremendous drive to understand. If you do not have this intention, it will not come to you. You’ve heard many times that energy follows energy. This is why people get so frustrated trying to figure out more than you are capable of. This could drive you crazy.

Another question you had about Oprah Winfrey opening up many people to this new concept. I really can’t tell you much about that other than it’s all part of a plan. It seems to be very powerful method for her to open up all these new avenues. You have another question. What do we see when we go into different dimensions or different frequencies, however, you want to say it. Remember, your main point of reference comes off your feelings. It’s not what you see. So basically, you feel the transition. You don’t see much of anything because your eyes are only good for subsequently taking care of your everyday needs in a physical body. I hope this answers your questions. It is not the easiest thing to answer many of your questions because of the little you see from living in the basement.

There is one thing that is a little amazing. It’s all the different toys and gadgets that are laying around here, like the airplane I was flying, from people that have entered into the void, this dimensional interchange.
(((((((((The following showed up on the computer when JB returned from a short break. He was told that this is Stephen trying to communicate with the computer directly.) I know who is a this is a visible go a is is as is she is much she is me is as is his is a she is this is as it is this is a this is this is as it is this and this are as is this is are as this is are this is this is as this is this this this this in her this your this is this is this is t his is your this is a this this is this this is him as his are there is your own a much is a just and this is the way or a one of allow all she you can log to of the ego is okay)))))

JB: My question is did you try to write something on my computer while I was taking a nap and if you did, what were you trying to say? As you can see, it does not make any sense.

Stephen: Once I realized you had a voice actuated computer, I thought I would give it a try. Actually, I did feel it was a success even though it did not make much sense, at least I got it started. If you don’t mind, we can try this again when you go back to bed. If you just leave the microphone on and see what happens. By the way, I’m not doing this by myself, we are receiving plenty of help, we have some mutual friends that are working quite hard to make this all happen.

JB: I am looking forward to see what happens. I have more questions, did you have to completely release the ego before you could go into this higher realm?

Stephen: I’m not sure how to answer this, the ego has been blamed for everything that goes wrong. When they worked with me and my imbalanced condition, the Pleiatians throughout the years had groomed me so I was able to take on this project. They basically kept my mental processing part of my mind from being out of control. As you know by now, thought is the key creative factor in everything that happens and by allowing everything to be in perfection and not try to change it, keeps you balanced to a point that allows the next realm to be available to cross into. That is what a number of you are doing now is preparing to go into a new realm, and the neat part of it is, it is a frequency that you are creating yourself by using collective consciousness. The ones that read this transmission and understand what I am presenting to you now will be the ones that will not only create this frequency, but will live in it while the rest of the worlds population continues doing its thing, which is basically following the thought patterns of the masses. So, if you want to look at the future, all you have to do is see what the average thought pattern is putting out. I’m sure you know what I mean.

JB: Very interesting answer, I think I will contemplate on that for awhile and see what I come up with. So basically, when you say they groomed you for this mission it’s just showed you how to keep your thoughts from getting out of control so you’re not destroying everything that you’re creating. Is this pretty much what they did with you?

Stephen: Very good, it’s all in perspective; you can see the glass full or you can see the glass more than full. I will leave that one for you to work out.

JB: I like that answer, it covered a lot of ground in a short time. When you’re tempted to write on the computer, is there a message that you can share with us about what you were trying to say?

Stephen: Nothing that can’t wait. I would like to try it more and see if I can make some sense with it. One thing I would like to share with you is how easy it is to stop the aging process. Once you learn to harness your thinking and keep those thoughts directed totally on creation, apparently you have been studying this, this is the key to allowing perfect health and longevity. It’s also good to eat well but the big one is it’s all good to think well, mental transporting with thoughts that are building and not tearing down is your goal. This basically is what they put me through since I was twelve years old. This is why it was so easy for me to live the life I did without fear. I understand in your mind, breaking records looks like an ego experience in a lot of cases it is, but in other cases it isn’t. What I went through pushing to the max to learn not to have fear of anything, this is how I had to do it. As you know now, fear is the biggest deterrent of any commodity that you preside in.

