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Monday, November 12, 2007

Venus and the "Killer" Bee

Killer Bee Uma Thurman learning her history Grasshopper style from David Carradine from "Kill Bill Part II"

In my recent Lost Angels posts I started along a path that gave credence to a connect BEEtween the Yellow/Checker Cabs (CC=33) of Jake Kotze's theories of Stargate travel, and Venusian resonator Milla Jovovich...we know that the BEE is symbolic of the elite, and perhaps nowhere more obvious than with Hollywood "royalty". In startling revelations made today by Mr. Kotze things may come full circle as he synchromystically connects Uma Thurman, Arnold Schwarzenegger and the above mentioned Superman to the 9/11 Mega Ritual Theory. See my original L7/Oz 77 post related to Uma Thurman entitled "Hip to BEE-Square".
It is interesting to note that Yellow Checker cabs are no longer in production and haven't been since the early 80's, and yet Hollywood and the film industry in general continues to use them as the "in vogue" cab of New York City...hmmm, curious.

Director Luc Besson, has also produced The Taxi Trilogy of films in France...

The secret history of the world has incorporated bee symbology into it's framework in many forms: The Fleur de Lis, The Pharaohs (from
from 3000 - 350 BC), The Freemasons and so inspired Mormons, French Rule under Napoleon Boneparte III, and the Catholic Papacy under Pope Urban VIII...even pulp novelists to the degree of Jacqueline Susann attributed bees with Venus in her book Yargo.

Two of the biggest BEE/Venus-resonators in Hollywood today are Milla Jovovich and Uma Thurman. (with Angelia Jolie running close BEEhind)..Milla having just given birth too her first
child last week, whom she named "EVER" (or EVEr).

"Ultraviolet" has a rather interesting significance given that the planet Venus appears quite different to us as earthlings depending upon one's point of reference. Photographs of the planet are normally ORANGE in nature and yet using an ultraviolet lens will present Venus looking as blue as our own planet...bees see in ultraviolet, and it is said would have the best vision on the planet.

For more on the topic see Steve Willner's video The Violet, Vishnou, Venus, Vixen, Vortex


Jake Kotze said...

Wikipedia calls the prison uniform Mr Freeze is wearing "white and black bee-striped" when Uma calls him the Un-Abominable Snowman.

aferrismoon said...

Korben Dallas was a Taxi - Driver of course. Fine thought about the bees UV sight, so they saw Venus and thought , hey das one big flower

Occult Mosaic said...
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Kirk Ultra said...

Did you know Killer Bee is also the code name of Cammy from Street Fighter.