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Friday, November 2, 2007

The Power of the Phoenix

The U.S.'s largest Nuclear Power Plant (located 50 miles West of Phoenix) is on lockdown after an employee was stopped with a "suspicious" device in the back of his truck (described as a possible pipebomb).

The site, located in Palo Verde was also in the news back in April when an engineer had attempted to transport access codes and plant details to Iran...or so they'd like us to think so?


Ben Fairhall said...

I sense the Octopus at work, mate.

Very interesting: thanks.

soundlessdawn said...

Ohh boy.. here we go.. Arise: Phoenix from the Ashes.

aferrismoon said...

Perhaps you could check out the latest plot from BBC MI5 drama series. The US tricks UK into blowing up an Iranian train that has a man on board transporting a deadly virus made by the Iranians using US bioweapons that had been sold to Iraq some yeras before.
The MOD [ Min of Defence] works with the US who then falsify altogether a plane crash near a US airbase in UK. The plane has a deadly virus on board, but really it doesn't . The US are trying out their new UFO-speed spyplane called Aurora. The the US decide to use an Algerian to blow up the Iranian special envoy who has found out via the US that the UK blew up the Iranian train.
The UK and Iran are trying at diplomatic levels to create peace. At present we are joshed along into imagining the US wants to derail this with a big smile on its face. The last series of this prog leant towards the US and Israel as Britain's main opponents.
Worth a watch purely for the plots and what they seen to imply

JB said...

George W. Bush, after the "disaster" or "terrorist attack" at that power plant: "Mark my words, Phoenix shall rise from its ashes!"

And then Goro Adachi's head will explode. ;)

JB said...

Todd, you should check out my latest article, I've made a very interesting Pan-Saturn connection.

JB said...

Todd, sorry to post three times in a row like this, but did you see the episode of CSI: Miami last night? Terrorists wanted to blow up a NUCLEAR POWER PLANT ("TURKEY Point" over in Florida) by driving a truck full of explosives into it! Are they actually telling us what they're planning to do?!

Sophie L. Thuther said...

Octopus indeed. Note the story right at the top of Drudge on this Sun Day:

King Tut, Sun King, reveals His face on Sun Day.

Check out this quote:
"The golden boy has magic and mystery and therefore every person all over the world will see what Egypt is doing to preserve the golden boy, and all of them I am sure will come to see the golden boy," said Egypt's antiquities chief, Zahi Hawass.

"Golden boy" used three times, as in a spell, planting a meme.

As the Phoenix, the Golden Boy rises again in what smacks to me of a Sun/Flame ritual.

For numerology fans: he was unmasked 85 years after he was found. Resonance with 13?

Thanks for the great stuff. Big fan. Plus, this Phoenix/flame stuff has been everywhere lately; nearly as pervasive as the bees!

Keep Going. Powah!

Anonymous said...

Also with your Phoenix sleuthing - Comet Holmes is now a million times brighter as it hurls past the sun. It looks like a Phoenix exploding in the sky. Comet Holmes did this before, 115 years ago, when it was first spotted. It is the cycle of the Phoenix repeating itself - in Comet Form.

The Comet is going through the constellation Perseus right now. Is there a Phoenix metaphor in the Perseus myth? Not sure, there's definitely a Medusa metaphor.

Good Stuff,

FilmNoir23 said...

Great stuff Bill & Sophie...The comet Holmes certainly seems quite important in what is happening around us right now.

FilmNoir23 said...

JB: I have never watched CSI:Miami but it could be very well that they are getting us ready for something of that scale happening for sure.

aferrismoon: can't recall if that MI5 show comes on BBC America so that I could try to catch that one...hard to keep up with all the hints they seem (or just MORE fear) to be throwing at us on a nightly, I appreciate the updates.

aferrismoon said...

Agreed about the volume of programming-
Nuke Lear and be done with these ghastly plots propping up a tawdry kingdom maintaining its dignity through the listless slavery pervading many miniscule minds.
Bring on the horror, death and sordid storiettes strung into a mugulous gambol of prurient reportage, I shall cast their fear-laden truculence into pits of managed embarrassment and other hard-to-describe locations
Out damned Spot, pee-est thou upon the lamp-post of my imagination and slake my nostrils with desperate programming [ and their less than sociable airtimes], I shall thrash thee with the evening-star that brightens the corner of West 54th and TV as imagination erodes the stumble-stone of mass media entertainment