JB: Is it true that coming in on this plane that we live on, that it is one of the most difficult experiences there is and once you accomplish this, there is a large growth pattern that is a result from this experience?

Stephen: I know what you are saying makes a lot of sense but remember, just because I’m in this new vibration doesn’t mean I have answers to everything. So, those kinds of questions are something you will have to hold for someone that has a bigger window than I do.

JB: I have one more question. If we go out to the desert periodically, where the Rapidoriens preside, would this be a good place to start connecting with you and the Pleiatians?

Stephen: Absolutely! I can see you have been already led to this energetic site which is powerful, you should to a lot of growing there. Must go now, I will talk to you soon. James Stephen Fossett.

Overkill in Russia

this gruesome report out of Russia...the original story itself dates back to June of this year but anyone who follows Loren Coleman's Copycat Effect will no doubt take note of the 666 stabbings, and it's relation to stabbings across Asia.

A gang of alleged Satanist cannibals has been accused of dismembering and eating four Russian teenagers in a series of gruesome cult killings.

The remains of a 16-year-old boy and three girls aged 16 and 17 were discovered in a pit near the home of the alleged ringleader in the Yaroslavl region. The remains of a rat tied to an upturned cross marked the spot where they had been executed.

The eight suspected killers told police that they had stabbed their victims 666 times, in line with Satanic ritual, before cooking parts of their flesh over a bonfire to eat. Investigators found tufts of hair from the teenagers, in the ashes of the fire.

The victims, Varya Kuzmina, Anya Gorokhova, Olga Pukhova and Andrei Sorokin, were lured to their deaths in the woods after being plied with alcohol in a cemetery close to the home of the alleged gang leader Nikolai Ogolobyak.

They had apparently been singled out by the Satanists because they were fans of "Goth" music and fashion. One of the girls was said to have had a document titled "101 rules of Satanism" among her belongings.

The gang told police that their newest member, a 19-year-old university student, was coated in the blood of their victims as an initiation ceremony. The group then lit a fire and ate body parts before burying the dismembered remains.

The victims all went missing in June but police in Yaroslavl did not discover their remains until last month. They initially arrested four men and a woman, who led them to three others, including a man who had checked himself into a local psychiatric hospital.

The man, Anton Makovkin, allegedly claimed that Satan would help him to escape responsibility because he had made "many sacrifices to him". Another gang member, Alexander Voronov, told police in a statement that they had visited a cemetery in 2006 and dug up a fresh grave to eat the heart of a girl buried there.

The same group had also crucified a cat and attacked graves and crosses in the cemetery earlier this year before killing the teenagers. Police discovered the remains after learning that the victims had all made telephone calls to Mr Ogolobyak, a former church choirboy who called himself The Count.

Russia has a history of gruesome killings. The so-called "chessboard killer" Alexander Pichushkin was convicted of 48 murders and three attempted murders last October after he told a court that he had wanted to kill enough people to fill all 64 squares on a chessboard.

He claimed to have murdered 63 people in a bid to overtake the country's worst serial killer, the notorious "Rostov ripper" Andrei Chikatilo, who was executed by firing squad in 1994 for the deaths of 52 women and children.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Hitting a HOME RUN

A picture is worth a thousand words...

Shortly after posting "America's "PAST" Time?" earlier this afternoon one of the most active Masonic based blogs out there [The Burning Taper or perhaps the HOT COCK] picked up on my article and posted the following would seem that Masonry and baseball for that matter have more to do with Sex Magick than my supposed preoccupations with "numerology" and all things "conspiracy" related. Well duh...thanks for the ENLIGHTENMENT guys. I'd love to see the Burning Taper give us the "ins and outs" of Masonic sex practices on a more regular basis.

Yesterday's Sports Illustrated ran a story, and the BBC posted an interview with historian Julian Pooley, indicating that "America's pastime," the game of baseball, may actually have been imported from England.

