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Monday, February 4, 2008

C'mon guys, CUT it OUT

Bush admired FALCONS (Horus) during his visit of the Middle East back on Jan. 13th

ABC News Australia reports on "conspiracy theories" surrounding the "cut" communication cables last doesn't take much to look at the situation and realize that something doesn't add up. Placing the old "conspiracy" label on this story doesn't make it go away...reported here!

A second cable was "cut" late Friday raising the number to four within seven days...The last two were part of the FALCON (Horus) network which connects 11 countries. Iran is said to be hardest hit by the mysteriously severed undersea cables.

The Iranian embassy in Abu Dhabi told that "everything is fine", but internet connectivity reports on the web, citing a router in Tehran, appear to indicate that there is currently no connection to the outside world.


aferrismoon said...

I got a World map and drew lines from K2 to Kandy to Giza - A triangle . So, I found the direct centre of the trangle and its a spot in the sea off the coast of Pakistan, 50km? South East of a Pakistani town called Gwadar.
Try it! I'd post it today but logistics prove difficult.

JB said...

In reference to your previous post, HOW did I NOT know that Comet Holmes had the number 17 attached to it?! Wow.

realm said...

"A communications breakdown can only mean one thing...invasion."
Star Wars Ep 1 'The Phantom Menace'

JB said...

Joshua- lol GENIUS! :D

JB said...
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David said...

When Boy George came to Gleneagles on 7.7.07 he left behind a couple of crates of wine. I have managed to obtain one of these bottles. I shall be drinking it when heads on the statues are changed.

Sorry for lurking more than usual Todd. As ever, your work remains something I not only have to read, I want to read.

FilmNoir23 said...

Lurk all you wish Mr. Southwell...I am honored if you comment or not.

Cheers with that Vino! Just stay off that friggin' leg mate.