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Friday, March 28, 2008

Goddess Envy

With all the "Goddess" connecting going on this week, I figured I'd pass a little of my own love her way via The Sisters of Mercy. Have an "insightful" weekend everyone...

"Temple of Love" featuring the sublime siren Ofra Haza (RIP)

Still from Gilliam's "Brothers Grimm" starring Heath Ledger...notice the image bottom right?

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Seven Sisters Swim in the Synchronistic Sea of The Secret Sun

A Spitzer (what are the odds right?)) Space telescope image of The Seven Sisters

While admiring the recent handiwork of researcher Christopher Knowles over at The Secret Sun, I was taken on a little journey down the rabbit hole (which is just how we like it here at The Looking Glass). It would appear that Mr. Knowles Pleiades/Seven Sisters reference syncs up quite nicely with an astronomical event which will be taking place on Tuesday, April 8th (My Birthday Eve!)

Occult occurrence: Watch the moon hide the seven sisters

March 27,2008 By Jack Horkheimer

Greetings, fellow star gazers. Make sure to mark Tuesday night, April 8 as the night when a cosmic occult occurrence will occur.

That’s because whenever one object in the heavens passes directly in front of another object and hides it, we call such an event an occultation because the word occult comes from the word "to hide."

And in the early evening of April 8, an exquisite crescent moon complete with earthshine will pass over the fabled star cluster the Seven Sisters and occult them, that is hide them from view for a brief time.

Let me explain.

Just after dark, facing west, you will see an exquisite, three-day old crescent moon complete with earthshine.

In case you’ve forgotten what earthshine is, simply keep in mind that the moon does not make its own light but shines by reflected sunlight. So the bright part of the crescent moon you’ll be seeing is sunlight bouncing directly off the moon and back to Earth.

However, when the moon is a crescent, it frequently looks like there’s a dark full moon nestled within this crescent. And we call this earthshine because it is light from the sun bouncing off our Earth onto the unlit portion of the moon and back again. The crescent moon with earthshine is always a beautiful sight.

But on this night if you look close by you will see several stars bunched up together in a group, the tiny cluster of stars known for thousands of years as the Seven Sisters, the Pleiades. And on this evening, from many places across North America, moon watchers will be able to see the moon pass slowly over and hide several of the sisters’ stars from view.

And although this will look fabulous with the naked eye, I strongly encourage you to use a pair of binoculars because not only will the moon with earthshine look great but you’ll also see dozens more stars in this cluster. It is actually a group of about 100 stars, 407 light years away, which means the light we’ll see next week left these stars 407 years ago in 1601, only nine years before Galileo was the first to use a telescope to discover the extra sisters.

I strongly suggest that you start watching at dusk just before it gets completely dark out and have a fairly clear flat horizon because the moon and the Pleiades will set about three hours after dusk. And as it gets darker, you can look to the left of the moon and the Pleiades and you’ll see the dim v-shaped group of stars called the Hyades which mark the face of Taurus, the bull.

In fact, Taurus’ red-eye star Aldebaran should easily catch your attention as will Betelgeuse, the red-shoulder star of Orion the Hunter and the red planet Mars, which on Friday, April 11, will be visited by a wonderful first quarter moon.

Every once in a while, a planet lines up with stars or other planets and creates an eye-catching cosmic triangle. Such is the case right now with Mars and the two brightest stars of Gemini, Castor and Pollux. Once you understand how different these three objects are from each other, you’ll want to rush outside and see them.

During the first two weeks in April at about 10 p.m., face west. Extremely close to the horizon getting ready to set, you’ll still be able to see the brightest constellation of winter Orion the Hunter. And to his left the brightest star we can see in the sky, Sirius the eye of his bigger dog. But directly above Orion you’ll see three objects, which if connected by lines, make an exquisite right triangle. The object closest to the horizon is Mars. Directly above are the two brightest stars of the constellation Gemini the twins, Castor and Pollux, with Pollux being slightly brighter.