A diary entry from 1755, 84 years before Abner Doubleday mythically "invented" baseball, suggests that it was commonly played in the British Isles. (I found no evidence that Doubleday, the U.S. captain later promoted to general who fired the first Union cannonball at Fort Sumter which began the American Civil War, was a Freemason, but he was a prominent member and president of the Theosophical Society.)

During this time period in Britain, a "new" group called the Freemasons was also became popular way to wile away the hours.

The numerology-and-conspiracy obsessed blog Through the Looking Glass today upped the ante with a reference to baseball's origins being Masonic. Quoting Randy Lavello's article on, they give us:
"Baseball was obviously created by Freemasons, as it bears the unmistakable marks of Freemasonry. The field, from home plate to the left and right field wall forms a compass; the entire outfield wall is the semicircle which this compass draws. Upside-down, overlapping this compass, the bases form the square. Thus, the baseball field is the emblem of Freemasonry. Three strikes and three outs were assigned because three is the principle sacred number of Freemasonry. Four is a number of significance because it represents a square (the shape) and deals with the four directions, thus: four balls, four bases. Nine is sacred because it is three squared... there are nine fielding positions and nine innings. This brings us to a total of twenty-seven outs per team a game…and guess what? Twenty-seven, along with eighty-one, are the only two sacred numbers greater than ten. Though eighty-one doesn't occur in baseball, because of the presence of two nines (fielders and innings) it's appropriate to mention the reason eighty-one is so revered: the multiples of nine, 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, 81, and 90 form a mirror image between the numbers 45 and 54. Also, each one of these numbers equal nine when adding the two integers which comprise the number: 18- 1+8 = 9; 27- 2+7 =9; etc. Because of this, nine times nine was deemed a 'high' number. This further explains the near obsession with numbers surrounding baseball averages, home runs, ERA's, etc. It is truly a game for numerologists.
The diary entry by English lawyer William Bray dated Easter Monday, 31 March 1755, reads like this:
Went to Stoke Ch. This morning. After Dinner Went to Miss Jeale's to play at Base Ball with her, the 3 Miss Whiteheads, Miss Billinghurst, Miss Molly Flutter, Mr. Chandler, Mr. Ford & H. Parsons & Jelly. Drank Tea and stayed till 8.
Six women, four men, and jelly? Hmmm....

As most of us know, playing baseball has another meaning, a sort of code for sex.

Remember the first time you "got to first base"? Or "scored"? Or "drove it home."

As we've supposed here on The Taper before, the Masonic square and compasses may represent the merging of earth and sky, and by extension, the sexual union between man and woman which results in new life, or "Generation," symbolized by the letter G.

And as our brothers in the Royal Order of Jesters have shown us over and over, the Jesters' use of the word "mirth" is code for "sex."

Therefore, it is not without merit to contemplate whether attorney William Bray, the diarist, was a Mason — highly likely given his profession, location and era — and that the "base ball" game he "played at" with six women and three other men was a sexual orgy or group sexual ritual.

After all, sex is America's (and the world's) real pasttime.

We need look not further than Albert Pike's "Morals and Dogma" for further explanation:

Morals and Dogma: Consistory: XXXII. Sublime of the Royal Secret pg. 850-51

The SQUARE is an instrument adapted for plane surfaces only, and therefore appropriate to Geometry, or measurement of the Earth, which appears to be, and was by the Ancients supposed to be, a plane. The COMPASS is an instrument that has relation to spheres and spherical surfaces, and is adapted to spherical trigonometry, or that branch of mathematics which deals with the Heavens and the orbits of the planetary bodies.

The SQUARE, therefore, is a natural and appropriate Symbol of this Earth and the things that belong to it, are of it, or concern it. The Compass is an equally natural and appropriate Symbol of the Heavens, and of all celestial things and celestial natures.

