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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Ceres Returns

Researcher A.J. Bruno appeared this week on Red Ice Radio...he speaks on a number of interesting topics including the pitfalls of conspiracy researchers unknowingly becoming pawns of the Rosicrucian agenda, the symbolic use of Ceres in recent sacrificial events [Originally reported on here at Through the Looking Glass], and the Panera Bread Co. find...consider the ERA of PAN along with it's 666 logo design.

Listen to Mr. Bruno's enlightening appearance at:


JB said...

I don't mean to draw away attention from your excellent articles (Pan-era, nice one), but I need to bring this to notice for everyone's sake: Germany and EU just legalized pedophilia, and are now promoting it to parents and children as being "necessary". The full story on my site (Meta-Logic Café).

Anonymous said...

I read this, just after responding to your comment. I too was a little taken aback at seeing that Panera logo. But I don't know why I should be surprised anymore.

As I mentioned in my response. That point about THEM (there I go again) ritually binding us to their agenda REALLY made sense to me.

Go Red Ice and Guests! Always enlightening.

aferrismoon said...

The word Company means those who eat bread together, the ship's company, while the crew of the ship ate biscuits and other scurvy inducing snacks. Thus the cult of Ceres proves inherent in the formation of the present energy-harvesters . We have a Limited [ to the ] Comapny today directly from it. If the ship went down only the Company got a payout , dead sailor's families were not eligible for any compensation , or the living if the company sank.

David said...

I think every conspiracy author has to be very careful that he does not end us serving an agenda. Beyond the 'gaze not into the abyss less the abyss gazes into you' there are a lot of subtle traps to fall into to.