Every April, I remind you of how you can have fun with the Big Dipper in the early evening because it is positioned in such a way that it gives credence to folk saying. Plus it is so high above the horizon, it can be used to easily find two wonderful stars of spring.

Any night in April between 8 and 10 p.m., look due north and you’ll see the Big Dipper almost directly above and just to the right of the North Star, its cup pointed down in such a way that if it were filled full of water, the water would be pouring out directly onto the ground below which gives a celestial significance to that old saying "April showers bring May flowers."

Because every April in early evening the biggest water dipper of the heavens is indeed positioned so that it is pouring its imaginary water onto the Earth below. Plus, because it’s so high above the horizon, it makes it very easy to use the three stars of the Dipper’s handle as a finder to locate two wonderful stars of spring which are also very high above the horizon.

Simply draw an imaginary line through the handle of the Big Dipper and extend it in the same curve or arc as the handle and you’ll "arc to Arcturus," the brightest star of Bootes the Herdsman.

Then if you extend that curve, that arc, on from Arcturus you can speed on to Spica, the brightest star of Virgo, the Virgin. Once again, using the handle and its curve, arc to Arcturus then speed on to Spica. What could be easier?

Now brighter Arcturus is relatively close – only 37 light years away. That means we see the light that left it 37 years ago (1971).

Spica, however, is seven times farther away – 260 light years – than Arcturus. That means we see the light that left it 260 years ago and 28 years before the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

But to make finding Arcturus and Spica even more special, just remind yourself that when we look at them now we are really looking back in time, because when I say that Arcturus is 37 light years away, I really mean that when you look at Arcturus this month you are not seeing Arcturus as it actually exists now in the present but as it existed 37 years ago. And when you speed on to Spica and look at it this month you are really seeing Spica as it was 260 years ago.

So find the Big Dipper this month as it rains down April showers for May flowers, then arc to Arcturus 37 light years away and speed on to Spica 260 light years beyond.

Keep looking up.

Jack Horkheimer is executive director of the Miami Museum of Science. This is the script for his weekly television show co-produced by the museum and WPBT Channel 2 in Miami. It is seen on public television stations around the world. For more information about stars, visit

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Can you keep a Secret?

Thats a whole lot of old...No, sorry Al you're not needed

In two days time there will be an invasion in Athens, Georgia...

We are hosting a special Secretaries of State Roundtable entitled, if you can believe it, "Bipartisan Advice to the Next Administration"

On hand Thursday, March 27th...Five former Secretaries of State. Henry Kissinger, James Baker III, Warren Christopher, Madeleine Albright, and late addition Gen. Colin Powell.

As the one day event sold out in a matter of hours, I won't be in attendance...however, I will do my best to obtain a transcript or provide any highlights that I can.

James Baker can ONLY imagine what went on here.

Athens, Ga. - In late March, several former secretaries of state will be in Athens to discuss current U.S. foreign policy issues with the goal of providing direction and counsel to the next presidential administration.

EVENT: The Report of the Secretaries of State: Bipartisan Advice to the Next Administration
The Southern Center for International Studies is partnering with the University of Georgia School of Law's Dean Rusk Center to bring these high profile foreign policy experts to Athens to help celebrate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Dean Rusk Center, which bears the name of the late School of Law faculty member who served as secretary of state for both Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson. This will be the 16th Report of the Secretaries of State produced by the SCIS. Rusk participated in several of these sessions while teaching at the School of Law for nearly 25 years.

PARTICIPANTS: Henry Kissinger, James Baker III, Warren Christopher and Madeleine Albright. Newscaster Terence Smith of "The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer" will moderate.

TIME/PLACE: March 27, 2008, at 10:30 a.m., Classic Center, Athens, Georgia

TOPICS: Stabilizing Iraq, the Middle East peace talks, Al Qaeda and militant Islam, immigration reform, environmental initiatives, U.S. energy security, America's image abroad, the balancing of economic interests and human rights, free trade agreements, and future dealings with Iran, Pakistan, Canada, Russia and China, among other topics.