You see at the beginning of this reading, an old Hermetic Symbol, copied from the "MATERIA PRIMA" of Valentinus, printed at Franckfurt, in 1613, with a treatise entitled "AZOTH." Upon it you see a Triangle upon a Square, both of these contained in a circle; and above this, standing upon a dragon, a human body, with two arms only, but two heads, one male and the other female. By the side of the male head is the Sun, and by that of the female head, the Moon, the crescent within the circle of the full moon. And the hand on the male side holds a Compass, and that on the female side, a Square.

It is the great, fertile, beautiful MOTHER, Earth, that produces, with limitless profusion of beneficence, everything that ministers to the needs, to the comfort, and to the luxury of man. From her teeming and inexhaustible bosom come the fruits, the grain, the flowers, in their season. From it comes all that feeds the animals which serve man as laborers and for food. She, in the fair..

p. 851

..Springtime, is green with abundant grass, and the trees spring from her soil, and from her teeming vitality take their wealth of green leaves. In her womb are found the useful and valuable minerals; hers are the seas the swarm with life; hers the rivers that furnish food and irrigation, and the mountains that send down the streams which swell into these rivers; hers the forests that feed the sacred fires for the sacrifices, and blaze upon the domestic hearths. The EARTH, therefore, the great PRODUCER, was always represented as a female, as the MOTHER,--Great, Bounteous, Beneficent Mother Earth.

On the other hand, it is the light and heat of the Sun in the Heavens, and the rains that seem to come from them, that in the Springtime make fruitful this bountifully-producing Earth, that restore life and warmth to her veins, chilled by Winter, set running free her streams, and beget, as it were, that greenness and that abundance of which she is so prolific. As the procreative and generative agents, the Heavens and the Sun have always been regarded as male; as the generators that fructify the Earth and cause it to produce.

The Hermaphroditic figure is the Symbol of the double nature anciently assigned to the Deity, as Generator and Producer, as BRAHM and MAYA among the Aryans, Osiris and Isis among the Egyptians. As the Sun was male, so the Moon was female; and Isis was both the sister and the wife of Osiris. The Compass, therefore, is the Hermetic Symbol of the Creative Deity, and the Square of the productive Earth or Universe.

The COMPASS, therefore, as the Symbol of the Heavens, represents the spiritual, intellectual, and moral portion of this double nature of Humanity; and the SQUARE, as the Symbol of the Earth, its material, sensual, and baser portion.

p. 854-55

For the Apprentice, the points of the Compass are beneath the Square. For the Fellow-Craft, one is above and one beneath. For the Master, both are dominant, and have rule, control, and empire over the symbol of the earthly and the material.

Funny to me that sex would actually take a backseat to sport in the lives of most people...given that The Widow's Son would suggest that sex is America's TRUE pastime.

America's "PAST" Time?

As the dog days of summer quickly pass into the welcomed chill of autumn one thing here in the States also comes to pass...the shift from Baseball season to Football. Once known as America's "Pastime", I think most people here would certainly admit that baseball clearly has lost that title to football over the past few decades. Well it would seem that baseball has taken yet another HIT this week when it has been publicly announced Thursday, September 11th 2008 that our countries pride and joy for so many years; likely isn't even ours to begin with. As with so many things, that never really were.

"Julian Pooley, the manager of the Surrey History Centre, said Thursday he has authenticated a reference to baseball in a diary by English lawyer William Bray dating back to 1755 -- about 50 years before what was previously believed to have been the first known reference to what became the American pastime."

The entry reads:

"Easter Monday 31 March 1755

"Went to Stoke Ch. This morning. After Dinner Went to Miss Jeale's to play at Base Ball with her, the 3 Miss Whiteheads, Miss Billinghurst, Miss Molly Flutter, Mr. Chandler, Mr. Ford & H. Parsons & Jelly. Drank Tea and stayed till 8."

read the entire story:

The 1935 "Masonic" All-Star Game which included some stand out players of the time: Jimmie Foxx, Lefty Grove, Dazzy Vance and Waite Hoyt

more on the mysteries of baseball from an article by Randy Lavello which appeared at prisonplanet. com

"Baseball was obviously created by Freemasons, as it bears the unmistakable marks of Freemasonry. The field, from home plate to the left and right field wall forms a compass; the entire outfield wall is the semicircle which this compass draws. Upside-down, overlapping this compass, the bases form the square. Thus, the baseball field is the emblem of Freemasonry. Three strikes and three outs were assigned because three is the principle sacred number of Freemasonry. Four is a number of significance because it represents a square (the shape) and deals with the four directions, thus: four balls, four bases. Nine is sacred because it is three squared… there are nine fielding positions and nine innings. This brings us to a total of twenty-seven outs per team a game…and guess what? Twenty-seven, along with eighty-one, are the only two sacred numbers greater than ten. Though eighty-one doesn’t occur in baseball, because of the presence of two nines (fielders and innings) it’s appropriate to mention the reason eighty-one is so revered: the multiples of nine, 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, 81, and 90 form a mirror image between the numbers 45 and 54. Also, each one of these numbers equal nine when adding the two integers which comprise the number: 18- 1+8 = 9; 27- 2+7 =9; etc. Because of this, nine times nine was deemed a ‘high’ number. This further explains the near obsession with numbers surrounding baseball averages, home runs, ERA’s, etc. It is truly a game for numerologists.

Actor Tim Robbins gave an excellent speech to an assembly of the press after being excluded from the Baseball Hall of Fame’s ceremonies because of his stance against the War in Iraq. In this speech he stated, “And both of us (He and his wife, Susan Sarandon) last week were told that both we and the First Amendment were not welcome at the Baseball Hall of Fame… A chill wind is blowing in this nation. A message is being sent through the White House and its allies in talk radio, and Clear Channel (concert promoters), and Cooperstown. If you oppose this administration, there can and will be ramifications.” Though baseball, throughout it’s history has always been supportive of any endeavor the President’s undertaken, it is still particularly disturbing that they should renege on allowing Tim Robbins to speak because his views differ from ‘president’ Bush’s. If freedom is an American ideal, and baseball is as American as… well, baseball - then Major League Baseball should be supportive of the First Amendment over war fever. Or did Ari Fleischer’s, “American’s really need to watch what they say,” speech become their ideal?"

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Numbers Game

No consensus on who was behind Sept 11 - global poll

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Seven years after the Sept. 11 attacks, there is no consensus outside the United States that Islamist militants from al Qaeda were responsible, according to an international poll published on Wednesday.

The survey of 16,063 people in 17 nations found majorities in only nine countries believe al Qaeda was behind the attacks on New York and Washington that killed about 3,000 people in 2001.

U.S. officials squarely blame al Qaeda, whose leader Osama bin Laden has boasted of organizing the suicide attacks by his followers using hijacked commercial airliners.

On average, 46 percent of those surveyed said al Qaeda was responsible, 15 percent said the U.S. government, 7 percent said Israel and 7 percent said some other perpetrator. One in four people said they did not know who was behind the attacks.

The poll was conducted by, a collaborative project of research centers in various countries managed by the Program on International Policy Attitudes at the University of Maryland in the United States.

In Europe, al Qaeda was cited by 56 percent of Britons and Italians, 63 percent of French and 64 percent of Germans. The U.S. government was to blame, according to 23 percent of Germans and 15 percent of Italians.

Respondents in the Middle East were especially likely to name a perpetrator other than al Qaeda, the poll found.

Israel was behind the attacks, said 43 percent of people in Egypt, 31 percent in Jordan and 19 percent in the Palestinian Territories. The U.S. government was blamed by 36 percent of Turks and 27 percent of Palestinians.

In Mexico, 30 percent cited the U.S. government and 33 percent named al Qaeda.

The only countries with overwhelming majorities blaming al Qaeda were Kenya with 77 percent and Nigeria with 71 percent.