Friday, March 21, 2008

A Very Merry Unbirthday to Me!

It just dawned on me that today marks the one year Anniversary of "Through the Looking Glass".

Thanks to EVERYONE who encouraged me in those early weeks and months (Ben & Jake especially!!!) BIG shouts go out to Greg and Kent for having me on their podcasts VERY early on, when I was still getting my feet wet. And to all of you who read, check in, comment, email...give yourselves a HUG! This is all about awakening...and the more of you there are out there, the more faith I have in humanity, and the ultimate downfall of this elitist system we call THE NEW WORLD ORDER.

Fuck the Machine!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

March Madness

Atlas holding the Sun?

It has been a mad March indeed. I am currently working on a larger article that will look at a few of the signs which have been appearing over the past few weeks. But while I tweak that article here are some interesting results in the upcoming NCAA College Basketball Tournament selections. The top four seeds (out of 64) are The University of North Carolina Tarheels (Death of Eve/ARIES resonator), The Memphis Tigers (ORANGE/TIGER), The UCLA Bruins (BEAR Stearns Wall Street buyout), and The Kansas Jayhawks (OZ/Hawk/Horus). No big surprises here as these four schools have historically strong basketball programs. Both Kansas (Football) and Memphis have graced this page in the past several months, as I have been exploring the synchromystic symbolism of teams that appear to be peaking in conjunction with certain events. Is there a relationship between the energies that are associated with a certain place or symbol and a widely publicized event (good or bad) which may be affecting reality?

Take for example our own Georgia Bulldogs (13-16 Overall - 4-12 SEC) who played themselves into the NCAA tournament field this weekend by overcoming nearly unearthly odds. The "dawgs" as they are affectionately referred to, spent much of the season losing players to disciplinary actions, and generally being tossed around like a sack of potatoes. Within their conference they won a total of 4 games all season...during the SEC tournament they won all 4 of their games to win the title. Not only did they win 4 games, they were forced to win two of those games on the exact same day; with only 6 hours between games.

The reason for this unpresedented crunch in scheduling? Well, Georgia had been slated to play a late evening second round game on Friday the 14th, although "Mother Nature" intervened and sent a tornado spiraling through downtown Atlanta (Atlas/Atlantis) causing some severe damage to The Georgia Dome where the SEC tournament was being held. The remainder of games (Three Saturday and one Sunday) were moved to The Georgia Institute of Technology's (Georgia's arch rivals The YELLOWJACKETS) Alexander Memorial Coliseum.

Interior damage to The Georgia DOME: Trust in the Sun

Between Georgia's scheduled 12:00 and 8:30 games on Saturday, this corner of the state was in total chaos, as storm after storm passed through the area; each one with the uncertainty of weather or not it would produce more tornadoes. In order to get a real sense of how this was playing out it might help to provide a little proximity. The University of Georgia is located in Athens which is roughly 55 miles (which was incidentally the rate at which the storms were moving that day 55mph) North East of Atlanta.

It is also important to keep history in mind...During the Civil War, Union General William T. Sherman declared that Atlanta be burned to the ground; that order was given Nov. 11th (11:11) 1864. The slow rebuilding process after the razing forever associated Atlanta with the PHOENIX (see Goro Adachi's ENTEMENANKI)

The city seal of Atlanta "Resurgens" Latin for "Rise Again"

Make of that what you will...

Monday, March 17, 2008

Ray of Light

The familiar Pinkish hue of Valis bathes Madonna

I guess it's no secret that Madonna was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio last week. In her acceptance speech she speaks of being filled with magic, and that after writing her VERY first song she was convinced that "it" had come from elsewhere...Valis confessional to be sure.

Justin Timberlake introduction of Madonna

Madonna induction speech Part I

In a related story former Madonna neophyte Britney Spears had her Kabbalah healing tattoo removed recently...I personally relate much of Brit's problems to her fallout with Madonna a few years ago. So, for Madonna to now bring Justin Timberlake into the fold marks yet another slap in the face. The two have produced her new album "Hard Candy" (I'm sure Jake Kotze readers are chomping at the bit for this one! I know I am...).