Interviews were conducted in China, Indonesia, Nigeria, Russia, Egypt, France, Germany, Britain, Italy, Jordan, Kenya, Mexico, the Palestinian Territories, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey and Ukraine.

The poll, taken between July 15 and Aug. 31, had a margin of error of plus or minus 3 to 4 percent.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What's the frequency Kenneth?

I thought I'd post this up to date, informative article by Timothy K. Perry on the validity of government based mind control.

Real-Life Mind Control Assassins?

CIA, MK-ULTRA, Mind Control, Assassins, Black Ops, CIA Mind Control Experiments
by Timothy K. Perry
Saturday, August 30, 2008

Is it possible to create the perfect assassins through the use of mind control programming? Have there already been Black Ops CIA mind control projects developed to create real-life Manchurian Candidates? According to now declassified CIA documents, available through the Freedom of Information Act, a series of top-secret Black Ops experiments were conducted on unsuspecting subjects with the intention of trying to make them perform operations against their will. Could it be that Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, Mark David Chapman, and would-be assassin John Hinckley were all victims of such mind-control programming? Interesting to note that both Hinckley and Chapman were obsessed with J.D. Sallinger's novel "Catcher in the Rye". Even more interesting is that both men were rumored to have copies of this book in their possession shortly after the assassination attempts, and had both at one time allegedly sought psychological counseling from the same psychiatrist.

The scenario of the (sic) "crazy person who hears voices in his head" has been the staple of many jokes throughout the years, but according to the now-declassified documents, some of these so-called crazy people are not mentally ill at all but have been the victims of surreptitious mind-control manipulation via a process nicknamed "Mental Radio".?The basic premise behind this technique is assailing the target with ELF, VLF. and SHF microwave frequencies that stimulate the audio nerves of the human nervous system. The electronically generated voices the person hears in his or her head can either be heard as a interior voice, or as an external voice in the person's environment: voice or voices coming from the walls, ceilings, and so on. And from the information in the declassified documents, such mind control experiments have been going on as far back as the late 1930s.

A renowned authority on hypnosis, George Estabrooks, Psychology Chairman at Colgate University, had the task of discovering how hypnosis could best be used on the Axis enemy during World War II. He publicized his findings and estimated that one in five adults can be put into hypnotic states where they would not remember being hypnotized after being brought back to normal waking consciousness. This was done through a series of cues ending with what is know as a "post-hypnotic suggestion". Estabrooks apparently believed that a multiple personality or, at best, a dual personality could be created in an espionage agent as a very effective cover. This creation of multiple personalities in a human subject was later developed through trauma based mind-control programming in the infamous MONARCH slave program spoken of by alleged CIA mind control victim Cathy O'Brien in her chilling work: "Tranceformation of America".

In the 1950s and on throughout the mid-1970s, various mind control projects such as MK-ULTRA, MH-CHAOS, COINTELPRO were in full swing. In 1973, then CIA Director Richard Helms ordered documents related to a program called MK-ULTRA destroyed. However, public revelations about this heinous program surfaced during the Church Committee hearings headed by Senator Frank Church, as well as through the Rockefeller Commission.? The rationale for starting such a controversial program was supposedly to catch up with similar projects being conducted by China and the Soviet Union. According to declassified documents, more than 30 institutions and American universities took part in the CIA Black Ops mind control programs.

Along with experimenting on unwitting American college students, the CIA also tested unsuspecting military personnel, and even people in the agency itself. However, because of the findings of the Church Committee, President Gerald Ford banned further such experiments with an Executive Order on Intelligence Activities. But did such experiments suddenly cease upon the issuance of this Executive Order? If these mind-control techniques had been perfected to an advanced degree of effectiveness, it wouldn't seem likely that covert agencies would just suddenly "cease and desist", although such projects would then probably go even deeper underground on a very select "need to know" basis.