“Madonna spent months teaching Britney the Kabbalah system and splashed out thousands on the ancient scripture for her,” according to a source quoted by, which is further reporting that Madonna is demanding that Spears return the twelfth-century book on Kabbalah that she gave her as a wedding present.

Madonna’s rep had no comment by press time, but the source said: “She feels she has wasted time, money and precious gifts on Brit.”

Madonna Serpentum by artist John Meluch

from Philip K. Dick :
The setting for the Madonna is the Chapel at Crac des Chevaliers which was given by the King of Jerusalem to the Knights Hospitallers - it dates back to the 12th century.

In creating the image of the Madonna Serpentum I am attempting to combine a number of different traditions surrounding the symbol of the serpent which has had almost nothing but evil attributed to it by Christianity. To begin, the snake or serpent is probably the most widely revered creature in world mythology. It is associated not only with the primal waters from which all life was created, but also with the Earth - which makes it the chthonic symbol par excellence. In fact, for many ancient civilizations, the serpent symbolized the underworld and the realm of the dead - hence, its "infernal" aspect.

The biblical serpent, the embodiment of Satan in the Garden of Eden, later becomes the "serpent of brass" in the Book of Moses. This is eventually interpreted in the Book of John as an archetype of the crucified Christ. Jungian psychology views the snake as a symbolic creature going back to the earliest stages of the Earth and the human race. It is an "image of exceptional primordial is a major symbol of psychic energy."

Moreover, in Asian philosophic systems the "Kundalini Serpent", coiled at the base of the spine (like the caduceus of Hermes and the wand of Asklepios), symbolizes the vital energy to be awakened through meditation.

The Minoan Goddess in the background seen clutching two snakes dates back to 1800 BC.

The serpent appears in many ancient icons, either as a companion of the goddess, or as an accoutrement - a wand, a belt or head-dress. The icon in the upper right corner is the Greek gorgon Medusa whose visage would turn men into stone....clearly a very negative attribute of this ambivalent symbol. Conversely, the "anguipede" - an early Ophite symbol exhibits goddess-like traits such as feet made of serpents (see icon in upper left corner). It appears on a great number of engraved stones called Gnostic or Basilidean Gems. They are the "Christos-Sophia" of the mystic gnostics....which symbolizes divine wisdom and intelligence. by John Meluch

William Orbit's "Ray of Light" performed by Madonna...I'm such an ass.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Turn out the Light

Well, it's official...according to French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner, "The magic is over" for the U.S. In statements made Tuesday, March 11th at the launch of the Forum of New Diplomacy in France he went on to say, "It will never be as it was before.", "there is not just a new diplomacy; there is a new world.""The great difficulty is to accept this new world."

Not that these statements come as any great surprise or that they aren't correct in many ways...but it does serve as proof that The New World Order isn't on it's way, we are living in it. The question is, did we arrive at this moment by chance or have we been brought here by ruling hands since day one? I think anyone who hasn't been asleep or has looked at our history knows the answer to the question.

Ironic that an International death knell for the United States would come from the very country that symbolically handed us the torch in the first place. Lady Liberty (ISIS) stands in shambles, her shining beacon finally snuffed out...Hollywood has been flirting with her, and thus our downfall for years.

The Doors "When the Music's Over"

Thursday, March 6, 2008

The B's are back!

No sorry, not the honey bees (they still seem to be exiting stage left at a rapid rate). It's actually the B52's from right here in Athens, Georgia...their 1st release in 16 years comes out in the next couple of weeks.

Welcome back guys...sometimes life can be just this fun and light. Bless 'em all

From 1980, "Private Idaho" from Wild Planet...The Amazing B52's

Kate's (she's the redhead) reaction to Fred's vocal track dropping out is PRICELESS...R.I.P. Ricky