According to the declassified documents, CIA Director Allen Dulles gave the go-ahead for this project and appointed Dr. Stanley Gottlieb head of the program. Beside experimenting on unsuspecting American citizens, the project was also reportedly concerned with how such techniques could be used on the leaders of foreign governments. Another goal, according to the declassified documents, was to "produce amnesia for events preceding and during the mind-control eposide". Such a situation would obviously be perfect for assassins who would later have knowledge of their murderous activities.

Additional objectives, according to the declassified documents, were the making of hypnosis "easier or otherwise enhance its usefulness" as well as greatly increasing the ability of subjects to endure privation, torture, and coercion during interrogation and brainwashing activities. Beside the use of drugs, hypnosis, and radiation, it is known that external electronic devices using microwaves are effective in manipulating a human subject. Scientific research dating as far back as the 1930s already revealed the possibilities of creating energy fields across neural cell membranes to fire by the use of such electronic artificial stimulation.

Today we have the ability to directly implant psychotropic devices into the human skull to create a computer interface in the brain. The same effects can also be employed through the use of encephalograms (EEG), that allow interaction between the devices and the brain that occur without physical implantation. Imagine then, what this same technology could be used for if it was being directed in a negative manner, such as forcing human subjects to perform certain crimes? A subject controlled in such a manner would literally have no choice but to obey. And then after the crime, his memory banks could be wiped clean so he would not even be aware of the event which had just taken place. In the trade it is known as "Hypnotic Dissolution of Memory" or RHIC-HDOM. It would also be possible for the mind-controlled subject to commit suicide, a failsafe way to effectively wiping out any evidence of his having been programmed, provided any implants he had were dissolvable. What better method of disposing of an agent who has finished his or her usefulness than by having this agent self-terminate?

Even though it sounds like the most fantastic science-fiction, the information from the declassified documents hint at possibilities and already effectively tested methods of mind-control that are truly horrifying.

Yale University Professor of Physiology Jose Delgado asserted in his classic work "Physical Control of the Mind" that the ultimate objective of mind-control research is to develop practical mind control systems suitable for "human application". Delgado experimented not only on monkeys but also on select humans. He discovered that by active stimulation of different regions of the limbic system, he could induce fear, rage, even euphoria. In one test, he activated implants in the brain of an epileptic woman who was playing the guitar. After activating a certain area of this woman's limbic system, she suddenly went into a rage, and began smashing her guitar into pieces.

The general conclusion of the MK-ULTRA. MH-CHAOS, COINTELPRO experiments was that these techniques did not work or could not be relied upon consistently. However, if these techniques did work and were currently operational, the public would certainly be the last to know. It's certainly not the kind of thing that a Black Ops group would loudly broadcast to the whole universe. But then again, only mind-controlled Black Ops subjects know for sure.

© Copyright 2008 by Timothy K. Perry. All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Welcome to the "DOLLHOUSE"

Fox Network is set to unleash (January 2009) Joss Whedon's (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) newest offering entitled "Dollhouse". In typical predictive programming fashion, memory wiping and mind control serve as ultra-hip & sexy subject matter while the creeps who perpetuate this glamorous future-state are portrayed as being "on the wrong side of the law". Funny how these technologies always seem to be in the hands of governments in real's only in TV, Movies and Comic Books where we actually see mastermind "bad guys" waging secret wars on an unsuspecting population.

In Dollhouse, Eliza Dushku plays a young woman named Echo, a member of a group of people known as "Actives" or "Dolls." The Dolls have had their personalities wiped clean so they can be imprinted with any number of new personas, including memory, muscle memory, skills, and language, for different assignments. They're then hired out for particular jobs, crimes, fantasies, and occasional good deeds. On missions, Actives are monitored internally (and remotely) by Handlers. In between tasks, they are mind-wiped into a child-like state and live in a futuristic dormitory/laboratory, a hidden facility nicknamed "The Dollhouse". The story follows Echo, who begins, in her mind-wiped state, to become self-aware.

Stunning beauty Dushku displays her Albanian DOUBLE-HEADED EAGLE tat